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The SEO Copywriting Process


At the outset of our partnership, we engage in thorough research covering your company, industry, competitors, and any current content you have across websites, social media, and design initiatives. Our writers carefully examine the materials you supply to grasp the tone of voice you're aiming for, guaranteeing an accurate reflection of your brand's core identity.


Equipped with a set of keywords identified during our initial research phase, our designers and copywriters set out to develop a sitemap, outlining the precise content and copy required for each page on the website.


The copywriter responsible for creating your content may need to engage in a discussion with you for in-depth research before writing your copy. This crucial step helps avoid any unnecessary errors or omissions that might adversely impact your project's success.

Feedback and Reviews

After the first draft is complete, you'll have the chance to go over the work done and indicate any changes you'd like to make.

Once all reviews and tweaks have been made, you'll sign off on the site content, setting the stage for additional development and functional improvements to proceed.

Evaluation & Evolution

Content that stays the same for too long can become less attractive to its audience. Therefore, we consistently monitor your audience's reaction to your copy, refreshing your content at intervals to ensure it remains captivating.

Employing this approach helps keep your audience engaged and also enhances your SEO results, since search engines prefer new content, which could improve your ranking in search results.

  • Why Choose an SEO Copywriting Company?

    The benefits of collaborating with an SEO copywriting company come from their skill in refining your online content to be both appealing to search engines and deeply engaging for your audience. Here’s why it’s transformative:

    Enhanced Search Engine Rankings

    SEO copywriting enriches your content with relevant keywords and follows SEO best practices, boosting your position in search engine results pages (SERPs). This increased visibility attracts more organic traffic to your site.

    Improved User Engagement

    Content optimised for SEO not only grabs the attention of search engines but also captures and informs your audience. Presenting vital information in a compelling and accessible manner betters the user experience, making visitors more likely to stay on your site.

    Increased Website Traffic

    Achieving higher rankings and a better user experience leads to a boost in website traffic. SEO copywriting pulls in visitors searching for your offerings, heightening the chance of conversions and sales.

    Competitive Advantage

    In the highly competitive digital space, exceptional SEO copywriting provides a competitive edge. It allows you to set your brand apart with high-quality, pertinent content that directly addresses your audience’s needs.

    Long-Term Digital Footprint

    SEO copywriting delivers lasting benefits, unlike the fleeting impact of paid advertising. Consistently producing optimised, valuable content establishes your website as a trusted source in your industry, maintaining your presence online over time.

    Ultimately, an SEO copywriting company is crucial for enhancing your digital visibility, attracting the right audience, and advancing your business goals in the digital realm.

  • SEO Copywriting Solutions

    An attractive website, beautifully crafted e-commerce platforms, eye-catching photography, and compelling video content are all fantastic, but if your site remains undiscovered, it won’t connect with your audience.

    That’s why our entire design, development, and content creation process, including our copywriting, is focused on achieving top-tier SEO outcomes.

    Our copywriters craft content rich in keywords that excels in every aspect. It captures your audience’s attention, provides them with the precise information they need, and motivates the actions you desire, whether that’s to contact you for more details, make a purchase, or book online.

    At Priority Pixels, we take pride in developing websites and content that attract search engine attention. We continuously review your content and any keyword strategies implemented on your behalf to ensure you see a significant return on your investment.

    By aligning your content with your specific target market, our copy transforms interest into engagements and browsers into buyers.

  • Is Writing Truly Effortless? Can Everyone Excel at It?

    Creating compelling, impactful content that grabs attention and drives specific actions is merely the tip of the iceberg, and achieving this is no minor achievement. Writing for the web extends far beyond simple word crafting. It requires deep research into keywords, phrases, and the development of unique content strategies. Choosing the right landing pages for internal links is also a key part of the process.

    With the latest updates from Google, pages that show a high level of authority are more likely to rise in SERP rankings, highlighting the importance of external linking to reputable sources. Other SEO factors, like the use of headers, and the length of paragraphs and sentences, significantly contribute to the complexity of web writing. This complexity is a clear indicator of the challenges associated with web writing. Success in this arena demands not only a solid understanding of SEO but also a natural flair for writing.

