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Technical SEO

Our Technical SEO services offer a strategic and data-driven approach designed to increase search engine visibility and drive organic traffic, enhance performance, and improve indexing and crawling for businesses in London.

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Keyword Research

Our Keyword Research services are tailored for businesses operating in London, employing advanced tools and deep industry knowledge to identify high-value keywords, uncover search trends, and create a targeted keyword strategy. This strategy aims to boost organic visibility, drive qualified traffic, and enhance search engine rankings for businesses within the London area.

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Link Building Services

Priority Pixels excels in delivering strategic link building solutions. These services not only boost your website's authority but also attract targeted traffic and enhance your search engine rankings, tailored specifically for businesses in London.

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Local SEO

Local SEO is centred on optimising a business's online presence to enhance visibility in local search results. This is crucial for businesses with physical locations or service areas in London, aiming to attract nearby customers and strengthen their local market presence.

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E-A-T stands for Expertise, Authoritativeness, and Trustworthiness. It is a concept that originated from Google's search quality guidelines and plays a crucial role in determining the quality and credibility of web pages.

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SEO Audit

We offer comprehensive SEO audit services to analyse your website's performance, identify optimisation opportunities, and provide actionable recommendations for improved search engine visibility.

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  • Looking for the best SEO Agency in London?

    At Priority Pixels, we specialise in enhancing the online visibility of London businesses through expert search engine optimisation (SEO) services. Our mission is to improve your website’s rankings in search engine results, thereby boosting traffic and potential customer engagement. Here’s how we achieve these objectives:

    1. Keyword Research: We commence by identifying the most relevant and valuable keywords that your target audience in London and beyond is searching for. This ensures that the content on your website aligns perfectly with user queries.
    2. On-page Optimisation: Our team optimises the content and structure of your website, ensuring that titles, headings, and meta descriptions are crafted to effectively target the identified keywords. We also focus on enhancing user experience, making sure your site is mobile-friendly and easy to navigate.
    3. Content Creation: We create high-quality, engaging content tailored to the London market. Whether it’s blogs, articles, videos, or infographics, our content positions your business as a thought leader and addresses the specific interests and needs of local customers.
    4. Link Building: We work to acquire high-quality backlinks from reputable websites within and beyond London. By building connections with local news outlets, industry associations, and other relevant entities, we boost your site’s domain authority and search engine ranking.
    5. Local SEO: For businesses aiming to dominate the London market, our local SEO strategies are crucial. We optimise your Google My Business profile, ensure you’re listed in local directories, and fine-tune your online presence to appear prominently in local searches.
    6. Performance Analysis: Using tools like Google Analytics, we continuously monitor the effectiveness of our SEO strategies. We track increases in organic traffic, analyse visitor behaviour, and refine our approaches based on real-time data to maximise your return on investment.

    At Priority Pixels, we are committed to propelling your London business to the forefront of digital visibility with strategic and tailored SEO solutions.

  • Backlink Analysis

    As one of the most crucial elements of SEO ranking, backlinks on your site play a significant role, especially in a competitive market like London. Credible backlinks can positively impact your ranking, while poor or weak backlinks can negatively affect your position in the SERPs, dragging your site down.

    Understanding the pros and cons of your site’s backlinks is essential when rankings are pivotal to your success in London. A strong backlink profile can significantly boost your standing in organic search results. Conversely, a weak or harmful profile can dampen your site’s performance and its rankings.

    At our agency, our backlink analysis identifies the strengths and possible weaknesses of your links. Armed with this data, we can assist you by:

    • Removing any bad, corrupt, or damaging links across your site.
    • Enhancing your backlink profile whilst avoiding algorithmic or manual penalties.
    • Creating a strategic plan for acquiring the right types of backlinks for your SEO.
    • Monitoring site performance for any declines in SEO visibility, keyword performance, or organic site visits, which could indicate penalties from major search engine algorithm changes.

    Our Google Webmaster Tools expertise is also crucial. If you’ve received a ‘manual action’ message in your Google Search Console, it’s an indication of ‘unnatural’ backlinks on your site that need addressing.

    We also scrutinise linking metrics to ensure they reflect a healthy profile, considering:

    • Deep link ratio
    • Anchor texts
    • Follow vs NoFollow
    • Referring domains
    • Link types
    • Link velocity

    Our in-depth backlink analysis is vital to your organic search campaign in London and will be crucial in helping you move forward with the right link earning and content marketing strategy.

