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  • Why do you need a WordPress Agency?

    WordPress is an open-source platform and provides the most popular website content management system (CMS) in the world today. Because it is flexible, easy to use, and fully customisable over 28% of EVERY site online is powered by it.

    WordPress was initially adopted by bloggers to share their stories. Now global brands including The New York Times, Marks & Spencer, Bloomberg, The Rolling Stones, Tom Jones, Walt Disney, Reuters and thousands more also rely on the dependability, security and usability of WordPress to deliver their content to millions of users worldwide.

    Aside from being free, the best aspect of using WordPress is that it is constantly updated and refined. With each platform update everyone using the software benefits from impressive new features and powerful functions that keep their sites ahead of the competition.

    Having a website built using WordPress can help you in many ways. Below we have broken down some of the key positive points, but if you have any questions get in touch with our team and we will be happy to talk you through our experiences of creating with WordPress.

    Creativity, Clarity & Functionality

    The WordPress sites that we produce are creative, functional and highly engaging. They are built to drive traffic and ensure your target audience engages with your content. Clarity and simplicity are the keys to a successful WordPress website. A site with clean design features and a smooth user experience will help you achieve your unique marketing goals.

    Premium SEO & User Friendly CMS

    WordPress sites offer unparalleled options for optimising your search rankings by allowing our designers to build SEO strategies into the fabric of your site right from the start. Because WordPress is so widely used the updates are regular, your site is future-proofed and the content management systems are comprehensive, intuitive and user-friendly.

    Hosting, Maintenance & Security

    Websites will not function without secure hosting and maintenance systems in place. Your website will need these to ensure its viability, online presence and security. Our hosting environment boasts a 99.9% uptime with daily back ups and our monthly security updates keep your site as secure as possible 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

  • Business Benefits of WordPress

    No Contract Tie-Ins

    There Is No Contract Tie-In Because There Is No One To Have A Contract With. You’re Not Locked In With Any Company So You Can Easily Switch Providers.

    No Licence Fees

    WordPress Is Open Source Which Means That It Is Completely Free To Use Anytime, Any Place With No Licence Fees To Pay. All The Platform Updates Are Always Free Too.

    Search Engine Friendly

    WordPress Makes It Easy For Search Engines To Index Your Content. With Powerful Built-In SEO Tools, Each Page, Post Or Image Can Have Meta Titles, Tags And Keywords Giving Your Content A Wider Reach.

    Your Data, Your Choice

    The Data On Your WordPress Platform Is Only Ever Owned By You. It’s Never Locked Into Any Supplier System So You Can Move It Or Switch Providers Anytime, For Free.

    Multi-user friendly

    WordPress Has Multiple Levels Of User Built-In, From Super Admin, Admin, Editor, Author And Contributor, So You Can Assign Specific Roles To Different People.

    Easy to use

    Being Intuitive And Easy To Use Is A Big Part Of WordPress’ Appeal. With Many People Already Familiar With The Platform, User Training Is Kept To A Minimum.

    Power up your content

    With Powerful Built-In Publishing Tools Including Preview, Scheduling And Revisions, Your Marketing Or Publishing Teams Will Have Complete Control Over Your Content.

    100% customisable

    WordPress Is The Power Behind Your Website. Because It Is Fully Customisable, You Can Have A Completely Unique Design And User Experience For Your Visitors.

  • Technical Benefits of WordPress

    Search Engine Optimisation

    The SEO Potential That WordPress Offers Is Exceptional. It Gives You A Solid Platform To Be Able To Reach Page One Of The Search Engine Results.

    Effective Rest APIs

    Such Are The Capabilities Of WordPress And Its Customisable Features, Rest APIs Mean You Can Provide A Fully Loaded Website Or An Enhanced Web-Based App.

    Multi-lingual options

    If You Need A Multilingual Website, Using The WordPress Multisite Setup Can Help You Do It Or You Can Choose From The Biggest Selection Of Rated Translation Plugins.

    Top security

    WordPress Is An Incredibly Safe And Secure Platform With Peer-Reviewed Source Code. This Means That Even The Biggest, Most Security Focussed Companies Will Use The Same Version As You.

    Full integration

    If You Want Your Website To Connect To Other External Web Services, Forums Or User Accounts, WordPress Gives You Full And Secure Integration.

