Recently had some digital advertising work carried out by Priority Pixels which we are very happy with. Met with Paul Clapp at their office where we went through our brief, once we got the content across to him our presentation was put together in a swift manner presented to a very high level and matched in with our branding excellently. Overall very pleased with the service we received and quality of the end product.

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Paul Fenton Estate Agents

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Paul Fenton Estate Agents

Paul Fenton Estate Agents are a Somerset based estate agency offering a complete property service, guiding clients through the buying, selling and renting of their homes.

Covering Somerset, Devon and Dorset they have a passionate and energetic team made up of local people, who provide unrivalled local knowledge. This has enabled their estate agency to grow significantly, with the backbone of their business firmly built on recommendations and referrals from satisfied clients.


Priority Pixels were contacted by Paul Fenton Estate Agents to see if we could help with the creation of a brand new digital presentation that could be used on an iPad. Having contacted a number of local design agencies, they were surprised to find no one was able to help, with the agencies admitting they did not have the skill sets required to do a digital presentation of that type. Having seen some of our work for other estate agents we were contacted by company owners Alex Paul and Emma Pike to see if we could help, which of course we could.

The Brief

A digital presentation was required to allow Paul Fenton Estate Agents to show prospective clients the services they offer. A digital presentation would make it easy to show clients services on a iPad, where the estate agent presenting could easily jump to the required parts of the presentation all.

The Process

The presentation was designed in much the same way a standard print brochure is designed. Pages were initially laid out as per the brief and the content provided by the client. An initial structure was created to show how someone might navigate through the presentation, pages were ordered in a logical way that made sense to whichever estate agent would be using the presentation. Branding was also taken into consideration. Paul Fenton Estate Agents already had a strong brand and it was important the brand elements, fonts, colours and graphics carried through to the final presentation.

Once the general layout was approved we started the animation process. This involved animating certain elements of the presentation to give it a more polished look. This included map pins dropping onto a map, sales boards and bullet points sliding onto the screen and navigation buttons.

Once approved we assisted with transferring the digital presentation to the clients iPad. Clear instructions were provided and a .epub file was transferred via the cloud to the iPad.

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If you would like more information on how Priority Pixels can help design your digital presentation please contact us today. You can email us on hello@prioritypixels.co.uk, or call our team on 01626 245061.

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Paul Fenton Estate Agents Paul Fenton Estate Agents

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