Social Media Analytics and Reporting

What should you expect from our Social Media Analytics and Reporting?

Focus on the Best Content

We focus on which content performs good, better and best on each social media platform. We can discover the organic reach, paid reach, total reach, clicks, and number of engaged users for your content.

Detect Major Trends

We detect major trends in your social media activity. We see how many followers you gain or lose, times your content gets viewed, and interactions with your content.

Measure Performance

We can measure your social media performance. We can monitor response times for every team member to ensure all incoming brand conversations are handled fast. Track replies and comments reviewed, hidden, and deleted.


What is the importance of social media analytics for my business?

Social media analytics provides valuable insights into your audience, content performance, and overall social strategy effectiveness.

How can social media reporting benefit my brand?

Reporting offers a clear overview of your social media efforts, helping you identify successes and areas for improvement.

What metrics should I focus on in social media analytics?

Metrics like engagement rates, reach, and conversion data provide a comprehensive understanding of your social media impact.

How often should I review social media analytics reports?

Regular reviews, ideally monthly, ensure you stay informed about your performance and can adjust strategies promptly.

Can social media analytics improve my content strategy?

Absolutely, analytics reveal what content resonates most with your audience, guiding future content creation.

What social media platforms can be analysed with your reporting services?

Our reporting services cover a range of platforms, including but not limited to Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn.

How do you ensure data accuracy in social media analytics?

We employ advanced analytics tools and methodologies to ensure precise and reliable data collection.

Do I need analytics if my social media is performing well?

Analytics are valuable regardless of performance. They provide insights to enhance even successful strategies and maintain growth.

Can social media reporting help me understand my audience better?

Absolutely, analytics reveal demographics, preferences, and behaviors, offering a deeper understanding of your audience.

What happens during the monthly review meetings?

In the review meeting, we go over the report, discuss performance, identify successes and challenges, and plan adjustments for the upcoming month.

Our Work

Our Work

Social media marketing services for dementia support company

Priority Pixels took over the social media channels for both Memory Matters and Moments Café. Our copywriting team got to work on the wording for each social media post, then passed that wording onto our graphic designers who created visually appealing images and video. We strictly adhered to the client’s existing brand guidelines to create engaging social media content that promoted their services, such as support groups and training sessions.

We also began actively encouraging Memory Matter’s existing online community to support the organisation, whether that be donating accrued supermarket points through the Co-op membership scheme or buying a coffee at Moments Café. Both Memory Matters and Moments Café have continued to post their own content, so ensuring the content we create is consistent with what else is being published has been of the utmost importance.

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Social Media marketing for Newton Abbot Rugby Club

Newton Abbot Rugby Club wanted to build hype around their events on social media, with the aim of increasing visibility of their events and improving ticket sales. This included organic and paid social media, content creation and the management of multiple social media channels including Facebook and Instagram.

The team at Priority Pixels were more than happy to help NARFC out with their social media and quickly got to work. Our content creation team worked to write exciting, impactful copy before passing the torch to our talented graphic designers.

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Social media strategy and implementation for innovative dental practice

Situated in sunny St Agnes in Cornwall, Revitalise Dental Centre is an innovative, five-star dental treatment centre. Revitalise isn’t just another dental centre, it’s an experience. Operating from a bespoke eco-building designed and built with that ethos in mind, Revitalise offers a range of specialist procedures and treatments for clients across the UK and abroad.

Priority Pixels agreed to take over the management of three established social media channels. We created bespoke, relevant content and made sure to publish it regularly across each platform.

Revitalise’s bespoke social media strategy has been hugely successful. So far, the clinic has seen a 220% increase in traffic to their new site with an 80% increase in social media conversions and a 65% increase in post engagement.

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Social media marketing services for dementia support company Social Media marketing for Newton Abbot Rugby Club Social media strategy and implementation for innovative dental practice

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