    Flexible design

    Regardless Of The Look, Feel Or Design You Want For Your Website, The Flexibility Of WordPress Means That Your Options And Creativity Are Limitless.

  • Performance Reasons to use WordPress


    Whatever Speed Benchmarks You Have Set, WordPress Will Match Them. Whether Your Audience Is Global Or Local, WordPress Can Deliver Your Content At Lightning Fast Speed.


    Together With Its On-Going Evolution, A Solid Code Base And Secure Infrastructure, WordPress Is One Of The Most Stable And Reliable CMS Platforms In The World.


    WordPress Has The Ability To Scale Flexibly And Effortlessly. This Means Your Site Can Cope With Thousands Of User Log-Ins At Any One Time And Deliver Millions Of Page Requests.

  • WordPress Maintenance & Support

    At Priority Pixels we offer a variety of WordPress Maintenance & Support Services. We can create a bespoke package for you that covers everything from fully-managed hosting and maintenance to on-demand support provided by our knowledgeable team. We offer every aspect of creating, building, maintaining and hosting your site and can tailor make a solution to fit your needs, timescale and budget.

    If you don’t have the time or resources for continuing site management in-house then we can help by becoming your on call digital team. Our website support retainers are customised and will give you all the flexibility you need, with no long term contracts or tie-ins.

    Continuous Improvement

    While you concentrate on your business, we’ll make sure your website is always operating at the highest level. Our website maintenance packages give you the support of our WordPress experts who will continuously monitor and refine your site to keep you ahead of the competition.

    WordPress Professionals

    To keep projects streamlined we allocate you a dedicated account manager; on hand for any query relating to your site and its performance. We invest heavily in hiring and training each team member so you will always have an experienced WordPress specialist working with you.

    Saving You Money and Time

    Working with an experienced agency team like Priority Pixels will give you a greater insight and understanding of your site needs. We can advise you on the best way to take your online presence forward and show you how to improve and enhance it to gain valuable new engagement.

    Core Services

    Every WordPress support retainer with Priority Pixels includes:

    • Updates for WordPress, themes and plugins
    • Daily website backups (files and database)
    • Powerful malware security scans
    • IP blocking for brute force attacks
    • Broken links scan
    • Removal of spam comments
    • Database optimisation and site performance checks
    • Website optimisation recommendations
    • Monthly reports on all maintenance activity
  • WordPress Plugins

    WordPress plugins are add-on software components that extend the functionality of a WordPress website. They are pieces of code that can be easily installed and activated on a WordPress site to enhance its features, add new capabilities, or modify existing functionality. Plugins can be developed by the WordPress community or by third-party developers, and they cover a wide range of purposes.

    Here are some common types of WordPress plugins:

    Contact Forms

    Plugins like Contact Form 7 or WPForms allow you to easily create and manage contact forms on your website, making it convenient for visitors to get in touch with you.

    SEO Optimisation

    Plugins such as Yoast SEO or All in One SEO Pack provide tools and features to optimise your website for search engines. They assist with tasks like optimising meta tags, generating XML sitemaps, analysing keyword usage and improving overall SEO performance.


    Plugins like WooCommerce or Easy Digital Downloads transform your WordPress site into a fully functional online store. They provide features such as product management, shopping cart functionality, secure payment gateways and order management.


    Plugins such as Wordfence or Sucuri enhance the security of your WordPress site by providing features like malware scanning, firewall protection, login security, and other measures to safeguard your website.

    Performance Optimisation

    Plugins like W3 Total Cache or WP Rocket help improve the speed and performance of your website by implementing caching, minification and other optimisation techniques.

    Social Media Integration

    Plugins like Social Icons or Social Warfare allow you to easily integrate social media sharing buttons or social media follow buttons on your website, enabling visitors to share your content or connect with your social media profiles.

    Backup and Restoration

    Plugins like UpdraftPlus or BackupBuddy automate the process of backing up your WordPress site and allow you to restore it in case of any data loss or website issues.

    These are just a few examples of the wide range of WordPress plugins available. There are thousands of plugins to choose from, catering to different needs and functionalities. When selecting plugins for your website, it’s important to choose reliable and well-maintained ones from reputable sources, and regularly update them to ensure compatibility and security. If unsure about a particular plugin a WordPress agency will be able to advise further.


