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The Environmental Impact of Hosting

The environmental impact of website hosting is a topic of increasing concern as the digital economy grows. Website hosting involves storing website data on servers that are constantly powered on, ensuring that websites are accessible at all times. Servers, along with the infrastructure that supports them (such as cooling systems), consume a significant amount of electricity. The global data center electricity use is substantial, with estimates suggesting that data centers account for about 1% to 2% of global electricity use.

The environmental impact of website hosting is significant, but awareness and action towards sustainability in the IT and web hosting industry are growing. As consumers and businesses become more environmentally conscious, the demand for green hosting solutions is likely to increase, encouraging further innovations and improvements in this area.

3.7% of carbon emissions
3.7% of carbon emissions

3.7% of carbon emissions

The internet and its supporting systems are responsible for generating 3.7% of global carbon emissions.

50% more carbon emissions
50% more carbon emissions

50% more carbon emissions

The internet produces 50% more carbon emissions than the entire aviation industry.

70 million servers
70 million servers

70 million servers

70 million servers operating around the world contribute to 2% of the Earth's carbon emissions.

What are Priority Pixels doing to cut hosting emissions?

As a digital marketing agency, almost everything Priority Pixels do for ourselves and our clients is online. Historically, our managed hosting services include websites hosted across a range of third party hosting companies, servers chosen on a client by client basis and on their specific website needs; but not necessarily because they were green.

From September 2023, and as part of our commitment to hitting new zero by 2030 Priority Pixels will only be hosting websites with hosting providers verified with The Green Web Foundation – thegreenwebfoundation.org. These hosting providers are also committed to hitting net zero by 2030 with many well on the way to hitting that target.

By the end of 2025 we are planning to migrate all of our client websites not already on green hosting to one of these providers.

Generating our own electricity through solar power

We have solar panels installed on the roof of Priority Pixels HQ. This initiative not only contributes to reducing our carbon footprint but also plays a crucial role in powering our operations. The solar energy harnessed is utilised for various electrical needs, ensuring that our lights stay on and our computers remain operational, supporting our team’s daily activities.

Moreover, this system is designed to optimise energy use; any surplus power generated that we don’t use is redirected back to the National Grid. This process allows others to access clean energy, thereby diminishing the reliance on fossil fuels across the community. Through this approach, we’re not just focusing on our environmental responsibilities but also aiding in the broader effort to transition towards more sustainable energy sources.

Carbon offsetting

While we work on reducing our carbon footprint, we recognise that achieving complete carbon neutrality is a gradual process. In the interim, we are committed to offsetting a portion of our carbon emissions. This commitment has led us to partner with Make it Wild, an organisation dedicated to reforestation efforts, which can be found at makeitwild.co.uk. By investing in tree planting initiatives, we are actively contributing to a vital carbon offsetting strategy.

Make It Wild are delighted to be able to partner with Priority Pixels, to support their sustainability goals. Their contribution towards our nature restoration work will make a tangible difference to the biodiversity in the vicinity of our projects. It will also help more generally, to spread the important message of the increased need for wildlife conservation here in the UK.

This initiative serves as a model for how businesses, especially those in the digital and internet sectors, can take tangible steps towards sustainability. By supporting reforestation projects, we not only offset our carbon emissions but also contribute to biodiversity, enhance air quality and support ecosystems that are vital for the planet’s health. Through such actions, we can help pave the way for a greener, more sustainable digital industry, demonstrating that technological advancement and environmental responsibility can go hand in hand.

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