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  • Why do you need a Graphic Design Agency?

    Creative Design, Innovative Solutions

    Priority Pixels can help you to create stunning visual branding so that your identity has clarity, meaning and consistency across all your output. From logos, infographics and web design to business cards, brochures, print ads, B2B or public facing company literature. Our team of experienced graphic designers can enhance the value of your brand through engaging and creative imagery.

    Bespoke and Tailored to You

    We can help with as much or as little of your Graphic Design strategy as required. We have assisted clients with complete re-brands, collaborated with other digital agencies to deliver existing campaigns and created new websites for customers wishing to retain their well established logos and imagery. We offer a full appraisal of your current digital presence and can advise on the steps to deliver better audience engagement and increased sales.

    Delivering Results with Creativity and Strategy

    The short, medium and long term goals you have for improving and developing your business should go hand in hand with every element of graphic design you use. We can advise on future-proofing your brand with simple and effective visuals that compliment and support your sales and growth goals.

  • The Design Process

    Goal Orientated

    Before we begin we need to know what the ultimate goal is. How will the branding be used and across which types of digital and traditional media? Are we starting from scratch or with an existing company colour palette? When we know the scope of the project, our graphic design team can create an array of content for use across your output.

    The Right Strategy

    We start with a plan. With the end goal in mind, Priority Pixels will work with your team to compile a project strategy. Whether it’s a complete rebrand, a website overhaul or a new logo and colour scheme, we work methodically and strategically to ensure you get the right results quickly and efficiently. Linking everything you need together with clarity and step by step planning is our speciality.

    Working Collaboratively

    It’s your brand; your company. We are here to help you realise your vision for all the digital and traditional media spaces you occupy. Our way of working is entirely collaborative, from the planning and preparation stages through production and design to the final proofs and sign off. We work to your brief and your schedule. You can be involved every step of the way or sit back a little and let us take the lead.

    Creativity at our Core

    Our designers are experienced at creating high quality imagery for a range of companies and industry types. They undertake thorough research and use the latest design tools and software to deliver a bespoke result that reflects your brand, your vision and values. We expect to design a series of images for you in a variety of colourways so that you can decide which best suits your needs.

    Checking the Details

    We invite feedback and reviews of the work we produce every step of the way. Because of our thorough research and extensive planning we often find that the work we produce is right first time. However we know that occasionally changes and edits need to be made and for this reason we include substantial proofing periods in every project plan so that you have the time you need to review the work we have created.

    Final Delivery

    Final sign off on designs is the moment when our creativity becomes the visual identity for your brand. The project may then require physical printing of assets like brochures or business cards or uploading a selection of digital versions for you to use across your company. We can supply the final imagery in any format you need and can advise on the best versions to use on various platforms.

  • Traditional and Print Media

    At Priority Pixels we can help with the full range of media and print needs to accompany your branding and web design project.

    When you’ve got the right design for your logo, you’ll want to roll it out across all of your digital spaces and traditional literature. This delivers a consistency across your brand, promotes a sense of unity between staff and/or departments and enhances customer awareness of who you are and what you do.

    Although more and more workplace communication is now digital, we believe it is essential to apply the same amount of time and effort to your business stationery as you do to your images, website, copy and social media.

    Our graphic design team can develop bespoke designs for:

    • Business Cards
    • Letterheads
    • Compliment Slips
    • Sales Documentation
    • Marketing Material
    • Brochures
    • Flyers

    In our discussions with you about your rebrand we’ll encourage you to think differently. To step away from the limited templates of cheap business card suppliers and to really imagine how impactful a cleverly designed brochure could be. We’ll show you how choosing quality designs and materials for your business stationery will positively impact your sales and presence.

    Within any industry it’s true that first impressions count. Whether that’s an email dropping into a new contact’s inbox, a glossy brochure hitting a doormat or simply a bold and striking logo on the front of a quality business card.