I’m looking for WordPress web design in Bath, can you help?

We’d love to help. We have WordPress clients throughout the UK but if you are looking to work with local WordPress developers we can arrange a meeting at our office or visit you at your premises. We are happy to work by email, phone or face to face, whatever works best for you. At Priority Pixels we’re proud to offer some of the best WordPress in Bath.

Do I need special tools or skills to use WordPress?

If you wish to edit your WordPress website throughout development or after it goes live, then we can simply provide you with a WordPress login and you’ll be ready to go. There are no special skills or tools required to use WordPress, but if you’re not sure about what you’re are doing, then our team will be on hand ready to help.

My WordPress website has been hacked, can you help?

Definitely! Our WordPress Bath developers have a huge amount of technical knowledge. We don’t just build WordPress websites, we understand how they are put together from the database to the front end. If your WordPress website has been hacked please get in touch, we can conduct an audit and either deal with the hacked content there and then or at the very least best advise you on the next steps.

If I ask for a quote, what happens next?

We will usually arrange a phone call or if your are based locally near Bath, a meeting to get things started. From this initial discussion we can find out more about your business, your audience and your marketing goals. We will put forward our recommendations from information gathered and if you’re happy with what we’ve said, we can put together a project proposal and move forward from there.

Why do I need to keep WordPress Plugins up to date?

WordPress Plugins are similar to apps on your phone. They create the ability to easily add different functionalities to your website. Just like with apps on your phone, they regularly get updates to fix any bugs, add new features and update the security. Plugins are an open-source software, and are created by third party developers. Most of these developers continuously update the plugins to fix bugs and add in new features to help streamline the user experience.

Making sure that any plugins installed on your wordpress site are kept up to date is vital in keeping your website secure. Any weaknesses in the code of your plugins can make your site susceptible to hackers or malware. This not only makes your website vulnerable, but also the information of any visitors to your website who may interact with any of the plugin features. By keeping them up to date, you are increasing the security of your website and protecting the data of your visitors.

Old versions of plugins can have an effect on how your website functions. If a plugin that you have installed gets a new update but you do not update it on your website, then over time it will start to slow down your website. A slower website with features that do not work as they should will create a bad user experience for your visitors and cause them to bounce off your website.

Features of plugins may be added, changed, or removed altogether when a new update is available. If you do not update it on your website, then you and your clients will not get to benefit from the changes.

Keeping on top of updating the plugins installed on your WordPress website can be a laborious task. By hiring an agency to look after and maintain your website, updating plugins will be a part of that package. Contact us today to find out how we can help manage and maintain your website.

Why do I need to keep WordPress Core Files up to date?

The Core Files of your WordPress website are the files that every WordPress site has and builds the structure of your website. If they are not kept up to date, then your website security and performance will be impacted.

WordPress regularly updates their core files to fix security issues and bugs. If you do not update your core files to the latest versions, then your website could become vulnerable to malware or hacking. Outdated code is a weak spot and allows people to take advantage of your website. Updating your core files will ensure that your website is equipped with the latest security features from WordPress, keeping both your information secure, as well as the data of visitors to your website.

If you do not keep your website updated you will also miss out on important updates that can add new functionality and features to your website. As new updates are released, they overwrite the existing code. If you leave your website for a long period of time without performing updates, then your website may stop working and functioning as it used to. Being open source, the WordPress developers are consistently looking for ways to improve and streamline the code used to create websites.

The programming and scripting language PHP is used to create interactive and dynamic websites. There are also regular releases of new versions of this coding language. If this is not updated, your website’s functionality, usability and speed can be impacted. If your website is not functioning as it should be, then visitors are more likely to bounce off of your site.

By hiring an agency to maintain and update your website, you can rest assured that your website will always be running smoothly and at its optimum. It is their job to monitor and spot new updates and implement them as soon as possible. Get in touch with us today and speak to a member of our team to find out how we can help maintain your website.

Is WordPress secure?

Yes, WordPress is generally a secure content management system, as long as you follow the best practices. By keeping your website’s core files and plugins up to date, you can increase the security of your website. As an open source software, WordPress is managed and maintained by a team of cyber security professionals. They regularly release updates that fix security issues and vulnerabilities that could potentially be exploited by hackers. By updating your core files as soon as the updates are released, you are tightening the security around your website.