    At Priority Pixels, our team of professional copywriters is committed to deeply understanding your business, its goals, and objectives to achieve remarkable outcomes. We match your project with the ideal writer, ensuring the content is authentic, captivating, and aligns perfectly with your goals.

  • Diverse Forms of Content

    Website Content

    Your website is the online face of your business, functioning as your sales team, virtual shop, and support center, available 24/7. Thus, it’s crucial that the content on your site accurately conveys your message and reflects your company’s distinct tone and values. Our expert copywriters excel in creating content that engages your target audience while complying with top SEO practices. Whether you aim to update all the content on your website or initiate new content from scratch, our team is ready to assist.

    E-Commerce Content

    Converting a website visitor into a customer requires attention to several key aspects. Elements like pricing, availability, reviews, and delivery options are all integral to the buyer’s journey. Yet, it’s the product description that frequently becomes the deciding factor in making a purchase. Our copywriters are proficient in determining the best approach to showcase your product, highlighting its target audience, primary benefits, detailed features, and any possible issues. This method enables us to select the right tone and level of detail necessary, all focused on increasing your sales.


    Your blog provides a perfect opportunity to connect with your audience and establish your authority in your industry. Continuously updating your site with fresh content is vital for achieving SEO excellence. Our team of copywriters and SEO experts work together to create content that meets the demands of both your audience and search engines. Skilled in exploring topics specific to your industry, our copywriters convert their discoveries into engaging and informative blog posts. By monitoring the newest trends and changes in your field, we ensure your business remains ahead of its competitors.

    Digital Downloads

    Building an email list is a powerful way to generate leads and convert them into customers. However, to motivate people to sign up for your newsletter, it’s often necessary to offer them something of value in return. Offering free downloads is a great way to attract subscribers to your mailing list, providing them with valuable content as a reward. Working closely with our skilled graphic design team, we create eye-catching downloadable content, such as e-books and guides, which are not only visually engaging but also packed with useful information.

    Social Media

    Over 3 billion people interact with social media every day, underscoring its importance in any business’s marketing strategy. Achieving success on social media depends on several elements, notably the language used. Many businesses fall into the trap of broadcasting the same message across various platforms, a strategy that can dilute the impact of your content. Creating unique content for the same subject on different channels poses a significant challenge and requires considerable effort. Nonetheless, our team is adept at finding the right words to make your engagement with your audience authentic and captivating.

    Article Writing

    Blog posts are superb for enhancing your visibility on search engines and engaging your audience with personal reflections. However, there are times when your business must share industry news in a more formal and factual way, focusing on objectivity rather than personal opinions. It’s in these instances that article writing stands apart from blogging. Our copywriters use techniques similar to blogging but adjust the writing style and tone to suit the more formal nature of articles. Let us help you position your brand as a credible authority in your field with articles that are both informative and engaging.


Grasping the Essentials of Copywriting: Why It's Crucial for Your Website

Copywriting merges the art and accuracy of creating compelling, persuasive content for websites, ads, and a range of marketing materials. It plays a crucial role in attracting your audience, articulating your brand’s message effectively, and driving conversions. Expertly crafted content significantly impacts your website’s success, capturing visitors’ interest and encouraging them to take desired actions.

How Priority Pixels Enhances Your Copywriting Strategy

If you’re looking for top-notch copywriting services, Priority Pixels is here to help. Our skilled copywriters specialise in creating tailored and engaging content for websites. Through close collaboration with you, we achieve a thorough insight into your brand, target audience, and unique value propositions, allowing us to generate compelling copy aligned with your goals. From your homepage and product descriptions to blog posts, we ensure your website communicates your message effectively and powerfully.

Can I Submit My Content for Review?

Of course! We invite clients to share any content they have, as it gives us a deeper understanding of your brand’s voice and aesthetic. Our copywriters will assess your content and, where necessary, make improvements to ensure it achieves the best possible optimisation, captures your audience’s attention, and harmonises with your website’s design and overall marketing strategy.