    Part of our service includes a thorough competitor backlink audit to understand the strategies being used by your competition in London. This helps us identify untapped opportunities, which we can immediately incorporate into your campaign, including quick and easy additions. Here’s our approach:

    • Understand your long-term strategy, goals, and challenges.
    • Download and analyse your competitors’ backlink profiles.
    • Compare them against your own link profile.
    • Identify any strong or weak links.
    • Decide on quick and easy link additions.
    • Help develop your link earning and content marketing strategy.

    With our comprehensive services, we’re committed to boosting your SEO success in London’s dynamic market.

  • SEO Audits

    As we said, our SEO audits dig deep, looking at all the hidden and technical info on your site. Once the full audit is complete, we’ll give you the results and the crawl data in an easy to understand report. Our SEO support service can then help your own web team make the changes required, or our own in-house developers can get started right away. Here’s what our SEO audit will cover:

    • Meta Titles
    • Meta Descriptions
    • URL Structure
    • Index Coverage Status
    • 404 Errors
    • Broken Internal Links
    • Broken External Links
    • HTML Sitemaps
    • XML Sitemaps
    • Schema Markup
    • Structured Data
    • Domain Authority
    • Domain Age
    • Broken Backlinks
    • New Backlinks
    • Lost Backlinks
    • Social Media Analysis
    • Citation Analysis
    • Google Analytics
    • Google Search Console
    • Google Tag Manager
    • Google Algorithm Updates
    • Mobile Optimisation
    • Page Speed & Performance
    • Bounce Rate
    • User Journeys
    • Exit Pages
    • Goals & Conversions
    • Keyword Research
    • Content & Media Serving
    • Duplicate Content
    • Landing Pages
    • Page Level Analysis

    If you would like to find out more about our SEO audits please view our SEO audit page below.

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  • Content Audit

    As part of our service, we relish the chance to help you by getting to understand your competition. By completing a competitor backlink audit, we can discover what strategies they’re using. That helps us spot areas that have yet to be taken advantage of. We can then build them into your campaign straight away, including any quick and easy additions. Here’s how we do it:

    • Understand your long term strategy, goals, and challenges
    • Download and analyse your competitor’s backlink profiles
    • Reference them against your own link profile
    • Confirm any strong or weak links
    • Decide on quick and easy link additions
    • Help develop your link earning and content marketing strategy
  • Content Optimisation

    What is content optimisation?

    Content optimisation is all about making sure your content reaches as many people as possible in any search results. It gives you the best chance of showing up in direct search results as well as related searches. High traffic and high rankings depend on how well optimised your content is. If it’s done right, you’ll start to gain more organic search traffic.

    A big part of SEO is having an understanding about the key words and phrases people might use when they search for things online. It’s not about picking one specific keyword and using it as many times as you can on each page you publish. It’s more about making sure related words are in there as well, so question-based searches pick up your content too.

    How can Priority Pixels optimise my content?

    By using online tools such as SearchMetrics, we can pinpoint ways to directly improve your content. This will give us inside information about what keywords your competitors are using. It also gives us insight into which alternative words or phrases you could use to give your content a boost. With this vital info, you’ll improve your search performance, driving both traffic and conversions your way.

    As well as keywords, we can also optimise your other digital content too. Google search results now display business information and reviews. By using schema markup and microdata, we can add this information to your website for you. This will help search engines find your content, driving more click-throughs and conversions.

  • Technical SEO London

    Are users finding your site through organic searches? If they’re not, you could have onsite issues working against you. Technical SEO optimisation gives your website a solid base with all the right components. Getting to grips with those will help the search engines find you quicker and easier. And that’s good news for your target customers and your conversion rate.

    Is technical SEO optimisation that important?

    In a word, yes. Without it, your SEO will take a nosedive, even with a fully loaded and functional website offering an excellent user experience. Search engines have different priorities to your users. Your site has to tick all the boxes for them behind the scenes, as well as up front for your target customer.

    What does our technical optimisation cover?

    Technical SEO optimisation is an umbrella term covering many different areas. But they’re all influential to your site’s SEO performance and success. So to keep things simple, we cover the lot.

    We’ll get stuck in and look at everything technical. From your overall website speed and how to increase it, right down to the site architecture, URL structures, and internal links. We’ll also look at site security, subdomains, and redirections, and anything else that might be holding your site back.

