E-commerce Design, Strategy & Marketing

Whether you are an established high street presence or a kitchen table start-up we can help you to create a comprehensive, attention grabbing site to showcase your products in the best possible way. We will work with you to formulate a digital strategy that encourages organic, high-value footfall to your site alongside any paid search marketing. If you’d like to find out more about the paid search work we do you can find out more here.

There’s no doubt that the best and quickest results come from a dedicated e-commerce design and build process. However, we understand that not everyone has the time and budget to take this route. This is why we are experts in compiling a full digital audit on your current site and any SEO, Paid Search Marketing and Social Media accounts to help you get the most from what you already have in place.

Our comprehensive e-commerce services are broken down into the following action areas and we can create a detailed plan for you that encompasses some or all of the techniques.

E-commerce Design

Payment Systems

Modern consumers have come to expect easy and straightforward payment systems for their online purchases. This means that smooth integrations with payment gateways are an essential part of the customer journey. We have extensive experience in this area and can make sure you avoid the common mistakes and pitfalls. We will help you to craft a customer experience that is glitch-free with positive outcomes for all parties.

A 360 Approach

At Priority Pixels we can build your online presence from the ground up with clever e-commerce design, content and marketing built into the fabric of your site. We can incorporate any existing designs, copy and SEO work or start with a fresh slate. We’ll be led by what you need and how much you have to spend.

Jargon Busters

We really don’t like it when web companies throw complex terms and unfathomable phrases at clients. The best results happen when everyone involved is clear, confident and up-to-date on any design or strategy. This is why we never use techy sounding jargon and are very happy to find ways to explain the more difficult web concepts like analytics and SEO to help you make informed decisions about your site.

A Responsive E-commerce Design Agency

Our experienced and professional team can help you to craft and deliver a unique customer experience that is backed up with the latest technology and security and the best in digital marketing expertise.

We can create a bespoke platform designed with all your business goals in mind, help with any brand identity requirements you have or work with your existing digital presence to secure the best return for your investment.

E-commerce Consultancy

E-commerce Consultancy

You may already have an in-house marketing team who handle some or all of your e-commerce output, or you might be a one-person company trying to do it all yourself.

Our in-house e-commerce specialists have vast experience and know-how in deciphering analytical data, mapping online retail trends and using new marketing strategies.

E-commerce Marketing

E-commerce Marketing

One of our specialties is Competitor Analysis. We believe in thorough research and planning which is why, before we get started we conduct a complete appraisal of your current set up and examine your main competition.

We can show you where you already hold the larger customer share and where you can improve so that you can win more clients and make more sales.

E-commerce Design

E-commerce Design

Our in-house designers will work with a range of software and applications to create an E-Commerce site that your customers will find enjoyable and easy to navigate.

Establishing an effective digital shopfront with clear branding and content will allow your users to focus on the products and services you offer.

Our team can help you with freshening up your existing company design work or undertake a complete rebrand if required.

Creative Thinking. Results Driven.

Our team has years of experience helping businesses increase their customer footfall and ultimately their profits.

We use detailed research and analysis to identify your current strengths and weaknesses, where you can out-perform the competition, how you can secure genuine customers and improve sales.

SEO Website Design

SEO Website Design

Intelligent web design that has Search Engine Optimisation built into the fabric of your site.

Pay-Per-Click Strategies

Pay-Per-Click Strategies

Economical and scalable Paid Search plans that are managed by a knowledgeable team.

Conversion Rate Optimisation

Conversion Rate Optimisation

Targeting genuine customers and giving you a better return on your investment.

Abandoned Cart Recovery

Abandoned Cart Recovery

Helping you to maximise sales with thorough and well-presented customer contact.

Curating the ‘User Journey’

Curating the ‘User Journey’

Ensuring a smooth retail pathway for your customers that is enjoyable and glitch-free.

PR Management

PR Management

Preserving the value of your brand with communication that is on-point and on message.

Email Marketing

Email Marketing

Keeping you GDPR compliant and your customers up to date with all your latest offers.

Digital Partnership Building

Digital Partnership Building

Identifying partnerships and marketing opportunities to expand your brand and your reach.

Detailed Analytics and Reporting Systems

Detailed Analytics and Reporting Systems

User-friendly dashboards that give you 24/7 access to your analytics and reports

Key Performance Indicators

Key Performance Indicators

Measurable targets that show you how your e-commerce business goals are being met.

But I don’t sell ‘things’....

99% of companies, organisations, charities and not for profits have something to sell online.

You may not have physical products to list in an online store, but e-commerce covers more than digital shop fronts.

E-commerce solutions also include booking and reservation functionality, digital downloads, streaming, pay-per-view and subscription services among others.

For example a High Street hair salon needs a new website, they may not be able to sell their key services online but could offer appointment booking via a diary availability page or have an e-commerce space to sell the products that are used in store.

Talk to our experienced and knowledgeable team about the potential to add e-commerce to your site and monetise untapped areas of your business.