The same can be said for any plugins that you have installed on your WordPress website. Plugins are developed by third party developers and add different functionality and features to your website. Just like the team at WordPress, plugin developers are constantly releasing new updates to improve security and add new features.

Another way to ensure that your WordPress website is secure is to use strong logins and passwords. Using a password manager or enabling two-factor authentication will help to ensure that only people who should have access to your website can gain access.

Taking regular backups of your website is also considered best practice. While it does not enhance the security of your account, it will allow you to restore your website if anything were to happen to it.

If your WordPress website was to be hacked, you may not be able to tell. By hiring a specialised agency to look after and maintain your website, they will be able to monitor your website and install new updates as and when they are released to ensure that your WordPress website is as secure as possible. Get in touch with us today to see how Priority Pixels can help to keep your WordPress website secure and running at its optimum.

Priority Pixels offer some of the best WordPress web design near Bath, contact us for more information on how to secure your WordPress website.

How to secure your WordPress website from hackers?

There are many ways that you can secure your website from hackers. One of the main ways is to keep your core WordPress files and plugins updated. New updates are regularly released for both plugins and the WordPress core files that fix security issues and bugs. If you do not keep your files and plugins properly updated then you risk exposing weaknesses to potential hackers.

Making sure that you have a strong password and login credentials will also help to secure your website from hackers. A strong password should be a random mix of numbers, letters, both upper and lower case, and symbols. It should not contain any personal or private information about you or your company that could be easy to guess. Ideally, your password should be unique to your website and not being used elsewhere. With a WordPress website you will need to create login details for the admin area as well as any databases that you have.

Installing an SSL certificate is considered to be best practice for all websites. They are designed to be installed onto your web server and ensure secure connections for visitors to your website. Not only do SSL certificates increase the security of your site, but they can help to increase your SEO ranking.

Along with securing your actual website, you will want to ensure that your hosting environment is secure as well. Your hosting provider should be able to monitor the server that your website is hosted on and make adjustments depending on your needs. No matter the type of hosting that you opt for, they should all have the same security standards to protect your website from outside attacks.

Securing your website is vital to protecting the information of both your business and your visitors. By taking up a security and maintenance package with a web agency, you can rest assured that your website will be as secure as possible.


Priority Pixels £££ Priority Pixels Crafting unforgettable websites, effective SEO, PPC strategies and engaging social media: Your digital success story starts here.
Unit 9, 1st Floor, Olympus Business Park, Kingsteignton Rd, Newton Abbot, Devon
Phone: 01626 245061
Review by Rob Cant Quote

Nathan and his team were very pro-active and helpful, accommodating our numerous changes as the design progressed. Very happy with the end result and would gladly recommend Priority Pixels.

ACA Acoustics, Swindon

5/ 5stars
Trustpilot Review
Priority Pixels £££ Priority Pixels Crafting unforgettable websites, effective SEO, PPC strategies and engaging social media: Your digital success story starts here.
Unit 9, 1st Floor, Olympus Business Park, Kingsteignton Rd, Newton Abbot, Devon
Phone: 01626 245061
Review by Alex Paul Quote

Recently had some digital advertising work carried out by Priority Pixels which we are very happy with. Met with Paul Clapp at their office where we went through our brief, once we got the content across to him our presentation was put together in a swift manner presented to a very high level and matched in with our branding excellently. Overall very pleased with the service we received and quality of the end product.

Paul Fenton Estate Agents, Chard

5/ 5stars
Google Review
Priority Pixels £££ Priority Pixels Crafting unforgettable websites, effective SEO, PPC strategies and engaging social media: Your digital success story starts here.
Unit 9, 1st Floor, Olympus Business Park, Kingsteignton Rd, Newton Abbot, Devon
Phone: 01626 245061
Review by Sarah Daniels Quote

Paul and the team really understand what we need from our website - they work with us; make valid comments and suggestions and do not push us to do anything we are not ready for. They have basically guided us through change and helped us realise what potential there is for our website.

The recent SEO audit we commissioned them to do was superb and has really helped us focus on how we can do better - and what we can realistically achieve ourselves and what we need them to help us with.

