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What type of search ads can Priority Pixels manage for you?

  • Responsive Search Ads

    Responsive Search Ads (RSAs) are a dynamic evolution in online advertising, intelligently adapting content to available space. Advertisers furnish multiple headlines and descriptions, and Google takes the reins in optimising combinations based on real-time performance. This adaptive approach ensures that the most effective combinations—those garnering higher click-through rates and engagement—take precedence. RSAs empower advertisers with flexibility and efficiency, allowing campaigns to evolve and resonate more effectively with the ever-changing preferences of the target audience. The result is a more nuanced and responsive advertising strategy that maximises impact in the dynamic landscape of online searches.

  • Call-Only Ads

    Tailored for mobile users, call-only ads are a strategic solution in digital advertising. These specialised ads forego the traditional clickable link, prominently displaying a phone number instead. The user experience is streamlined, enabling potential customers to connect with your business instantly by simply tapping the displayed number. Call-only ads are particularly advantageous for businesses prioritising direct phone engagement, ensuring a seamless process for users on mobile devices. This mobile-centric approach enhances accessibility, making it convenient for users to initiate direct contact, thereby optimising the potential for real-time customer interaction and conversion opportunities.

  • Dynamic Search Ads (DSA)

    Dynamic Search Ads (DSA) revolutionise the advertising landscape by autonomously generating headlines derived from the content of your website. This innovative approach ensures that your ads dynamically align with user searches, capturing relevance and expanding visibility. DSA acts as a proactive ally, adapting to the evolving landscape of online queries, allowing businesses to reach a broader audience without the need for exhaustive keyword lists. By harnessing the power of DSA, advertisers benefit from a dynamic and responsive advertising strategy, effortlessly staying in sync with user intent and securing a more comprehensive presence in the ever-changing landscape of online searches.

  • Local Search Ads

    Crafted with local businesses in mind, these ads serve as virtual storefronts, showcasing vital information including your business location, contact details, and an interactive map. The design is meticulously orchestrated to captivate nearby customers, providing a visual guide to your establishment. Tailored for a local audience, these ads not only enhance your online visibility but also bridge the gap between digital and physical presence. By seamlessly integrating location details, contact information, and a map, these ads facilitate easy access for potential customers, fostering a connection that goes beyond the digital realm and encourages foot traffic to your local business.

  • Location Extensions

    Transforming your text ads into comprehensive hubs of information, location extensions add a layer of detail about your business. Users are seamlessly connected to crucial details such as directions, store hours, and contact information. These extensions act as a bridge, offering a direct route for potential customers to access vital information with a simple click. By providing users with instant access to details that matter—whether it’s finding your location or reaching out—location extensions elevate the user experience. This not only enhances the overall effectiveness of your ads but also fosters a more meaningful connection between your business and potential customers.

  • Price Extensions

    Price extensions serve as a digital price tag, presenting users with a curated list of your products or services paired with transparent and upfront pricing information. This innovative feature empowers potential customers with the knowledge of costs at a glance, promoting transparency in your offerings. By showcasing a menu of products or services alongside their respective prices, these extensions streamline the user experience and facilitate quick decision-making. This enhanced transparency not only builds trust with your audience but also ensures that users engaging with your ads are well-informed, fostering a more seamless and efficient path from interest to conversion.

  • Sitelink Extensions

    Sitelink extensions act as navigational beacons, enriching your ad with supplementary links that guide users to specific pages on your website. These additional links provide a gateway to diverse content such as product pages, ongoing promotions, or crucial information. This feature not only enhances the user’s journey by offering more choices but also allows advertisers to spotlight various aspects of their offerings. Whether it’s enticing users with specific products, promoting limited-time promotions, or sharing vital details, sitelink extensions provide a versatile tool to optimise your ad’s impact and cater to the varied interests and needs of your audience.

  • Callout Extensions

    Callout extensions act as textual amplifiers, empowering your ads with additional text snippets that spotlight unique selling points, promotions, or special offers. These concise snippets serve as compelling highlights, providing a snapshot of what sets your business apart. Whether it’s emphasising outstanding features, announcing time-sensitive promotions, or showcasing exclusive deals, callout extensions offer a versatile means to capture attention and convey value to potential customers. By injecting these succinct details into your ads, you not only enhance visibility but also strategically communicate the distinctive benefits that make your products or services a standout choice in the competitive landscape.


What are Search Ads?

Search ads are online advertisements that appear at the top or bottom of search engine results. They are triggered by specific keywords and are designed to reach users actively searching for products or services related to those keywords.

How Do Search Ads Work?

Search ads operate on a pay-per-click (PPC) model. Advertisers bid on keywords relevant to their business, and when users search for those terms, the ads are displayed. Advertisers only pay when users click on their ads.

Why Should I Use Search Ads for My Business?

Search ads provide immediate visibility to users actively searching for what you offer. They are highly targeted, cost-effective, and can drive relevant traffic to your website, leading to potential conversions.

How Does Keyword Bidding Work in Search Ads?

Advertisers bid on specific keywords relevant to their business. The bid amount represents the maximum they are willing to pay for a click on their ad. The ad’s position is influenced by the bid amount and ad quality.

What Platforms Support Search Ads?

Search ads are commonly supported on platforms like Google Ads and Bing Ads. These platforms allow advertisers to create and manage search ad campaigns, reaching users on popular search engines.

What is Ad Quality Score, and Why Does It Matter?

Ad Quality Score is a metric used by search engines to evaluate the relevance and quality of your ads. It considers factors like click-through rate, ad relevance, and landing page experience. A higher Quality Score can lead to better ad positions and lower costs.

How Can I Measure the Success of My Search Ads Campaign?

Key performance indicators (KPIs) for search ads include click-through rate (CTR), conversion rate, cost per click (CPC), and return on investment (ROI). These metrics help assess the effectiveness of your campaigns.

What is the Difference Between Text Ads and Responsive Search Ads?

Text ads have fixed headlines and descriptions, while responsive search ads dynamically adjust content based on user queries. Responsive search ads allow for testing multiple headlines and descriptions to optimise performance.

How Can I Target a Local Audience with Search Ads?

Local targeting in search ads can be achieved by using location extensions, setting geographical targeting parameters, and optimising ad copy for local relevance. This ensures your ads reach users in specific geographic locations.

Can I Run Search Ads for Mobile Users?

Absolutely. Search ads can be optimised for mobile devices to reach users on smartphones and tablets. Mobile-specific ad formats, such as call-only ads, cater to users who prefer interacting with ads on their mobile devices.

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