Thermo Door are A UK partner of leading window and door manufacturer Pirnar, one of the most prestigious manufacturers of premium door entrances in Europe. To showcase the Pirnar range, and generate sales in the UK, Thermo Door needed a microsite that reflected the quality of the products, and helped deliver the brand awareness they deserved.


Pirnar entrances are handcrafted bespoke luxury entrance doors. Founded in 1968, Pirnar have designed the best insulated aluminium doors in the world and introduced many technical and design innovations that are now in mass production. They have consistently won awards over the years, including the German Design Award in 2017 for OneTouch – the first, and only, luxury door entrance featuring a finger scanner for fully automated handle operation.

In order to properly showcase these incredible doors, Thermo Door took the decision to give the Pirnar range their own microsite. Creating a dedicated site would build awareness for the Pirnar brand, while giving them a platform to showcase the products properly, and increase sales.

The Brief

To bring the Pirnar brand and product to mainstream public attention, Priority Pixels were asked to design a microsite that included these key elements:

  • Lead generation website – Design and build a site with clear calls to action on each page to encourage customer calls, emails and enquiries
  • Pay Per Click (PPC) advertising – Set up PPC advertising campaign with conversion tracking to help drive traffic to the site and increase leads further

The Process

After working with Thermo Door on a successful SEO and PPC campaign, they returned to Priority Pixels asking us to design and build a new microsite for their partner company, Pirnar. Designed and built in WordPress, the 5-page lead generation microsite gives maximum space to Pirnar’s full range of products.

Using Pirnar’s official photography, the focal point throughout is the full offering of all three door ranges. As a lead generation site, we gave each page prominent calls to action, including call/email back contact forms, making it easy for customers to get the information they require, and encouraging sales.

We also set up a Pay Per Click (PPC) advertising campaign to increase the number of sales leads the site received. During the campaign, we were able to ensure people in Pirnar’s target market were made aware of the site. And, with conversion tracking, we were able to see what those visitors did once they landed. The resulting stats confirmed the campaign increased site traffic by 90% after launch.

Find out more

If you’d like to find out more about how Priority Pixels can help you with Pay Per Click (PPC) advertising campaigns, or your standalone microsite, get in touch today! Call us on 0800 319 6198 or email: hello@prioritypixels.co.uk

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