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Established in 1981, Castles Estate Agents are a successful, privately owned, and independent estate agency with over 30 years experience covering North and East London, and Essex. As residential sales, lettings, and management experts across these areas, Castles offer a comprehensive service from their eight local offices, including surveys and valuations.


Castles Estate Agents have an established online presence and until recently, they’d always maintained good search results for the majority of their keywords, without having to do much additional SEO. But with competition becoming more fierce, with some of the bigger agents investing large sums of money in their own SEO efforts, Castles were starting to find many of the keywords they were previously ranking highly for, were dropping off the first page results.

The Brief

With the aim of improving overall traffic to the domain, Castles tasked us with the following:

  • Improve SERP results
    Improve overall position in search engine results pages (SERPs), paying special attention to each of the eight individual offices
  • On-page SEO
    Undertake an audit of the website and fix any resulting issues
  • Fix DNS issues and 301 redirects
    Setup DNS to correctly point to and create the required 301 redirects
  • Pay per click advertising
    Using the Enfield office as a test, set up Google and Facebook Ads within a one mile radius of the office

The Process

Castles Estate Agents approached us in late 2017 and initially asked us to complete an audit on their website. Within minutes we found they had two domains – and – both pointing to the same website. This is damaging for any SEO as search engines see the two domains as completely separate websites. But because both websites point to the same place, search engines see this as duplicate content. We quickly resolved the issues by correctly configuring the DNS and setting up a number of 301 redirects to ensure the domain authority of was correctly passed onto the newer domain.

With a completed audit, we set about fixing a number of on-page SEO issues, including rewriting meta titles and descriptions, including copy on pages with little written content, adding schema markup, and improving the site speed. A number of off-site tasks have since been completed, working on citations for each of the eight offices. Focusing on their Enfield office, we’ve seen vast improvements for a number of related keywords, with the pages for that office now regularly appearing near the top of page one in the SERPs.

To ensure regular traffic to the site, the team have also been running highly targeted Google and Facebook ad campaigns within a one mile radius of the Enfield office. The Google Ads have been particularly successful with around 500 clicks a month, a click through rate of 3.39%, and an average cost per click of 20p.

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Castles Estate Agents Castles Estate Agents Castles Estate Agents

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