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Revitalise Dental Centre is an innovative, five star treatment centre offering a new blueprint for dental care. Based in St Agnes, Cornwall, the state of the art centre housed in a bespoke eco building attracts customers from across the UK and Europe because of its exceptional reputation and outstanding results.

Revitalise have an industry leading staff of dentists, implantologists, hygienists and an exceptional on site lab who all achieve incredible results for the clients under their care.

What we did

Dental Technician Martin Docking made the decision in 2015 to open a new private dental centre like no other. This was made a reality in April 2016 when Revitalise Dental Centre opened its doors to welcome new customers. He and his team quickly gained a reputation for excellent results using the latest techniques.

With an award winning dental laboratory on-site, the team are able to offer dental treatments in a fraction of the time. Since its open in 2016 the private dental surgery has seen a huge increase in customers. As a result the team at Revitalise Dental Centre has more than doubled in size. Even with the increase in popularity they are still offering the same standard first class, affordable dental care delivered in a contemporary and relaxing environment.

Revitalise asked us to re-imagine their website, keeping the same tone and welcoming feel but revising and updating all the content. They also needed us to create and deliver a broader plan for their brand than just a beautiful new site. Their full-spectrum project included:

Digital Strategy
The creation of a digital strategy plan, including a full review of current marketing activity, detailed competitor analysis and a full SWOT assessment.

Website design & development
A new website design and build showcasing the range of treatments offered by Revitalise. A digital space to reflect the centre itself communicating its values and ethos.

Devise all-new copy for the new site. Around 30 pages of copy including an extensive FAQs section to answer new patient queries.

Photography On-location photo session to capture everything the dynamic Revitalise dental centre offers in stunning HD.  Shoot staff and customer interactions as well as new head shots for the entire team and a group image for use on the site and across social media.

Creation of a vibrant new moving image piece to enhance the presence of the site and communicate the welcoming feel that Revitalise offers. New video testimonials and moving image ads were also needed for the 360 marketing strategy.

Search Engine Optimisation
A structured and comprehensive SEO plan with defined goals and outcomes, plus ongoing written content and still and moving imagery.

Paid Search
Structured roll-out of Google Ads, Facebook and YouTube video plus LinkedIn and Instagram adverts using the array quality content gathered and created for the new site.

Digital Strategy

We started, as we always do, by listening closely to what Revitalise needed. A new website was a definite but it had to be part of a sensible and goal focussed strategy to make sure the site was both easily found by new customers and also engaging and informative. Our in-depth digital research and analysis document was compiled to give our client the knowledge to make informed choices about their campaign.

New Website

Revitalise has a strong brand and is well established as a welcoming, five star treatment centre offering better dental care. This tone had to come across with efficiency and clarity on the new site, this meant a complete re-design of structure and flow throughout. Giving enough information on the selection of treatments, without it becoming overwhelming and encouraging new users to explore and find out more was our aim. Ultimately new customers will gain more from arranging a consultation and speaking to one of the team at Revitalise. For this reason we included multiple contact ‘touch points’ including a bespoke call to action on each page.

To ensure consistency of message and tone across the new site design and build, we also project managed all the site’s new content, including copy, photography, and videography and are continuing with SEO and PPC strategies.


The information on the previous site had become dated and did not communicate the tone of the company well enough. Clarity and consistency was required as well as more detail on services and the centre itself. The primary aim of the copy rewrite was to extend the feel and ethos of the centre and staff into the web space, to inform and educate but not overwhelm. The copy for the new site needed to feel as stress-free as the treatments offered whilst still being helpful and informative. We also enhanced Revitalise’s Vision & Values content, refreshed their Mission Statement and their Value Proposition. Ensuring consistency across the brand and their content.


The Revitalise Centre in St Agnes Cornwall is innovative, state of the art and eco friendly. Built from bespoke plans devised by Martin, it lends itself incredibly well to stunning photography that captures its relaxed feel. Images of staff and customers including people using the waiting, treatment and relaxation spaces and the laboratory environments were essential additions. These help to communicate the visions and values of the Revitalise team. Professional yet friendly head-shots and a refreshed team photo are fluid enough to have multiple uses including PR material, social media and traditional press as well as on the new site. All the still and moving imagery have been compiled into an extensive visual library for Revitalise to use across their marketing, PR and Social Media.


For new customers to really get a sense of the stunning Revitalise eco-building, a video intro was an essential element of the new home page. Our moving image team worked with the staff at Revitalise to capture a series of authentic and relaxed sequences of the team and their customer plus atmospheric shots of the centre, treatment rooms and lab. We also made video testimonials and short video ads part of our comprehensive marketing and information campaign. This approach gives new and returning customers the chance to absorb content as written copy or as moving image pieces depending on their preference.


As part of the 360 degree strategy for Revitalise we devised an SEO roadmap which clearly sets out the marketing work and goals for the next 12 months. We understand that SEO can feel confusing at times, which is why we always take steps to give our plans as much clarity as possible, with minimal tech speak. The work we do at Priority Pixels includes all on-site SEO as part of the initial web build.

With on-site SEO done throughout the build, any on-going optimisation plans for our clients predominantly cover off-site SEO, which is based around link building and the creation of new content. The aim of the SEO strategy for Revitalise over the coming months is to enhance the site’s domain authority and increase traffic which will help them to take the lead over their key competitors.

Paid Advertising

Our Paid Advertising plan for Revitalise includes Google and Facebook Ads as well as Facebook Remarketing. We have also created LinkedIn and YouTube ads using a shortened version of the intro video featured on the website’s home page, this has been particularly successful, generating a larger number of leads than predicted. The goal for all of these adverts is to drive fresh traffic to the new, enhanced and informative Revitalise website. Once there, customers can find out more about the centre, the ethos and values of the team and the range of treatments available.

Technologies Used

HTML5 logo CSS3 logo jQuery logo MySQL logo PHP logo WordPress logo
Google Analytics logo Google Search Console logo Google Ads Facebook for Business logo Ahrefs Semrush

Key Stats

220% increase in site traffic
192% increase in social sessions
80% increase in social conversions
80% increase in goal completions

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