    Ranking algorithms for search engines are finely tuned and complex beasts. Looking at hundreds of elements across your site, they figure out which keywords are a relevant match for any search queries. Technical SEO optimisation takes care of any issues your site has and fixes them so those bots can crawl your site without limits.

    Crawl Optimisation

    Checking the crawl speed of your website is critical. It’s an important step in making sure search engines can crawl your entire site quickly and easily. This will make looking for relevant info on search queries faster so they don’t use up their crawl budget. Perfect if your site has many pages.

    Crawl Data Examination

    Our first step is to crawl your entire website – like the search engines do – to get an accurate picture of what’s going on. We can then analyse the data using various webmaster tools to understand exactly how the search engines see your site. And what errors they might find.

    Dynamic User Content

    Interactive elements and dynamic user content is a great addition to any site. But while it enhances the user experience, it causes problems for search engines trying to find information. We can make sure the correct indexing protocols are set up using up to date web standards to prevent this.

    Mobile Device Ranking

    Your customers will look at your site on a range of different devices, including smartphones and tablets. To help your rankings, search engines use specific bots to crawl the mobile web. We can ensure site optimisation to protect your organic search ranking when search algorithms favour mobile-friendly sites.

    Internal Link Structuring

    A well-defined internal link structure is another crucial pathway for search engine crawlers. And it’s a doubly beneficial process. While it helps them find relevant search content on your site, it also defines your site’s hierarchy. An essential part of organising the flow of link authority across websites.

    Server Configuration

    An often overlooked process, we look at your entire server configuration and web hosting platform to make sure there aren’t any errors. If there are, it can cause duplication of your site which isn’t great for your SEO. We’ll also look into your backlink profiles and your servers geolocation.

  • E-A-T and why it's important

    With one of Google’s most recent algorithm updates, they emphasised Expertise, Authoritativeness, and Trustworthiness to be among the top 3 most important factors for page quality ratings. So if you’re unsure what E-A-T is all about and what it means for your content, now’s the time to find out.


    Whatever business you’re in, you need to be an expert in your field. While expertise isn’t seen as important for more trivial sites featuring humour or gossip, it’s crucial for medical, financial, or legal websites. But having expertise means you have the ability to create valuable and insightful main content (MC) for your website and your users.


    When you’re creating content for your site – as an expert – you need to show you’re an authority on your subject. You can do this by using your own expertise or the expertise of the creator of the MC, or your website itself. Having any necessary credentials or qualifications will help, but extras like reviews and testimonials from clients or customers are gold.


    Everything about your website should make your visitors trust you and your business. Again, this can come from reviews or testimonials, but it should also shine through in your site content. Trust is even more important if you have an e-commerce site and you rely on online payments. Adding an SSL certificate to your site should be a priority as it’s one of Google top ranking factors.


What is SEO and why is it important for my London business?

SEO, or Search Engine Optimisation, is the practice of increasing the quantity and quality of traffic to your website through organic search engine results. For businesses in London, SEO is crucial because it helps you stand out in a highly competitive market, ensuring that potential customers find you when searching for relevant products or services.

What is technical SEO?

Technical SEO is an important part of your overall SEO process. It involves making sure that your website is fully optimised to allow search engine bots to crawl your website. If your website is not crawled and scanned, then it will not be indexed properly. The name ‘Technical SEO’ refers to the technical parts of your website, such as the code that makes up your website. The main objective of technical SEO is to optimise these building blocks in order to increase the usability and responsiveness of your website.

Technical SEO focuses on making sure that your website is mobile friendly and responsive across a range of different devices. Google has announced its plans to make all indexing of websites mobile-first from September 2020. Making sure that your website responds and displays in the best format on desktop, tablet and on mobile devices is improving your technical SEO.

Other aspects of technical SEO include improving site speed. Creating a secure website for your customers by installing an SSL. Creating an XML sitemap to help search engines understand your website when it’s being crawled. Adding structured data mark-up code to help search engines understand the context behind the content on your webpages. Making sure that your website is registered with Google Search Console and Bing Webmaster Tools to allow you to manually submit your webpages for indexing.

An SEO agency will be able to help you make sure your website is technically strong.

What is on page SEO?

On page SEO is also known as on-site SEO. It refers to the process of optimising the content that is on your web pages. By making sure that the content on your website is fully optimised for not only your customers but also search engines will help to increase your ranking in search results pages and drive more organic traffic to your website. On page SEO helps search engines to understand the context behind your content and how relevant it is to search queries.