    Priority Pixels are here to help you with excellent graphic design, rigorous attention to detail, expert project planning and delivery that goes above and beyond.

    Whatever visual, rebrand, design or print project you have in mind, give us a call. Our web and design experts are here to listen and guide you and to make sure your visual identity makes you stand out from the crowd.

    Why stop at a brochure? Our team of talented and dedicated graphic designers have helped hundreds of clients create

    • Pop-up Stands
    • Event Backdrops
    • Product Packaging
    • Pitching Presentations
    • Planning Documents
    • Annual Reports
    • POS Shell Schemes


How can graphic design benefit my business?

Graphic design enhances brand identity, improves communication with customers, makes marketing materials more attractive and impactful and helps businesses stand out in a competitive market.

What is the role of typography in graphic design?

Typography is the art of arranging and selecting typefaces to enhance readability, legibility and visual appeal in designs. It plays a crucial role in communicating the tone and message of a design.

How long does it take to complete a graphic design project?

The timeline for a graphic design project varies based on its complexity, scope and client requirements. Some projects can be completed in a few hours, while others may take several weeks.

Can I use copyrighted images in my graphic designs?

It is essential to obtain proper permissions and licenses for copyrighted images before using them in your designs. Alternatively, use royalty-free or stock images with appropriate licensing.

What are the common mistakes to avoid in graphic design?

Some common mistakes to avoid include using too many fonts, cluttered layouts, ignoring responsive design principles, using low-resolution images, and neglecting the importance of white space.

How can I communicate my design ideas to a graphic designer?

Provide clear and detailed design briefs, share visual references, and communicate your preferences regarding colours, style and overall theme. Regular feedback and open communication are vital throughout the design process.

Our Work

Our Work

Print design for world-leading marine hospitality and catering specialist

Oceanic Catering has over 20 years experience as a world-leading marine hospitality and catering specialist. From merchant shipping and offshore to leisure and boutique expedition cruises, Oceanic Catering offers a diverse range of services including provisions management, tailored hospitality, medical management solutions and more.

Along with a complete website overhaul, Oceanic Catering also needed new marketing materials and asked us to design and create a selection of large vinyl and smaller pop up banners, event stands, a detailed brochure and a range of traditional print ads. We used the brand’s colours and logos with library images owned by the client and worked closely with Oceanic and V.Group to ensure each item delivered the required tone and style and covered all their graphic design needs.

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Digital animated iPad presentation for Somerset based estate agent

Paul Fenton Estate Agents are a Somerset based estate agency offering a complete property service, guiding clients through the buying, selling and renting of their homes.

Priority Pixels were contacted by Paul Fenton Estate Agents to see if we could help with the creation of a brand new digital presentation that could be used on an iPad.

Once the general layout was approved we started the animation process. This involved animating certain elements of the presentation to give it a more polished look. This included map pins dropping onto a map, sales boards and bullet points sliding onto the screen and navigation buttons.

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Graphic design content for leading provider of marine support solutions

V.Group is the leading independent provider of global maritime support services. Dedicated to investing in people, technology, and systems, they had a broad need for a range of graphic design, web and print content.

Alongside the extensive V.Group Company website that we designed, V.Group asked us to deliver solutions for their branded business stationary, events presence and marketing materials.

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Full brand identity for rapidly growing project management firm in London

Successful independent design, build and project management firm, Elevation Property Ltd needed a logo redesign, an innovative approach to their online imagery and a new website to showcase their completed high-end projects around South West London.

The graphic designers at Priority Pixels were tasked with creating a new logo reflecting the company brand and principles. The logo needed to be effective across all digital and traditional media output. Our creative team designed and submitted initial concepts and colour schemes and, working closely with Elevation, refined the chosen logo to the version you see on the site today.

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Print design for world-leading marine hospitality and catering specialist Digital animated iPad presentation for Somerset based estate agent Graphic design content for leading provider of marine support solutions Full brand identity for rapidly growing project management firm in London

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