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Web Design

Our web design services transcend mere aesthetics. We specialise in creating visually stunning and user-friendly websites that deliver an immersive and seamless experience to your visitors. Our designs are responsive, guaranteeing flawless performance across all devices, which, in turn, boosts engagement and drives conversions.

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Harness the power of our SEO expertise to catapult your website to higher rankings on search engine results pages (SERPs). Our data-driven strategies are centered around relevant keywords, meticulous on-page and off-page optimisation, and technical enhancements, all of which ensure that your website consistently outperforms the competition.

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PPC Management

Take your online advertising endeavors to the next level with our PPC Management services. Our team of certified professionals crafts highly targeted and engaging campaigns that channel qualified leads to your website. We continually monitor and optimise your campaigns to maximise ROI and achieve your business objectives.

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Social Media

Harness the potential of social media with our comprehensive social media marketing services. We develop customised strategies aligned with your brand's objectives, designed to captivate your audience and nurture meaningful connections. From content creation to community management, we have all your needs covered.

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Graphic Design

Leave a lasting impact with our captivating graphic design solutions. Whether it's creating eye-catching visuals for your social media, designing stunning marketing materials, or revamping your brand identity, our creative team ensures your brand shines brightly in a crowded marketplace.

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At the core of effective communication lies the written word, and our skilled copywriters excel at crafting persuasive and compelling content that speaks directly to your target audience. From website copy to blog posts and ad copies, we ensure your message resonates, igniting engagement and driving conversions.

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  • Why do franchises need a digital marketing agency?

    At Priority Pixels, we understand the pivotal role we play in assisting franchises across the United Kingdom in achieving their digital marketing goals. Our agency brings a wealth of expertise and experience to the table, offering a comprehensive suite of online marketing services that cater to the unique needs of franchise businesses.

    Our team at Priority Pixels is adept in various facets of digital marketing, including search engine optimization (SEO), social media marketing, pay-per-click advertising, email marketing, and content creation. We pride ourselves on our ability to navigate the dynamic and ever-evolving digital landscape, ensuring that our franchise clients stay ahead of the curve.

    One of the key advantages of partnering with Priority Pixels is the cost-effectiveness we provide. We understand that hiring and training an in-house marketing team can be both expensive and time-consuming. By collaborating with our agency, franchises gain access to a dedicated team of seasoned professionals without the burden of maintaining an internal department, resulting in significant cost savings.

    Our commitment to excellence goes beyond cost efficiency. We recognise that for franchise owners, focusing on core business operations is paramount. By entrusting their marketing responsibilities to Priority Pixels, franchise owners can allocate their time and resources more efficiently, leading to improved business performance.

  • Enhancing Franchise Visibility: SEO Strategies for Success

    When it comes to franchise marketing, Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is a pivotal component of your digital strategy, and at Priority Pixels, we excel in optimising it for success. Our approach to SEO for franchises is comprehensive and tailored to your specific needs. We understand that each franchise operates in a unique market, and we craft SEO strategies that align with your brand identity and target audience.

    One of the primary objectives of our SEO strategy is to improve your franchise’s visibility on search engines like Google. We conduct in-depth keyword research to identify the terms and phrases most relevant to your franchise, ensuring that your website ranks prominently in search engine results pages (SERPs). This helps drive organic traffic to your website, increasing your franchise’s online exposure.

    Additionally, we focus on local SEO, a critical aspect for franchises with multiple locations. Our strategies aim to optimise your online presence for each franchise location, ensuring that potential customers in specific geographic areas can easily find and engage with your business. This involves optimising Google My Business listings, creating location-specific content, and managing online reviews.

    Our team is well-versed in technical SEO, addressing behind-the-scenes factors that impact your website’s performance on search engines. We conduct site audits to identify and rectify issues such as broken links, slow page load times, and mobile-friendliness, all of which can affect your search engine rankings.

    Content is another key element of our SEO strategy. We create high-quality, informative, and engaging content that not only appeals to your target audience but also satisfies search engine algorithms. This content not only enhances your website’s authority but also establishes your franchise as an industry leader.

    At Priority Pixels, we believe that transparency is vital. We provide regular reports that outline the progress of your SEO campaigns, including key performance indicators (KPIs) like keyword rankings, organic traffic, and conversion rates. This ensures that you have a clear understanding of the impact of our efforts on your franchise’s online visibility and business growth.

  • Elevating Your Franchise with Expert Social Media Management

    When it comes to managing social media for franchises, Priority Pixels is the trusted partner you need. We understand that a robust social media presence is vital for engaging your audience, enhancing brand awareness, and driving business growth. Our approach to franchise social media is tailored to your unique needs. We craft custom social media strategies that align with your franchise’s brand identity and objectives, ensuring that your message resonates effectively. With consistency being a hallmark of our service, we maintain uniformity across all franchise locations, ensuring that your brand image remains cohesive.

