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  • Why do you need a WordPress Agency?

    At Priority Pixels, our WordPress agency extends a wealth of invaluable benefits. Our team of seasoned professionals brings a wealth of expertise in WordPress development, design, and maintenance to the table. We’re here to create websites that not only captivate visually but also function seamlessly, freeing up your time to focus on your core business objectives.

    Security and optimisation are fundamental pillars of our services. With Priority Pixels, you can rest assured that your website will be fortified with robust security measures, kept up to date, and optimised for speed and SEO. This proactive approach safeguards your online assets and ensures your website performs at its peak, resulting in improved search engine rankings and enhanced user engagement.

    Furthermore, our WordPress agency offers unwavering support and scalability. Our dedicated experts are just a phone call away when you encounter issues or require updates. As your business evolves, we possess the flexibility and expertise to adapt your website, seamlessly incorporating new features and functionalities while preserving your brand identity. With Priority Pixels, you’re not merely engaging an agency; you’re gaining peace of mind, professional excellence, and a solid foundation for online success. Welcome to the future of your digital journey.

  • Why your business needs WordPress

    Using WordPress for your business website offers several compelling advantages:

    1. User-Friendly Interface: WordPress boasts an intuitive and easy-to-use interface, making it accessible for those without extensive technical expertise. This allows you and your team to efficiently manage and update your website’s content.
    2. Customisation: WordPress offers a vast selection of themes and plugins, allowing you to tailor your website to your specific needs. Whether you want a sleek corporate site, an e-commerce platform, or a personal blog, there’s a theme and plugin combination to suit your requirements.
    3. SEO-Friendly: WordPress is inherently structured for good search engine optimisation (SEO). It offers features like clean code, mobile responsiveness, and the ability to use SEO plugins to enhance your site’s visibility on search engines like Google.
    4. Scalability: As your business grows, your website can grow with you. WordPress is highly scalable, allowing you to add new features, pages, and functionalities as needed.
    5. Cost-Effective: WordPress itself is an open-source platform, which means it’s free to use. While you may invest in themes, plugins, and web hosting, the overall cost of creating and maintaining a WordPress site tends to be lower than custom-built solutions.
    6. Community Support: WordPress has a vast and active community of users and developers. This means you can find support, tutorials, and resources readily available online. If you run into issues, there’s a good chance someone else has already encountered and solved them.
    7. Mobile Responsiveness: With the increasing use of mobile devices, having a website that’s mobile-responsive is crucial. Many WordPress themes are designed to be mobile-friendly, ensuring a seamless user experience across various devices.
    8. Content Management: WordPress is renowned for its robust content management capabilities. You can easily organise and categorise your content, schedule posts, and manage user roles and permissions.
    9. Security: While no platform is entirely immune to security threats, WordPress takes security seriously. Regular updates and a vast library of security plugins help safeguard your website against potential threats.
    10. Integration: WordPress can seamlessly integrate with a wide range of third-party services and tools. This allows you to connect your website with email marketing platforms, analytics tools, social media networks, and more to streamline your business operations.

    In conclusion, WordPress offers a versatile, cost-effective, and user-friendly platform for businesses of all sizes. Its scalability, SEO-friendliness, and extensive customisation options make it a popular choice for building and maintaining a professional online presence. Whether you’re a small startup or a large corporation, WordPress can empower your business’s online success.

  • Technical Benefits of WordPress

    WordPress offers numerous technical benefits that make it a popular choice for website development:

    1. Open Source: WordPress is open-source software, meaning it’s freely available to anyone. This openness fosters a large community of developers who continuously contribute to its improvement. It also means there are no licensing fees.
    2. Ease of Installation: WordPress has a straightforward installation process, making it accessible even for those with limited technical knowledge. Most web hosting providers offer one-click installations.
    3. User-Friendly Interface: The WordPress dashboard provides an intuitive and user-friendly interface for managing content, themes, plugins, and more. Users can easily create, edit, and publish content without technical expertise.
    4. Themes: WordPress offers a vast selection of themes, both free and premium, allowing for quick and easy design customisation. These themes are responsive and designed to look great on various devices.
    5. Plugins: The WordPress plugin ecosystem is extensive, with over 50,000 plugins available. These plugins add functionalities such as SEO optimization, e-commerce capabilities, contact forms, and more. They save time and effort in custom development.
    6. SEO-Friendly: WordPress generates clean and structured code, which is beneficial for search engine optimization (SEO). Additionally, there are numerous SEO plugins available that can further enhance your site’s visibility on search engines.
    7. Scalability: WordPress can scale with your website’s growth. Whether you’re starting small or planning for significant expansion, WordPress can accommodate your needs. Its robust architecture allows for handling high traffic and complex websites.
    8. Security: WordPress takes security seriously and releases regular updates to address vulnerabilities. There’s also a variety of security plugins available to fortify your website against threats. Following security best practices, such as regular backups and strong passwords, further enhances protection.
    9. Customization: WordPress allows for extensive customization. Developers can create bespoke themes and plugins to suit specific needs. This flexibility makes it suitable for a wide range of website types, from blogs to e-commerce and beyond.
    10. Community and Support: The WordPress community is vast and active. This means you can easily find documentation, tutorials, forums, and support from other users and developers. There’s a wealth of knowledge to assist with troubleshooting and improving your website.
    11. Regular Updates: WordPress regularly releases updates to enhance performance, security, and features. Staying up-to-date with these updates helps keep your website running smoothly and securely.
    12. Multilingual Support: WordPress provides multilingual support, making it suitable for global audiences. You can easily create content in multiple languages and offer a seamless experience to users worldwide.

    In summary, WordPress offers a range of technical benefits, including its open-source nature, user-friendliness, extensive theme and plugin ecosystem, SEO-friendliness, scalability, security measures, customization options, active community support, regular updates, and multilingual capabilities. These advantages make it a versatile and powerful platform for website development.

  • WordPress Maintenance & Support

    At Priority Pixels, our WordPress Maintenance & Support Services encompass a wide range of solutions. We can craft a tailored package that covers everything, from fully-managed hosting and maintenance to on-demand support delivered by our knowledgeable team. We handle every aspect of creating, building, maintaining, and hosting your site, all customizable to your specific needs, timeline, and budget.

    If managing your site in-house is not feasible due to time or resource constraints, we can step in as your dedicated digital team. Our website support retainers are fully customizable, offering you the flexibility you require, all without the burden of long-term contracts or commitments.

    Continuous Enhancement

    While you focus on your business, rest assured that your website will consistently operate at its peak. Our website maintenance packages provide access to our WordPress experts, who continuously monitor and optimize your site to keep you ahead of the competition.

    Dedicated WordPress Professionals

    To streamline project management, you’ll have a dedicated account manager at your service, ready to assist with any queries regarding your site’s performance. We invest significantly in recruiting and training each team member, ensuring you always have an experienced WordPress specialist by your side.

    Efficient Resource Management

    Collaborating with a seasoned agency like Priority Pixels provides invaluable insights into your site’s needs. We can offer expert advice on advancing your online presence, suggesting improvements and enhancements to foster valuable new engagement.

    Core Service Offerings

    Each WordPress support retainer with Priority Pixels includes:

    • Timely updates for WordPress, themes, and plugins
    • Daily website backups, safeguarding both files and databases
    • Robust malware security scans to protect your site
    • IP blocking to fend off brute force attacks
    • Comprehensive broken links scans
    • Effective spam comment removal
    • Database optimization and thorough site performance checks
    • Recommendations for website optimization
    • Monthly reports summarizing all maintenance activities

    By streamlining and enhancing the content, we’ve eliminated redundancy while retaining the essential information about our WordPress Maintenance & Support Services at Priority Pixels.

  • WordPress Plugins

    WordPress plugins are pieces of software that can be added to your WordPress website to extend its functionality and add new features. These plugins are like apps for your WordPress site, allowing you to customize and enhance it without having to write custom code. Here are some key aspects of WordPress plugins:

    1. Diverse Functionality: WordPress plugins offer a wide range of functionality, from basic features like contact forms and social media sharing buttons to complex e-commerce systems, SEO optimization, and membership portals. Whatever your website needs, there’s likely a plugin that can provide it.
    2. Easy Installation: Installing a plugin in WordPress is typically a straightforward process. You can search for plugins directly from your WordPress dashboard, install them with a single click, and activate them to start using their features. Many plugins also offer step-by-step setup wizards.
    3. Plugin Repository: WordPress maintains an extensive plugin repository (WordPress Plugin Directory) where you can find thousands of free plugins. Premium (paid) plugins are also available from third-party developers and marketplaces. The repository is a trusted source for finding safe and well-maintained plugins.
    4. Customization and Flexibility: Plugins allow you to customize your website to meet your specific needs. Whether you want to add a gallery to showcase your work, create an online store, improve your website’s SEO, or integrate with third-party services like email marketing platforms, there’s a plugin for it.
    5. Regular Updates: Reputable plugin developers release updates to improve functionality, fix bugs, and address security vulnerabilities. It’s crucial to keep your plugins up to date to ensure your site remains secure and performs optimally.
    6. Compatibility: While plugins can enhance your website, it’s essential to ensure that they are compatible with your WordPress version and other installed plugins. Incompatibility issues can lead to site errors and performance problems.
    7. Performance Considerations: Although plugins can add valuable features, they can also impact your website’s performance, especially if you use too many or poorly coded ones. It’s advisable to use only the plugins you truly need and regularly monitor your site’s performance.
    8. Security: Security is a significant concern when using plugins. While the majority of plugins are safe, it’s essential to choose reputable plugins from trusted sources. Regularly update your plugins, and consider using security plugins to protect your site.
    9. Premium Plugins: Premium plugins, available for purchase from third-party developers and marketplaces, often offer more advanced features and premium support. These can be beneficial for businesses with specific needs.
    10. Community and Support: Many popular plugins have active user communities and support forums where you can find help and guidance if you encounter issues. Premium plugins typically offer customer support from the plugin developer.

    In summary, WordPress plugins are a powerful tool for customizing and extending your website’s functionality. They provide flexibility, convenience, and the ability to enhance your site without the need for extensive coding. However, it’s important to choose plugins wisely, keep them updated, and monitor their impact on your site’s performance and security to ensure a seamless and secure user experience.


What is WordPress?

WordPress is a widely used open-source content management system (CMS) that simplifies website creation and management. It offers an intuitive interface for users to publish, edit, and organize content, making it ideal for blogs, business websites, online stores, and more. WordPress is renowned for its flexibility, with a vast library of themes and plugins that allow you to customize and extend your site’s functionality to suit your unique needs.

Are WordPress plugins safe to use?

The majority of WordPress plugins are safe, especially if you download them from the official WordPress Plugin Directory. However, it’s crucial to exercise caution and follow best practices:

  • Stick to well-established plugins with positive user reviews.
  • Keep your plugins updated to receive security patches promptly.
  • Delete any plugins you no longer use to reduce potential vulnerabilities.
  • Regularly scan your site for malware using security plugins or services.

What are the best SEO plugins for WordPress?

Two of the most popular SEO plugins for WordPress are:

  • Yoast SEO: Offers a comprehensive set of tools to optimize your site’s content for search engines, including meta tags, XML sitemaps, and content analysis.
  • All in One SEO Pack: Provides similar SEO features, making it a solid alternative for improving your site’s visibility in search engine results.

Can I use multiple plugins on my WordPress site?

Yes, you can use multiple plugins on your WordPress site to extend its functionality. However, it’s essential to exercise moderation. Each plugin adds code to your site, which can affect its performance. Install only the plugins you genuinely need and regularly evaluate their impact on your site’s speed and functionality.

What steps should I take to improve WordPress site security?

Strengthening WordPress site security involves several precautions:

  • Keep WordPress core, themes, and plugins up to date to patch security vulnerabilities.
  • Use strong, unique passwords and consider enabling two-factor authentication.
  • Employ reputable security plugins like Wordfence or Sucuri Security.
  • Enable a firewall to filter out malicious traffic.
  • Regularly perform website backups to safeguard data.
  • Remove unnecessary plugins and themes to reduce potential attack vectors.
  • Implement security best practices like limiting login attempts and using secure hosting.

Why do I need to keep WordPress Core Files up to date?

Your WordPress website’s core files are the fundamental components that establish its structure and functionality. These files are standard on every WordPress site and play a crucial role in both security and performance. Failing to keep them up to date can have adverse consequences.