No pressure, no pushing - just good collaborative working.

Fore Cancer Charity, Exeter

5/ 5stars
Google Review

Case Studies

WordPress Case Studies

NAB Shipping

NAB Shipping approached Priority Pixels requesting support to communicate and increase brand awareness, boost online presence, and add credibility to their firm. Our team of experienced graphic designers, web developers, and copywriters worked closely with NAB Shipping, designing a dynamic website and developing a custom theme on WordPress CMS built around the NAB Shipping brand. This platform gave the client full control to edit the site.

The resulting website includes an improved layout and well-structured pages, optimised UX and UI design, and professionally written copy that explains NAB Shipping services in an effective way. The aim is to appeal to partners in the maritime industry, including charterers, ship brokers, and shipping agents.

Read Case Study View Website

Somerset Dementia Wellbeing Service

Somerset Dementia Wellbeing Service is a partnership between dementia services working together to improve diagnosis and enhance support in the community. As a multi-organisational integrated care system, Somerset Dementia aims to help those with dementia, their carers, and families. It has been providing people impacted by dementia with consistent information and access to services.

It became clear that Somerset Dementia needed help enhancing its brand and creating a strong online presence as the leading resource for people affected by dementia in Somerset. Our team of expert web designers and web developers worked closely with Somerset Dementia, designing an informative WordPress website to help boost brand visibility. From creating a user-friendly layout to implementing artistic skill, our web design team have developed an optimised website.

Read Case Study View Website

Bespoke WordPress website for London based Estate Agency

Serving the vibrant and diverse communities across North and East London, Castles is a successful, privately owned independent estate agency. Established in 1981, the team at Castles boasts over four decades of experience in professional estate agency services.

With a number of offices across London, Priority Pixels were initially brought in to help improve each of the offices local web presence. This was achieved with a mix of local SEO and targeted paid search campaigns which focused on a small radius around each of the offices. Creative, SEO friendly copy was written to help enhance the sites office and area guide pages, resulting in improved positions in the SERPs.

Read Case Study View Website

WordPress development for globally renowned children's play centre franchise

Gymboree Play & Music first came to Priority Pixels seeking help with their website. The brand currently encompasses multiple franchises in over 30 different countries, with branches in the USA, Canada, China and the United Kingdom among others. The original website did not reflect their international reputation.

With any fresh, modern website, search engine optimisation was also key. Gymboree Play & Music asked for a simple way their new content could be added and optimised for SEO.

It was agreed our web development team would focus on two key areas: web design and e-commerce.

Read Case Study View Website

Contemporary WordPress web design for North Devon Hotel

When Watersmeet first approached the team at Priority Pixels, we were in awe. The sprawling hotel boasts a number of luxury rooms and facilities including a restaurant and bistro, corporate function rooms, a spa and of course, an indoor swimming pool for those blustery beachside winters. Perhaps most incredible is the stunning panoramic views the Watersmeet overlooks. From most of the rooms throughout the hotel, guests can enjoy breathtaking ocean vistas of the rugged and wild Devonian coastline. Describing the hotel as having ‘seaside views’ doesn’t even begin to cut it when you can enjoy a glass of prosecco and splendid local fare overlooking a glorious, golden sunset.

View Website

Brand refresh, WordPress development and copy for leading accountancy firm

For more than 80 years, Darnells have been one of the leading accountancy and financial advisory firms in the South West. With a proven track record in providing the very best accountancy services in their community, the team of chartered accountants, tax advisors, financial experts and probate administrators at Darnells have garnered themselves a well-earned reputation for dynamic, forward-thinking financial solutions that go above and beyond.

Read Case Study View Website

Full WordPress website rebuild and support for leading timber frame specialist

For more than forty years, Taylor Lane has been a leading supplier of bespoke timber frames. Founded by Barrie Lane and Colin Taylor in 1982, the company is one of the longest-serving and well-known timber frame manufacturers in the UK.

Read Case Study View Website

NAB Shipping Somerset Dementia Wellbeing Service Bespoke WordPress website for London based Estate Agency WordPress development for globally renowned children's play centre franchise Contemporary WordPress web design for North Devon Hotel Brand refresh, WordPress development and copy for leading accountancy firm Full WordPress website rebuild and support for leading timber frame specialist
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