Do Your Copywriting Services Include SEO Optimisation?

Definitely! Our copywriters are experts in Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) techniques. They create content that focuses on relevant keywords, meta tags, and follows the best SEO practices to boost your website’s visibility on search engines. We strive to achieve a balance between enhancing SEO and maintaining a genuine, engaging tone for your audience.

Guaranteeing Your Copy Mirrors Your Brand's Voice and Tone

Understanding the core of your brand’s voice and tone is crucial for creating cohesive and consistent content. Our team works closely with you to develop brand guidelines and a style guide that capture your brand’s personality and values. By maintaining ongoing, open communication, we ensure that every piece of content we create aligns seamlessly with your brand’s identity.

Supporting Continuous Content Refreshes and Blog Composition

Certainly! Our copywriting solutions are not limited to your website’s launch phase. We provide assistance with ongoing content updates, crafting blog posts, and implementing content marketing strategies to keep your website fresh, relevant, and interesting for your audience.

Managing Edits and Fulfilling Extra Content Requirements

We understand that modifications and updates are sometimes necessary. Our process includes a feedback system, enabling you to provide input on the content we’ve created. We are committed to making the required changes to ensure your satisfaction and the effectiveness of the final content.

Starting Your Adventure with Our SEO Copywriting Solutions

Getting started is straightforward! Simply reach out to our team through our contact page. We’ll set up a consultation to discuss the specific requirements of your project and create a customised plan aligned with your goals and objectives. Let’s work together to enhance your website’s impact with compelling copywriting!

Our Work

Copywriting Case Studies

SEO copywriting services for leading South West IT Support Company

When Acronyms IT Support first approached the team at Priority Pixels, they needed assistance with their search engine optimisation (SEO). Acronyms already had a modern, visually appealing website and a hefty portfolio of clients to boot. However, Acronyms were in dire need of a digital ‘boost’. Their website wasn’t getting high volumes of traffic or generating enough business enquires.

The team at Acronyms were looking for an agency to assist with copywriting. The blog was already regularly updated however, it needed keyword-rich articles that were optimised for search engines and could help with the overall SEO efforts.

Read Case Study View Website

Website copy for leading data analytics and transformation company

Founded in 2001, DSCallards has grown from modest beginnings to become a leader in the data analytics and transformation industry. Over the past decade, the company has witnessed exponential growth, cultivating a well-earned reputation for expertly evaluating and transforming information for their various clients across the UK and Ireland.

Our content team were tasked with writing concise copy for each page of the website explaining DSCallards multiple services and solutions. Using a mix of the existing copy with fresh language, the resulting copywriting is simple yet easy to understand as well as optimised for readability and search engine crawlers.

Read Case Study View Website

Copywriting services for leading window and door installers

For more than 19 years, Majestic Designs have been manufacturing their range of bespoke windows and doors in their Somerset-based state-of-the-art factories. A proud fixture within the Cheddar community, the family-run business has grown from humble beginnings to giants of their industry.

Majestic partnered with the team at Priority Pixels in 2019. Working on their SEO during this time their website is now full of keyword-rich content and ranking high on search engines. The site is currently receiving quadruple the organic traffic it was when Majestic first came to us. New visitors are up 110% with an increase in page views of 93%. The bounce rate for the site is also down 12%. But most importantly, Majestic’s conversion rate is up 395%.

Read Case Study View Website

Copy for leading global provider of marine support services

Successful and diverse, V.Group includes over 20 marine focussed brands but it’s website had become complicated and difficult to navigate. 

The company needed a new website to showcase the increasing number of marine support services on offer in an easy to access and informative way

We researched, planned, built and populated a new site featuring over 50 pages making the essential copy more focussed and dynamic.

Though more direct in style, we were mindful that any content copy needed to be business orientated, connecting with V.Group’s target customer audiences of ship owners and managers.

Read Case Study View Website

SEO copywriting services for leading South West IT Support Company Website copy for leading data analytics and transformation company Copywriting services for leading window and door installers Copy for leading global provider of marine support services

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