On page SEO involves looking at aspects of your website such as the number of times your keywords are mentioned on each page, and whether your content is broken up with headings. The ease at which your content can be read can impact your on-page SEO score. Breaking up long pieces of text with sub-headings makes it easier for customers to absorb the information they are reading. Having your keyword or phrase scattered throughout the text, it confirms to search engines what the web page is about.

Other factors to look at when improving your on page SEO is the use of external links. Linking to other pages on the same topic is another way of letting search engines know what your pages are about. It also helps to show that the information on your website is reputable and of good quality. Meta titles and descriptions are shown in SERPs and are what searchers see first. Including your keywords in both your meta title and description can help to increase your click-through rate.

There are some factors of on page SEO that overlap with technical SEO. Making sure your images are sized properly, you can keep them high quality whilst increasing the loading speed of your web pages.

How much do SEO services cost?

There is no definitive answer to this question. Costs for SEO work vary depending on what SEO work your website needs. Not every website needs the same SEO work, so the price strictly depends on how well optimised your website is currently. A brand-new website will most likely need more SEO work than an older one. Each SEO agency will quote a different price. Whilst some SEO agencies offer set SEO packages with fixed monthly costs, this does not work for everyone. You may not need all the services that you will be paying for. We recommend undertaking an SEO audit of your website before having any SEO work carried out. Not only will this allow you to see all the SEO work that needs undertaking, but it will also allow you to set a budget and define a monthly cost.

What is local SEO?

Local SEO helps to promote your business to customers that are local to where you are based. If you offer a service that is based in a specific geographical area, you need to optimise your business for local searches. In order to appear in local search results, search engines gather information about your business from various locations. Any local content you have created, your social profiles, and citations can all help improve your local SEO.

The easiest way to improve your local SEO is by creating and optimising your Google My Business account. A Google My Business account lets you set your location and, if optimised properly, will help to increase your visibility and engagement levels. By creating a Google My Business account, you can encourage your customers to leave reviews. This helps Google see that you are a legitimate business.

Another way of improving your local SEO is by creating a location page or section on your website. This should include your address, and a google map pinning your location embedded into it. Local SEO also involves making sure that your name, address and phone number is somewhere in the HTML text of your website. This means that when your website is crawled, the Google bots can collect this information for search results. However, you need to make sure that your contact information is the same and consistent across all your platforms.

Does duplicate content affect SEO?

Duplicate content is exactly what it sounds like. It is two or more pieces of content that are either completely identical or very similar. Think of it as plagiarising someone else’s work. Whilst having similar content to other websites in the same industry is unavoidable, you need to make it unique to your business.

There are two types of duplicate content. Internal duplicate content refers to when one domain name has the same content across different internal URLs. External duplicate content is when the search engines find the exact same content on different domains.

Whilst Google has stated that there is no SEO penalty for duplicate content, it does confuse search engines. When confronted with identical content on different domains, search engines are forced to choose which version should rank higher. So even if you are the original creator of the content and you have fully optimised it, you may not rank above the duplicate content. Search engines rarely show the multiple versions of the same content in search results, so if you have duplicate content on your website, or your content has been duplicated elsewhere, it will impact your visibility and your engagement rates.

An SEO agency will be able to find any duplicate content on your site and suggest ways of re-creating it so that it no longer counts as duplicate.

How long does it take to see results from SEO in London?

The time it takes to see results from SEO can vary widely, but typically, London businesses might start seeing improvements in organic rankings and website traffic within 3 to 6 months. The exact timing depends on factors like the competitiveness of your industry and the effectiveness of your SEO strategy.

What is keyword research?

Keywords are words or phrases that, when typed into a search engine, you want your website to be shown as a result for. Keyword research simply means finding out what keywords you are already being found for, and any high traffic terms related to your business.

Undertaking keyword research allows you to see exactly what your target audience is searching for, how many times words and phrases related to your business are searched for and what information those searchers are looking for. This is possibly one of the best things you can to do help your SEO. It allows you to see how your target audience behaves online and how popular phrases related to your business are.

There are different tools that you can use to help find out which keywords are relevant to your business. Whilst you may have a few keywords already in mind, you can find others that are related to those phrases. These keywords will then form the basis of the content that is being put onto your website. Whether its service or product pages or using them to create blog content. Using your keyword research to create content will help to improve your SEO score and increase your impressions and engagements.

