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  • Creative Web Design & SEO Services

    Creative web design for the Maritime Industry

    Web design is not just about how a site looks and feels. It is also about how it works behind the scenes and ensuring it is built to achieve your marketing goals. Whether its the structure of your sitemap which makes your pages easy to find or its a clear user friendly layout or whether is has lead generation capabilities Priority Pixels has you covered. We have successfully established a tried and tested web design process that makes sure every site we produce delivers its core aim.

    SEO tailored to the Maritime Industry

    A solid SEO strategy combines technical optimisation, content optimisation and authority optimisation. At Priority Pixels we have practitioners in each of these, ensuring your website ranks well in the SERPs and drives traffic to your website.

    Paid search to help grow your martime Industry

    Paid search is constantly changing. Consumer intent, the landscape, technology and platforms continue to evolve. Priority Pixels have the right people, technology and approach to ensure your paid search activity is at the forefront of digital innovation.

  • Maritime Website Design

    Priority Pixels are a highly professional and experienced web design team based in Newton Abbot. We have many years of experience not only in Maritime website design, but in marketing and IT meaning we can not only design you a great Maritime website but also promote, support and maintain it once it’s online.

    At Priority Pixels we put a lot of emphasis on customer service. We understand how difficult it is to find a Maritime Industry website designer that wants to do anything but code. We ensure all our clients get a dedicated Project Manager who is available by email, phone and even face to face.

    WordPress Web Design

    Priority Pixels specialise in designing and building WordPress websites, including websites for the Maritime Industry. We have been working with WordPress since it began in 2003, so there isn’t much we don’t know about it. WordPress is a content management system and we use it to give our clients the ability to easily add and update their websites content.

    User Interface Design

    User Interface Design (UI) is critical to the success of your Maritime Industry website. By creating attractive and intuitive designs, our websites are easy to use and work across mobile and desktop devices. The easier your website is to use, the happier your customers will be.

    Search Engine Optimisation

    Making sure that your Maritime Industry website has useful and valuable content on its pages is key to its success. For your organic searches to rise, your website needs to meet certain requirements of the biggest and most dynamic search engines. Our experience and knowledge in Search Engine Optimisation have allowed us to help design Maritime Industry websites that deliver results.

    Website Maintenance and Security

    We offer maintenance and security services for Maritime Industry websites. If you are a company with in the Maritime Industry that doesn’t have enough time to manage your website, we can do it for you. We take data seriously. Our security services ensure that your Maritime Industry website is as secure as possible, protecting the data of your clients.

  • Responsive Maritime Industry Website Design

    You may be wondering “What is responsive web design?” These days websites aren’t just accessed via computers. It is increasingly common for more than 50% of website visitors to use smartphones. With this in mind it’s important that your Maritime Industry website is designed to work on smartphones, tablets and desktop computers. Not only does this make your website more accessible to your users but it helps your customers know you take your website seriously.

    In April 2018 Google announced mobile-first indexing. Simply put, this means the mobile version of your website is the version that Google will include in its index first. If you do not have a responsive Maritime Industry website design, Google will still index the desktop version of your site. However the lack of a mobile friendly website design could have a negative impact on your search engine rankings. All of our Maritime Industry website designs are responsive, ensuring that your website gets the best chance possible in the search engines.

  • Managed Maritime Industry Website Hosting

    All Maritime Industry websites require hosting to work, but the quality of website hosting varies hugely. You may be tempted by the cheap hosting advertised on the TV or online, declaring deals as low as hosting for £1 a month. If you value your Maritime Industry website and your business, please avoid these ‘cheap’ options at all costs.

    Good website hosting is worth its weight in gold. It is vital that your website loads quickly, ensuring your visitors get the best experience possible. If your website takes too long to load they’ll quickly hit the back button and try a different website.

    At Priority Pixels we only use the best website hosting to ensure that our clients’ Maritime Industry websites are not only online, but run as quickly and efficiently as possible. We offer scalable cloud hosting to ensure your website remains online 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

    We also offer daily backups of your Maritime Industry website files and databases, keeping them safe and secure should the situation arise where you need to restore anything. We can even migrate your existing website for free, if you are unhappy with your current service provider.


Why do shipping companies require specialised web design?

The maritime and shipping industry possesses its own set of unique requirements and terminologies. A specialised web design ensures that the website not only resonates with the target audience but also caters to the specific nuances and demands of the industry. It’s about creating a digital presence that truly understands and represents the maritime world.

How do you ensure the website is mobile-responsive?

Our designs are crafted with a mobile-first philosophy. This means that we prioritise the mobile viewing experience, ensuring that the website looks and functions optimally across all devices, from smartphones to desktops. Given the global nature of the shipping industry, it’s essential for stakeholders to access information seamlessly, even whilst on the move.

Can you integrate vessel tracking or other industry-specific tools?

Absolutely! We pride ourselves on our ability to integrate a range of tools tailored to the maritime sector, be it vessel tracking, port schedules, or other pivotal maritime functionalities. Our aim is to make your website a comprehensive hub for all shipping-related needs.

How do you manage website security, such as sensitive shipping data?

Security is paramount to us. We employ robust security measures, including SSL certificates, regular security checks and data encryption techniques. This ensures that sensitive information, which is often a staple in the shipping industry, remains protected and confidential.

Do you offer content creation services, like industry news or blog posts?

