Accessibility Audit Services - WCAG Audit Service

WCAG Compliance Evaluation

Utilising a mix of advanced tools and manual testing, Priority Pixels will identify and report common accessibility issues across your digital assets.

Technical Code Review

We provide an in-depth examination of your websites HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and other code to identify and rectify accessibility barriers at the source.

Accessibility Compliance Reporting

We will provide a report that outlines detected issues, their impact on users, and prioritised recommendations for remediation based on WCAG guidelines.


What are the benefits of meeting WCAG standards for users with disabilities?

Meeting WCAG standards ensures that digital content is accessible to users with a wide range of disabilities, including visual, auditory, physical, cognitive, and neurological disabilities. This inclusivity allows individuals to access information, services and products online independently and with dignity, enhancing their ability to participate in all aspects of society fully.

How does adhering to WCAG standards benefit organizations?

Organisations that comply with WCAG standards can reach a wider audience, including the millions of people worldwide with disabilities. This expanded market can lead to increased website traffic, higher customer satisfaction and improved brand loyalty. Additionally, accessible websites tend to have cleaner code and better search engine optimisation (SEO), potentially leading to higher search rankings.

Can meeting WCAG standards reduce legal risks?

Yes, adhering to WCAG standards can significantly reduce legal risks. Many countries have laws requiring digital accessibility, and non-compliance can result in legal action, fines, and reputational damage. By meeting WCAG standards, organisations can demonstrate their commitment to accessibility and reduce the likelihood of facing accessibility-related lawsuits.

Does WCAG compliance improve the overall user experience?

Absolutely. The principles of WCAG (Perceivable, Operable, Understandable, and Robust) are designed to make web content more accessible and usable for everyone, including people without disabilities. Features like clear navigation, readable fonts, and responsive design can enhance the user experience for all visitors, leading to longer visit durations and more positive interactions with your digital content.

How does following WCAG standards impact mobile users?

WCAG compliance often results in websites that are more mobile-friendly, as many accessibility features (such as responsive design and clear navigation) align with good mobile design principles. This can improve the experience for users on smartphones and tablets, a rapidly growing segment of web users.

Can WCAG compliance enhance brand image and corporate social responsibility?

Yes, demonstrating a commitment to accessibility can significantly enhance an organisation’s brand image and perception of corporate social responsibility. It shows that the organisation values inclusivity and is willing to take steps to ensure its services are available to everyone, which can resonate positively with customers, clients and stakeholders.

How does WCAG compliance affect content quality and maintenance?

Adhering to WCAG standards often leads to higher content quality, as it requires clear and concise language, logical structure and meaningful sequence. These qualities make content more understandable and easier to maintain over time. Furthermore, accessible websites can be easier to update and manage due to cleaner code and standardized practices.

How does WCAG compliance contribute to social inclusion and equality?

By ensuring that digital content is accessible to everyone, WCAG compliance plays a crucial role in promoting social inclusion and equality. It helps break down barriers that people with disabilities face online, providing them with equal access to information, services and opportunities. This inclusivity is essential for building a more equitable society where everyone has the chance to participate fully and benefit from the digital age.

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