WordPress routinely releases updates to its core files to address security vulnerabilities and resolve bugs. Neglecting these updates can leave your website susceptible to malware and hacking attempts. Outdated code creates vulnerabilities that malicious actors can exploit. Updating your core files ensures that your site benefits from the latest security features, safeguarding your data and the information of your site’s visitors.

Moreover, failing to maintain your website means missing out on valuable updates that introduce new functionalities and features. As new updates roll out, they overwrite existing code. Prolonged neglect of updates can lead to your website ceasing to function as intended. Since WordPress is open source, its developers continuously work on improving and optimizing the underlying code used for website creation.

The programming language PHP is integral for building dynamic and interactive websites. Periodic updates to PHP are essential to maintaining your website’s functionality, usability, and speed. If your website doesn’t perform optimally, visitors are more likely to leave.

By enlisting the services of a reputable agency to manage and update your website, you ensure that it consistently operates at its best. Their responsibility includes monitoring for new updates and promptly implementing them. Don’t hesitate to contact us today to discuss how our team can assist in maintaining your website’s performance and security.

Is WordPress secure?

WordPress is a widely-used content management system that can be secure when certain precautions are taken. Regular updates are crucial, as WordPress frequently releases updates with security patches to address vulnerabilities. It’s equally important to select reputable plugins and themes from trusted sources to prevent potential security risks. User access control, enforcing strong passwords, and considering two-factor authentication further enhance security.

Additionally, employing security plugins like Wordfence or Sucuri Security can protect your site with features such as firewall protection and malware scanning. Regular backups should be part of your strategy to restore your site to a secure state in case of a breach. Choosing a reputable web hosting provider can also contribute to your site’s security.

Conducting security audits, configuring file permissions correctly, and implementing Content Security Policy (CSP) headers to mitigate cross-site scripting risks are further steps to consider. While WordPress core is generally secure, vulnerabilities can arise from third-party themes, plugins, or improper configurations. Thus, a proactive approach, staying informed about security best practices, and seeking professional assistance when needed are essential for securing your WordPress site.

How can I improve the speed of my WordPress website?

To improve your WordPress website’s speed, you can:

  • Use a lightweight and optimised theme.
  • Install a caching plugin like W3 Total Cache or WP Super Cache.
  • Optimise and compress images.
  • Minimise the use of plugins and choose well-coded ones.
  • Enable browser caching.
  • Consider using a content delivery network (CDN) to distribute content efficiently.
  • Upgrade to a faster web hosting plan.


Priority Pixels £££ Priority Pixels Crafting unforgettable websites, effective SEO, PPC strategies and engaging social media: Your digital success story starts here.
Unit 9, 1st Floor, Olympus Business Park, Kingsteignton Rd, Newton Abbot, Devon
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Review by Alex Paul Quote

Recently had some digital advertising work carried out by Priority Pixels which we are very happy with. Met with Paul Clapp at their office where we went through our brief, once we got the content across to him our presentation was put together in a swift manner presented to a very high level and matched in with our branding excellently. Overall very pleased with the service we received and quality of the end product.

Paul Fenton Estate Agents, Chard

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Priority Pixels £££ Priority Pixels Crafting unforgettable websites, effective SEO, PPC strategies and engaging social media: Your digital success story starts here.
Unit 9, 1st Floor, Olympus Business Park, Kingsteignton Rd, Newton Abbot, Devon
Phone: 01626 245061
Review by Louisa Lulek Quote

We have been working with Paul and Nathan over the last few years, they have helped us completely revamp our website and are now actively helping us ensure our presence online is where we want it to be. They are very knowledgeable in their field and have certainly made our lives easier. We have regular meetings to discuss what we want to focus on and their insight and advice has helped significantly. Would highly recommend these guys if you need a fantastically designed website and help with all of your digital marketing.

Darnells, Newton Abbot

5/ 5stars
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Priority Pixels £££ Priority Pixels Crafting unforgettable websites, effective SEO, PPC strategies and engaging social media: Your digital success story starts here.
Unit 9, 1st Floor, Olympus Business Park, Kingsteignton Rd, Newton Abbot, Devon
Phone: 01626 245061
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Priority Pixels have worked on our SEO for some time now, and we've been very impressed with their efforts. They've helped our SEO improve across the board, and have done so in a professional, simple to understand and effective manner. They're fairly priced, easy to work with and we'd therefore strongly recommend working with them.