Yes, we have a dedicated team of content creators who are familiar with the nuances of the shipping industry. They are adept at producing relevant, engaging, and timely content, ensuring your audience is always well-informed.

How long does it typically take to design and launch a maritime website?

The timeline can vary based on the complexity and specific requirements of the project. However, a standard maritime website typically takes anywhere from 6 to 12 weeks from the initial concept to the final launch. We always strive to work efficiently without compromising on quality.

Do you provide training on website management?

Certainly. We believe in empowering our clients. As such, we offer comprehensive training sessions to ensure your team has the knowledge and skills to manage and update the website with ease.

How do you ensure the website is optimised for search engines?

We adhere to best practices for SEO, encompassing keyword optimisation, meta tags, and quality content production. This ensures your website ranks prominently for maritime and shipping-related searches, driving organic traffic and enhancing visibility.

Can you redesign our existing shipping website?

Of course! We can give your existing site a complete makeover, enhancing its design, functionality, and user experience to meet contemporary standards and expectations.

How do you manage website downtime during redesigns or updates?

We take every precaution to minimise any disruption. By working on a staging site and meticulously planning the transition, we ensure a smooth and near-seamless switch when the updated site is ready to go live.


Priority Pixels £££ Priority Pixels Crafting unforgettable websites, effective SEO, PPC strategies and engaging social media: Your digital success story starts here.
Unit 9, 1st Floor, Olympus Business Park, Kingsteignton Rd, Newton Abbot, Devon
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Review by Kristina Bock Quote

Priority Pixels has been nothing short of a pleasure to work with. For the past year, they have supported us in a variety of website maintenance efforts including hosting and landing page design and development as well as optimization and we couldn't be happier. Paul Clapp and his team are knowledgeable, innovative, and attentive, making them the ideal web agency to work with. If you're looking to enhance the look and user experience of your website, look no further!

VIKAND Solutions

5/ 5stars
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Priority Pixels £££ Priority Pixels Crafting unforgettable websites, effective SEO, PPC strategies and engaging social media: Your digital success story starts here.
Unit 9, 1st Floor, Olympus Business Park, Kingsteignton Rd, Newton Abbot, Devon
Phone: 01626 245061
Review by Chris Parmenter Quote

The Priority Pixels team have been great to work with. They took our original ideas, gave us great advice and guidance and developed a website we are very happy with. Thanks guys!


5/ 5stars
Google Review
Priority Pixels £££ Priority Pixels Crafting unforgettable websites, effective SEO, PPC strategies and engaging social media: Your digital success story starts here.
Unit 9, 1st Floor, Olympus Business Park, Kingsteignton Rd, Newton Abbot, Devon
Phone: 01626 245061
Review by Chris Amos Quote

In truth the only reason I chose Priority Pixels was the location was convenient to our office. However, from the initial introduction to the final product we couldn’t have made a better selection. All members of the team at Priority Pixels do all they can to make the website process as painless as possible. If like me you know nothing about web-design I could not recommend them more highly. Prices are pretty good as well!

Teamwork Security

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Our Work

Maritime Industry Case Studies

Group website redesign, copy, photography and video for leading global provider of marine support services

V.Group is the leading independent provider of global maritime support services with a force of over 44,000 active sea workers. Covering catering, crew, technical services, and ship and crew management, all on board and offshore colleagues have support from an onshore team over 3,000 across 31 countries.

With over 20 brands to their name, the group website had become bloated and difficult to navigate. V.Group needed a new website to showcase the increasing number of maritime support services they offer, as well as the brands that manage them.

Read Case Study View Website

Branding and web design for leading provider of international shipping transportation services

NAB Shipping approached Priority Pixels requesting support to communicate and increase brand awareness, boost online presence, and add credibility to their firm. Our team of experienced graphic designers, web developers, and copywriters worked closely with NAB Shipping, designing a dynamic website and developing a custom theme on WordPress CMS built around the NAB Shipping brand. This platform gave the client full control to edit the site. 

The resulting website includes an improved layout and well-structured pages, optimised UX and UI design, and professionally written copy that explains NAB Shipping services in an effective way. The aim is to appeal to partners in the maritime industry, including charterers, ship brokers, and shipping agents.

Read Case Study View Website

Website design for world-leading maritime travel management company

Global Marine Travel was formed in 2001 and provides comprehensive travel management services for both one-off, dry-dock, new-build or regular crew rotations in all sectors of the marine industry including: cruise, private yacht, commercial, contractors, vessel managers, surveyors, and offshore workers travelling from their homes to their vessels and back again.

In February 2019 Global Marine Travel merged with V.Group, the world-leading independent provider of maritime support services. Now a part of this leading group, they wanted their new website to reflect their world-class status and match the branding of the parent company.

Read Case Study View Website

New responsive website redesign for data-driven marine digital platform

ShipSure is a one of a kind marine digital platform developed by parent company V. Group, the leading provider of global ship management and marine services. Working closely with marine industry experts, ShipSure was designed to create a more convenient and flexible way to control ship and crew management.

With the development of ShipSure 2.0, V.Group needed a new website to help launch the new and improved App into the market place.

Read Case Study View Website

Group website redesign, copy, photography and video for leading global provider of marine support services Branding and web design for leading provider of  international shipping transportation services Website design for world-leading maritime travel management company New responsive website redesign for data-driven marine digital platform
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