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  • Why do you need a Video Marketing Agency?

    Full Service Creative Production

    Our team can manage and implement the entire filming and post production process for you including any planning, scripting, casting, location scouting, filming and editing required. We arrange everything from crews and catering to voiceovers and final delivery, leaving you free to focus on your business.

    Collaborative Content

    We invite you to be as involved as you want to be, whether that’s writing the script yourself and attending every meeting, or just being on set during filming to oversee the creative vision. All clients have different requirements and we’re here to make sure your project fits your budget and business goals.

    Flexible Visual Media Solutions

    Whether you opt for bespoke video work created for you by our team of content specialists or need something sourced from an established stock footage library. We work to your budget, brief and timescale to provide exactly what you need to meet your objectives and content requirements.

  • Video & Motion Graphics Services

    Broadband speeds are increasing and so is the potential to use more video content on your website.

    At Priority Pixels our film, post production and graphic design team are experts in creating engaging visual content for a wide variety of uses across all platforms.

    If you are using video for the first time we can guide you in planning the right output for the right spaces. We can also configure, manage and maintain thriving YouTube or Vimeo channels for you by devising a bespoke marketing strategy.

    As part of our detailed planning approach we will also work with you to include accessibility options for users with additional sight or hearing needs, ensuring your message reaches the widest possible audience.

    Our digital content, delivery and advertising specialists will provide you with the right visual communication for specific online spaces and help you understand the resulting analytics.

  • Delivering your Project From Script to Screen

    Expert Storytelling

    Our production team will work with you to form the story behind your film, writing the script and developing the narrative to make sure your key messages come through clearly.

    Casting & Brand Partners

    We work with experienced casting directors to ensure the right people represent your brand. We can also help you approach key digital Influencers to appear in your films.

    Location. Location. Location.

    Whether in the UK or abroad we have an exceptional directory of locations and studios and work closely with Location Scouts and Managers to deliver what you want.

    Detailed Art Direction

    As creatives we know the value of attention to detail. We collaborate with a number of talented Art Directors who can prepare material for shoots and be on set for last minute changes.

    Fuss-free Shoots

    Every video production project is different. Our professional Directors, Producers and Production Managers can oversee any type of shoot required to tell your story perfectly.

    Editing & Post Production

    The period of time when the visuals really come together and the fine tweaks that make all the difference are made. Our skilled Editors craft raw material into attention grabbing content.

    Stock Video Libraries and Existing Content

    In some cases you may find that the solution lies in footage already created and available via stock libraries. We can also help you refine your existing videos or photos to create brand new films.

    Motion Graphics, Animation and VFX

    From complex CGI and stylish motion graphics to animated logos and moving typography, we can advise you on the most innovative techniques to communicate your brand message via film.

    Rights, Releases & Logistics

    With an extensive network of film professionals in the UK and abroad we can make sure that all permissions, planning and permits are taken care of.

    Music and Voiceovers

    VO or music will be sourced to match your requirements, budget and expectations. We negotiate to get you the best usage and buy-out fees and will always offer you options to choose from.

  • Distribution that Make Sense

    Video Content Strategy and YouTube Optimisation

    YouTube is the World’s second largest search engine. With complex and evolving algorithms and 100+ hours of content uploaded every minute of the day, getting found on this record breaking platform can feel like an impossible task. We will help you to plan and configure your channel, devise and execute your content and promote your material across other outlets to find the right audience who will engage with your brand and share it with others.

    Our filmmakers have experience in delivering attention grabbing and highly focussed short form content for all marketing, entertainment and information purposes. They also have backgrounds in long form and documentary production for clients investing in larger storytelling and branding productions.

    Facebook, Instagram and Web Ad Films

    We’ll help you identify when you need a number of different versions of your video content that will work individually across high traffic platforms.

    Each site that you engage with your customers on has it’s own benefits and drawbacks and a specific and often unspoken set of criteria for successful content. Our expert marketers will help you navigate the path to quality film output from Facebook Live to 1 minute miracles on Instagram.

    Festivals, Sponsorship and Micro-Storytelling

    Does your business or an individual within your company have an incredible story, a fascinating past or an incredible origins tale? The potential is there to capture these and turn them into award winning film festival entries, authentic sponsorship films or documentary shorts that find a niche but global audience. There are thousands of ways to communicate the values, history and ethos of your brand and your team and we can help you explore all the options.

  • Full Spectrum Storytelling

    There are a vast number of ways to utilise new, existing or stock video content into your company’s visual profile either online, in-house or via traditional media routes.

    Meet the Team Video

    Improve your customer/company relationships with a film that shows who you are and what you do.

    Drone Filming

    Using CAA approved Drone Technicians, create captivating moving images that keep people watching.

    How-To Guides

    From recipes to quick fixes and top tips. Films that provide easy to understand information are always shared.

    Underwater Videography

    Not always just for aquatic or marine based industries; underwater videos never cease to captivate audiences.

    You Are Here

    Show people around your sites and buildings with guided tours and location montages.

  • Creating Stories that Reflect You

    Filmmaking in any form is a process of discovery. From writing the initial concept and crafting the visuals to planning the distribution and delivering the final edit.

    Using video content on your site can reveal valuable aspects of your company to your audience that you’d never considered possible before.

    You can provide your target customers with a wealth of information and entertainment that underpins the values of your brand and keeps your clients updated and informed.

    Professional Videography will…

    • Improve your SEO results.
    • Add a level of quality and value to your site.
    • Increase the social ‘shareability’ of your content.
    • Enhance the perception of your products and services.
    • Develop the individual tone of your brand.

    To realise the moving image potential in your brand messaging, contact our expert team to arrange a meeting.

Our Work

Our Work

Promotional video for ShipSure integrated information technology platform

Promotional video for ShipSure, an integrated information technology platform.

ShipSure is an advanced and world leading digital IT system for the marine industry offering customers secure access to up-to-the-minute data on their businesses, vessels and fleets, wherever they are in the world.

We were asked to script and animate a short 40 second promotional film using motion graphics to communicate the benefits of using ShipSure to new and potential customers.

The resulting film has lead to an increase in marine businesses adopting the ShipSure tracker application to manage access to their ship based data.

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Video intro and testimonials for innovative dental practice

For new customers to really get a sense of the stunning Revitalise eco-building, a video intro was an essential element of the new home page. Our moving image team worked with the staff at Revitalise to capture a series of authentic and relaxed sequences of the team and their customer plus atmospheric shots of the centre, treatment rooms and lab. We also made video testimonials and short video ads part of our comprehensive marketing and information campaign. This approach gives new and returning customers the chance to absorb content as written copy or as moving image pieces depending on their preference.

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Promotional video for ShipSure integrated information technology platform Video intro and testimonials for innovative dental practice

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