But I don't sell 'things'....

The Design Process

We pride ourselves on being customer-led. We take our lead from you on everything from your specific design needs and budget to timescales and delivery. We can work with any other digital agencies you utilise or manage the project in its entirety.

Understanding Your Business

Understanding Your Business

You know your business and your customers best.

In a series of initial meetings and consultations we’ll meet with you and your team to find out what makes your business tick. We want to know how you work, who your clients are and where you want to be in the future.

Planning, Goals and Targets

Planning, Goals and Targets

Setting measurable and achievable goals.

From our consultation and research process we can work with you to formulate sensible targets that will help your business to grow at a comfortable and sustainable rate.

Brand Identity

Brand Identity

Getting the right look and feel for your company.

Undoubtedly, establishing your brand identity is the most important piece of design work you’ll ever do. At Priority Pixels our team can assist with a complete rebrand or freshen up your existing imagery.

Your Unique Customer Base

Your Unique Customer Base

Who, Where, What and Why?

Part of our detailed and thorough research process is dedicated to fully understanding your current customer base, establishing their online behaviours, predicting new customer trends in your market and finding untapped customer resources to explore.

User-Friendly Technology

User-Friendly Technology

Making sure that you stay in control.

We offer design solutions with customisable ‘back-ends’ that allow our customers the freedom to update or add stock and upload additional content like blogs and other marketing material.

Development & Evolution

Development & Evolution

Preparing Your Site to Meet The Future.

E-commerce Design, Marketing and Consultation are all best done in small increments so that the results can be measured and assessed. We will help you to prioritise the most important actions first and plan the next steps to build your business organically.

Getting The Basics Right

The Must Have Features of Good e-commerce Design

Individual Page Goals

Each page of your site needs a specific set of measurable goals. Our team use design features and narratives that help to encourage the right buyer behaviour for each page. Whether that’s simple click-throughs, requesting information, making a purchase or sharing content via social media.

Product Pages That Sell

Your product pages are the most essential aspect of your e-commerce site and need to be flawless. Priority Pixels can help you realise this vision with clean, clear and well-designed content. Showcasing your products in the best way and giving the buyer all the information they need before they click Buy.

Express Checkouts

Removing ‘barriers to purchase’ is something we know all businesses look for. This is why we take special care to optimise your checkout process and smooth the sales path to make your customer’s life easier.

Intelligent Search Functions

Our design team use a number of tools to improve the search functionality of your site to help your clients find the right product quickly. These features also allow you to better understand the behaviour of customers on your site and respond to their needs.

Bespoke Recommendations

With a comprehensive and information led structure, our build team can create an environment that enhances the chance of follow-up sales by showing users targeted recommendations based on their previous purchases and behaviours.

SEO & Visibility

Making sure your site can be found easily and quickly is all about employing a great SEO strategy that keeps evolving and improving. We build our sites to be SEO focussed and constantly evaluate your results to make sure you achieve the best search results possible.

Mobile Optimisation

Many of your customers will view your site and make a purchase using a Smartphone or Tablet. This means your entire web presence and especially your customer’s sales journey needs to be fully optimised. We create responsive websites as standard; fully scalable to work seamlessly on all digital devices.

Avoiding Abandoned Carts

Each year nearly £4 trillion worth of goods and services are left in ‘Abandoned Carts’. You may have experienced this on your own site and been frustrated at the lost sales and impact on your profits.

At Priority Pixels our aim is to provide you with the most streamlined, efficient and cost effective design, web construction and on-going support, enabling you to maximise your sales and win new customers.

One of the approaches we employ is to help companies recoup lost sales from abandoned carts by using one or more of the following techniques.

Abandoned Cart Emails

Using automated email correspondence and creating trigger-based communications you can send highly personalised and targeted emails to new and existing clients letting them know about everything from a new offer or discount to reminding them about the items they’d added to their shopping cart and left behind.


Remarketing or Retargeting customers who have previously visited your website via other online platforms and sites offers a much higher Click Through Rate (CTR) than PPC or other types of Paid Search Advertising. We install simple and widely used tracking pixels that log what customers view on your site, reminding them later about the products they showed interest in.

Sales Path Optimisation

Keeping it simple is the key to optimising your customers sales journey but time after time we see sites with overly complex systems, insufficient payment gateway integration and missing information. All of which lead to customers losing interest, becoming frustrated and clicking away.

By looking at your site the way a customer would experience it, we can flag up and improve all those gaps and glitches that are barriers to a user making a purchase.

Exit Intent Technology

EIT is a simple but intelligent and powerful piece of technology aimed at detecting when users are about to leave a site. Designed to avoid abandoned carts, it can predict the intent of the user and uses prompts to help the customer complete the transaction.

Before launching EIT on your site we would employ an initial A/B test to assess which styles and types of content your customers best respond to.

