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Founded in 2001, DSCallards has grown from modest beginnings to become a leader in the data analytics and transformation industry. Over the past decade, the company has witnessed exponential growth, cultivating a well-earned reputation for expertly evaluating and transforming information for their various clients across the UK and Ireland.

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What we did

The brief for this project stipulated a modern web design that encapsulated DSCallard’s position as ‘top dog’ in their industry. While their old website had served the company well, the design was dated and difficult to navigate. The copy was not optimised for search engines nor was it particularly concise or clear.

Essentially, the team at Priority Pixels were asked to design a fresher, more contemporary website for DSCallrds that fit within their brand guidelines. Innovation with improved navigability was key, as well as clear, concise copy that encapsulated the importance of the data analytics and transformation industry in our fast-paced, digital landscape.

Priority Pixels were asked to help with the following:

  • Web Design – DSCallards asked for a fresh, modern website with improved navigability that was both responsive and eye-catching. The new site also required search engine optimisation (SEO) from an experienced digital marketing agency to get DSCallards ranking and into the SERPs of potential clients. Optimising the site meant search engine algorithms would be able to find, crawl and index the new site with efficiency and accuracy.
  • Copywriting & Readability – The client asked for concise copywriting that was both keyword-rich and optimised for search engines. Clarity and readability were absolutely crucial.
  • Graphic Design – Perhaps most pertinent, the brief outlined a fresh design featuring modern, eye-catching imagery. This also called for striking graphic design that fit within the client’s strict brand guidelines.

It was agreed the team at Priority Pixels would create a fresh, modern website. Improving the sitemap was crucial in improving navigability and fostering a simple yet effective user experience. The site needed to encapsulate DSCallards’ position within their unique niche. Innovative, dynamic design was key in portraying the company as a leader in its industry.

Inventive & Innovative: Website Design that Enthralls

For this particular project, the whole team at Priority Pixels got involved. From web design and graphic design to copywriting and the crucial pillars of SEO, almost everybody within our agency has added their own personal touches to the site. In particular, our talented website development team employed strict brand guidelines using DSCallards’ beautiful tri-colour combination of blue, green and white to create an eye-catching, aesthetically stylish web design.

Working closely with our graphic designers, our web development team created a site that is both on-brand and easy to navigate, as well as responsive on multiple platforms and devices. The site features beautiful infographics that fit seamlessly within a modern layout that utilises white space. The new website is also fully optimised for search engines algorithms, for the purpose of ranking higher and driving traffic.

Lastly, our content team worked hard to write concise copy for each page explaining the company’s multiple services and solutions. Using a mix of the old copy with fresh language, the resulting copywriting is simple yet easy to understand as well as optimised for readability and search engine crawlers.

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