    Our team of content experts excels in creating captivating and shareable content that strikes a chord with your target audience. From visually appealing graphics to engaging videos and informative articles, we cover all aspects of content creation. But our efforts go beyond content creation; we actively engage with your audience by responding promptly to comments, messages, and reviews, fostering a positive brand perception and enhancing customer loyalty. Moreover, our data-driven approach involves robust analytics tools to track the performance of your social media campaigns. We provide regular reports with insights into campaign effectiveness, enabling us to make data-backed adjustments to continually enhance performance.

    Social media advertising can significantly extend your franchise’s reach, and we specialise in crafting and managing targeted ad campaigns on various platforms. We optimise ad spend to ensure that you get the best possible results and a strong return on investment. Staying ahead of social media trends is also a priority for us. We keep abreast of evolving trends and changes in algorithms to ensure your franchise remains relevant and adapts to the latest industry practices. In essence, Priority Pixels offers comprehensive social media management solutions that elevate your franchise’s online presence and help you stand out in the ever-evolving digital landscape.


How can your web design services benefit my franchise?

Our web design services are tailored to franchises, focusing on creating visually stunning websites that provide an immersive and seamless experience for both your franchisees and customers. We prioritise consistency in branding across all franchise locations.

How can SEO help my franchise stand out in local markets?

SEO for franchises is all about improving local visibility. We optimise your website to rank higher in local search results, ensuring that each franchise location attracts more local customers and boosts their online presence.

How do your PPC services cater to the unique needs of franchises?

Our PPC Management services are designed to target specific local markets for each franchise location. We create highly targeted campaigns to drive qualified leads to individual franchise websites or pages while maintaining brand consistency.

What role does social media marketing play in franchise growth?

Social media marketing is instrumental in fostering community engagement and building local brand awareness for each franchise location. We develop customised social media strategies that align with each franchise’s unique goals and objectives.

How can SEO boost local franchise visibility?

SEO, or Search Engine Optimisation, serves as a potent tool for enhancing the local visibility of franchise locations. It accomplishes this by meticulously optimising various aspects of a franchise’s online presence.

Firstly, it involves meticulous keyword research and integration, tailoring content to include location-specific terms that potential customers are likely to use in search queries. Additionally, SEO includes enhancing Google My Business listings, ensuring accurate and comprehensive information, which helps franchises secure prime positions in map searches. Moreover, consistent citation building across online platforms reinforces the authority and credibility of each franchise location in local searches.

Furthermore, local SEO extends to managing and encouraging customer reviews, as positive reviews contribute to higher rankings. Ultimately, a mobile-optimised website and localised content efforts complete the picture, making it easier for potential customers to find and engage with the franchise locations, driving foot traffic and boosting the overall online presence of the franchise network.

Can franchise owners track local marketing performance?

Absolutely, franchise owners can track the performance of their local marketing efforts with the right tools and strategies in place. Effective performance tracking is essential for assessing the impact of digital marketing campaigns and making data-driven decisions to improve results.

Firstly, franchise owners can monitor website traffic and engagement metrics specific to their individual locations. This data includes the number of visitors, page views, bounce rates, and conversion rates. These insights help franchisees gauge how well their local audience is responding to their online presence.

Secondly, tracking local marketing performance involves monitoring online reviews and reputation management. Franchise owners can keep an eye on customer reviews and ratings across platforms like Google, Yelp, and social media. Responding to reviews, whether positive or negative, can not only improve online reputation but also provide valuable insights into customer satisfaction and areas for improvement.

Finally, franchise owners can use custom reports provided by the digital marketing agency or software tools. These reports typically include key performance indicators (KPIs) related to the franchise’s specific goals, such as lead generation, online sales, or event attendance. By regularly reviewing these reports, franchise owners can assess the effectiveness of their local marketing efforts and collaborate with the digital marketing team to refine strategies for optimal results. In essence, franchise owners have the means to actively participate in tracking and improving their local marketing performance, ensuring a stronger local presence and business growth.

Our Work

Franchise Case Studies

Gymboree Play & Music

Priority Pixels have been working with Gymboree Play & Music on an ongoing basis since 2020. During this time, we’ve consolidated their web presence with a single, bespoke website and adjoining e-commerce store. All bookings for classes, events and parties can be reserved via an onsite booking system, which is tracked through Google Analytics allowing for accurate monthly reporting.

So far, our work with Gymboree Play & Music has culminated in a higher ranking on search engines and a highly successful PPC campaign with a 25% increase in conversions. We continue to collaborate with Gymboree Play & Music with ongoing SEO and PPC support. We also have several new exciting projects planned for the upcoming year.

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Castles Estate Agents

With 17 offices across London, Priority Pixels were initially brought in to help improve each of the offices local web presence. This was achieved with a mix of local SEO and targeted paid search campaigns which focused on a small radius around each of the offices. Creative, SEO friendly copy was written to help enhance the sites office and area guide pages, resulting in improved positions in the SERPs.

Priority Pixels have been working with Castles since 2017 and undertook a complete redesign and rebuild of the Castles website in 2022. This was to help address a number of issues with their previous website but to first and foremost create a solid foundation to help Castles achieve their marketing goals for 2023 and beyond.

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Gymboree Play & Music Castles Estate Agents

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