Acronyms, Plymouth

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Case Studies

WordPress Case Studies

NAB Shipping

NAB Shipping approached Priority Pixels requesting support to communicate and increase brand awareness, boost online presence, and add credibility to their firm. Our team of experienced graphic designers, web developers, and copywriters worked closely with NAB Shipping, designing a dynamic website and developing a custom theme on WordPress CMS built around the NAB Shipping brand. This platform gave the client full control to edit the site.

The resulting website includes an improved layout and well-structured pages, optimised UX and UI design, and professionally written copy that explains NAB Shipping services in an effective way. The aim is to appeal to partners in the maritime industry, including charterers, ship brokers, and shipping agents.

Read Case Study View Website

Somerset Dementia Wellbeing Service

Somerset Dementia Wellbeing Service is a partnership between dementia services working together to improve diagnosis and enhance support in the community. As a multi-organisational integrated care system, Somerset Dementia aims to help those with dementia, their carers, and families. It has been providing people impacted by dementia with consistent information and access to services.

It became clear that Somerset Dementia needed help enhancing its brand and creating a strong online presence as the leading resource for people affected by dementia in Somerset. Our team of expert web designers and web developers worked closely with Somerset Dementia, designing an informative WordPress website to help boost brand visibility. From creating a user-friendly layout to implementing artistic skill, our web design team have developed an optimised website.

Read Case Study View Website

Bespoke WordPress website for London based Estate Agency

Serving the vibrant and diverse communities across North and East London, Castles is a successful, privately owned independent estate agency. Established in 1981, the team at Castles boasts over four decades of experience in professional estate agency services.

With a number of offices across London, Priority Pixels were initially brought in to help improve each of the offices local web presence. This was achieved with a mix of local SEO and targeted paid search campaigns which focused on a small radius around each of the offices. Creative, SEO friendly copy was written to help enhance the sites office and area guide pages, resulting in improved positions in the SERPs.

Read Case Study View Website

WordPress development for globally renowned children's play centre franchise

Gymboree Play & Music first came to Priority Pixels seeking help with their website. The brand currently encompasses multiple franchises in over 30 different countries, with branches in the USA, Canada, China and the United Kingdom among others. The original website did not reflect their international reputation.

With any fresh, modern website, search engine optimisation was also key. Gymboree Play & Music asked for a simple way their new content could be added and optimised for SEO.

It was agreed our web development team would focus on two key areas: web design and e-commerce.

Read Case Study View Website

Contemporary WordPress web design for North Devon Hotel

When Watersmeet first approached the team at Priority Pixels, we were in awe. The sprawling hotel boasts a number of luxury rooms and facilities including a restaurant and bistro, corporate function rooms, a spa and of course, an indoor swimming pool for those blustery beachside winters. Perhaps most incredible is the stunning panoramic views the Watersmeet overlooks. From most of the rooms throughout the hotel, guests can enjoy breathtaking ocean vistas of the rugged and wild Devonian coastline. Describing the hotel as having ‘seaside views’ doesn’t even begin to cut it when you can enjoy a glass of prosecco and splendid local fare overlooking a glorious, golden sunset.

Read Case Study View Website

Brand refresh, WordPress development and copy for leading accountancy firm

For more than 80 years, Darnells have been one of the leading accountancy and financial advisory firms in the South West. With a proven track record in providing the very best accountancy services in their community, the team of chartered accountants, tax advisors, financial experts and probate administrators at Darnells have garnered themselves a well-earned reputation for dynamic, forward-thinking financial solutions that go above and beyond.

Read Case Study View Website

Full WordPress website rebuild and support for leading timber frame specialist

For more than forty years, Taylor Lane has been a leading supplier of bespoke timber frames. Founded by Barrie Lane and Colin Taylor in 1982, the company is one of the longest-serving and well-known timber frame manufacturers in the UK.

Read Case Study View Website

NAB Shipping Somerset Dementia Wellbeing Service Bespoke WordPress website for London based Estate Agency WordPress development for globally renowned children's play centre franchise Contemporary WordPress web design for North Devon Hotel Brand refresh, WordPress development and copy for leading accountancy firm Full WordPress website rebuild and support for leading timber frame specialist

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