An SEO agency will be able to find the search terms you are most commonly found for and suggest other phrases to create content around.

Are backlinks important for SEO?

Backlinks are when someone links to your website via a different webpage or online platform. Backlinks help improve your off-page SEO ranking in three main areas. By being used as a sign of validity to search engines. They allow search engines to discover new content when they revisit and re-scan websites. They increase your referral traffic.

If you can get other websites that rank highly for relevant keywords to link to your website, this is a vote of confidence to search engines that your content is reliable and valuable. Search engine bots re-crawl and scan webpages to make sure that they are presenting the most up to date information to searchers. When scanning web pages that have links to other pages, it helps them find new content that may also be relevant and informative.

Referral traffic means the number of people who enter your website via a backlink on a different website. This helps search engines work out how useful other people have found the information on your website. Backlinks found on pages with high traffic levels are more likely to increase your referral traffic

The more backlinks you have pointing to your website, the higher you will rank in search engine results pages.

Are landing pages good for SEO in London?

Yes, landing pages can be highly beneficial for SEO in London, particularly when they are optimised effectively. Landing pages are designed to target specific segments of traffic, often linked to marketing campaigns, promotional offers, or specific geographic locations such as London. Here’s why they are advantageous:

  1. Targeted Content: Landing pages allow you to create content specifically tailored to the interests or needs of your audience in London. For example, if you’re promoting a service or product unique to Londoners, a well-optimised landing page can directly address this market, improving relevance and engagement.
  2. Keyword Focus: With a landing page, you can concentrate on specific keywords that are relevant to your London audience. This focused approach makes it easier to rank for these terms in search engines, as the page will be highly relevant and targeted.
  3. Improved User Experience: Landing pages are designed to provide exactly the information or services the visitor is looking for, which can significantly enhance user experience. This is particularly important as search engines like Google increasingly prioritise user experience as a ranking factor.
  4. Increased Conversion Rates: By providing a direct and relevant message matched to the user’s needs, landing pages often enjoy higher conversion rates than general web pages. This effectiveness is noticed by search engines and can contribute to better organic search rankings.
  5. Link Building: Effective landing pages that offer valuable information or unique resources tend to attract backlinks naturally. These backlinks are crucial for SEO, as they enhance the authority and credibility of your website.
  6. Reduced Bounce Rates: Because landing pages provide focused information, they can lower bounce rates. Search engines use bounce rate as an indicator of content relevance and quality. A lower bounce rate due to a well-optimised landing page can help improve your site’s overall SEO performance.

To maximise the SEO benefits of landing pages in London, ensure each page has unique content, focuses on a specific keyword or set of keywords, and offers clear, actionable information. Additionally, make sure your landing pages are fast-loading and mobile-friendly to align with Google’s user experience requirements. This strategy will not only help in ranking but also in converting London-based traffic into leads or customers.


Priority Pixels £££ Priority Pixels Crafting unforgettable websites, effective SEO, PPC strategies and engaging social media: Your digital success story starts here.
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Priority Pixels have created a beautiful website for us and have been extremely clear and helpful when explaining everything that was involved from the very beginning and throughout the whole process. They have been prompt and straightforward about tweaks and corrections during the process, and very kind and patient when I was ill and everything went rather slow as a result during the testing part of the project.

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Priority Pixels £££ Priority Pixels Crafting unforgettable websites, effective SEO, PPC strategies and engaging social media: Your digital success story starts here.
Unit 9, 1st Floor, Olympus Business Park, Kingsteignton Rd, Newton Abbot, Devon
Phone: 01626 245061
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Everything you could ask for...and more! I have worked with Priority Pixels on a few projects now and I have to say the level of professionalism shown is above and beyond the level I have received from other providers. I will continue to use Priority Pixels for all future ventures.

Gainsborough Healthcare Group

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Priority Pixels £££ Priority Pixels Crafting unforgettable websites, effective SEO, PPC strategies and engaging social media: Your digital success story starts here.
Unit 9, 1st Floor, Olympus Business Park, Kingsteignton Rd, Newton Abbot, Devon
Phone: 01626 245061
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If you need high quality work delivered fast, then this is the place to go. The team are a pleasure to work with, and have a full understanding of all digital requirements. Will definitely be working with them again.

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