Your Dedicated E-commerce Marketing Agency

E Commerce Marketing

At Priority Pixels we understand that the key element in any marketing plan is understanding your customer base, knowing where they exist on-line and how they communicate with others and with you.

We have industry leading market researchers and analysts who will decode your customers’ online behaviours to create a marketing plan tailored to your industry, products, clients and long-term goals.

To help your company get noticed by the right people we use:

  • Research – Compiling a solid base of information to create a detailed resource for future planning.
  • Goals – Focussing on acquisition and conversion we set measurable targets for each area of your site.
  • Strategy & Planning – Working with you to devise a plan of action for your short and long-term goals.
  • Application – Using the research, goals and planning to execute a strategic game-plan for your digital presence.
  • Evaluation & Evolution – Constantly assessing your results and analytics to adjust your campaign to achieve the best results.

Full Spectrum Digital & E-commerce Marketing Services

We work with a diverse cross-section of clients all with differing digital needs and e-commerce sites. Because no two companies are alike we have cultivated a range of e-commerce Marketing Services that can be used individually or combined to create a bespoke strategy.

Pay-Per-Click Ads

To win customers you need attention-grabbing and cleverly crafted content that appeals to your market base. We use our detailed keyword research to help you win authentic clicks that have a better chance of converting to sales.


A site that is not optimised for search engines will not be found. This is why our designers build SEO functionality into the fabric of your content to help you move up the search rankings.

Optimising Conversion Rates

Driving traffic to your site is one thing but securing sales is entirely different. We focus on winning you genuine, targeted customers who are more likely to make a purchase because they want what you have.

Smartphones and Tablets

Approximately 65% of purchases begin on mobile devices which is why we make sure your site is fully optimised for all handheld digital hardware.

Email & Remarketing

Creating bespoke customer communication based on past sales, activated links, abandoned carts and special offers we can keep you ahead of the competition and improve your sales.

Analytics & Feedback

All our e-commerce site builds have user-friendly dashboards so that you can stay up to date with your reports and analytics. We can help you to decipher the information and use it to plan future actions.

Social Media Management

We’ll help you to define your company voice and style across all the platforms you occupy. This gives your business increased presence and visibility, enhances customer confidence and allows you to communicate with your users in more ways.

PR and Online Partnerships

We’ll work with you to identify and approach the influential new voices relevant to your products and industry and get your company on their radar.

Case Studies

E-commerce Case Studies

Concept Stew

Concept Stew Ltd are a London-based software company who have created a teaching aid called Statistics for the Terrified – a common-sense and plain English guide to basic statistics.

Completely developed and designed in WordPress, the e-commerce section of the website is built using WooCommerce. Giving Concept Stew a safe and secure e-commerce platform for users to buy through, it also handles digital downloads extremely well, allowing customers to download the software in an easy to download .zip format.

Read Case Study View Website

Waterloo Militaria

Waterloo Militaria has been operating for more than 25 years, so there’s not much they don’t know about the military antique business. Having become authorities on militaria from the English Civil War up to the Second World War, their stock features everything from equipment and headgear to uniforms and guns.

As their business has grown alongside their customer base, the time was right to have their already successful website given a full redesign. This would bring it up to date visually, as well as giving their online store an increase in security for easier and more secure transactions.

Read Case Study View Website

The Marian Consort

The Marian Consort have achieved worldwide success with their unique vocal interpretations of classical and opera music. Having 8 albums to their name, regular sold out concerts, frequent radio appearances, and acclaim from all sides, the need for an updated website was made a priority.

E-commerce was setup to allow safe and secure purchasing of cd albums and memberships through Paypal and Stripe.

View Website

Serious Outdoor Skills

Serious Outdoor Skills offer a wide range of Survival Bushcraft and wilderness skills’ courses. Courses and equipment can be booked and purchased through their dedicated e-commerce website.

Priority Pixels built a site that was easy to update and maintain allowing Serious Outdoor Skills to concentrate on running their courses rather than updating their website.

There are several interesting features on the website including the ability to take deposit payments on all courses.

Read Case Study View Website

Liquorice World

With a well established business, Liquorice World needed a new e-commerce website created in order to reach a wider audience. With a wide range of products available it was important to create an e-commerce website that was visually impressive, easy to navigate and easy for customers to place orders on

The website was built using the WordPress content management system with the e-commerce side of things being handled by WooCommerce. This gives Liquorice World full control of their websites content, allowing them to update products, pricing and handle customer orders. WooCommerce has a huge number of add-ons that can add extra functionality which also helps to future proof the website.

View Website


Babytrim is a unique product, combining a comb and scissor in one, allowing a baby’s hair to be trimmed safely. A unique product needs a unique website and that’s where Priority Pixels came in.

The website was designed to be easy to navigate with a simple checkout process allowing customers to purchase the Babytrim with ease. The Babytrim website is built on WordPress and uses WooCommerce for the e-commerce pages.

View Website

Concept Stew Waterloo Militaria The Marian Consort Serious Outdoor Skills Liquorice World Babytrim

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