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The SEO Copywriting Process


From the beginning of our collaboration, we conduct detailed research that encompasses your business, its sector, your competition, and any existing content across your websites, social media, and design projects. Our writers meticulously review the materials you provide to understand the tone of voice you desire, ensuring a faithful representation of your brand's fundamental identity.


Armed with keywords pinpointed in our initial research stage, our designers and copywriters embark on creating a sitemap, specifying the exact content and copy needed for each webpage on the site.


The copywriter tasked with producing your content might require a conversation with you to conduct thorough research prior to crafting your copy. This essential step is aimed at preventing any avoidable mistakes or oversights that could negatively affect the outcome of your project.

Feedback and Reviews

Upon completion of the initial draft, you'll be provided with an opportunity to review the work and suggest any modifications you deem necessary.

After completing all revisions and adjustments, you'll give your approval for the website content, thereby facilitating the commencement of further development and functional enhancements.

Evaluation & Evolution

Content that remains unchanged over extended periods may lose its appeal to the audience. Hence, we regularly assess how your audience responds to your copy, updating your content periodically to maintain its allure.

This strategy not only sustains audience interest but also boosts your SEO performance, as search engines favor fresh content, potentially elevating your position in search rankings.

  • Why Opt for an SEO Copywriting Service?

    The advantages of partnering with an SEO copywriting service stem from their expertise in honing your digital content to appeal to both search engines and your target audience effectively. Here’s how it makes a significant difference:

    Boosted Search Engine Visibility

    By infusing your content with targeted keywords and adhering to SEO best practices, SEO copywriting elevates your site’s ranking on search engine results pages (SERPs), leading to increased organic visibility and traffic.

    Enhanced Engagement with Users

    SEO-optimised content does more than attract search engine algorithms; it also engages and educates your audience. Delivering essential information in an engaging way improves the user experience, encouraging longer visits.

    Surge in Web Traffic

    Higher search engine rankings combined with an improved user experience result in increased web traffic. SEO copywriting attracts visitors looking for what you offer, increasing the likelihood of conversions and sales.

    Edge Over Competitors

    In the competitive digital landscape, standout SEO copywriting gives you an edge, enabling your brand to distinguish itself with quality, relevant content that meets your audience’s needs.

    Sustained Online Presence

    Unlike the temporary gains from paid ads, SEO copywriting offers enduring advantages. Regularly creating optimised, valuable content solidifies your site’s status as a reliable industry authority, securing your long-term online visibility.

    In essence, working with an SEO copywriting service is key to boosting your digital presence, drawing in the ideal audience, and achieving your business objectives online.

  • SEO Copywriting Services

    A visually stunning website, meticulously designed e-commerce platforms, captivating photography, and engaging video content are all essential, yet without visibility, they fail to reach your target audience.

    This is the reason our comprehensive approach to design, development, and content creation, including copywriting, aims for superior SEO performance.

    Our copywriters produce keyword-dense content that stands out in all respects. It grabs your audience’s attention, delivers exactly the information they need, and encourages the desired actions, be it reaching out for more information, making a purchase, or scheduling online.

    At Priority Pixels, we excel in creating websites and content that draw the attention of search engines. We regularly evaluate your content and the keyword strategies we deploy for you, ensuring a substantial return on your investment.

    By tailoring your content to meet the needs of your specific target audience, our copy turns casual interest into active engagement and potential customers into actual buyers.

  • Is Writing Really That Easy? Can Anyone Master It?

    Crafting content that not only captures attention but also prompts targeted actions is just the beginning of a much larger challenge, and it’s an accomplishment in its own right. Web writing goes beyond mere assembly of words; it involves thorough research into keywords, phrases, and the crafting of distinctive content strategies. Identifying the most effective landing pages for internal linking plays a crucial role in this process.

    Recent updates from Google have made it clear that pages demonstrating significant authority are poised for higher positions in SERP rankings, underscoring the value of linking to credible sources. The strategic use of headers, along with the optimisation of paragraph and sentence lengths, adds layers of complexity to web writing. This complexity underscores the multifaceted challenges of web writing, where success hinges on both a robust grasp of SEO principles and an innate writing talent.

    At Priority Pixels, our cadre of expert copywriters dedicates themselves to gaining a profound understanding of your business, its aspirations, and its aims to deliver exceptional results. We pair your project with the copywriter best suited to your needs, ensuring the resulting content is genuine, engaging, and in complete harmony with your objectives.

  • Various Types of Content

    Website Content

    Your website represents the digital persona of your business, serving as your sales force, online storefront, and customer service hub, operational around the clock. Therefore, ensuring that your site’s content effectively communicates your message and mirrors your brand’s unique tone and ethos is essential. Our skilled copywriters are proficient in producing content that captivates your intended audience and adheres to the best SEO standards. Whether you’re looking to refresh your entire website’s content or create new content from the ground up, our team is on hand to help.

    E-Commerce Content

    Transforming a website visitor into a buying customer involves focusing on various critical factors. Pricing, stock levels, customer testimonials, and shipping details play a significant role in the purchasing process. However, it is often the product description that plays a pivotal role in finalising a sale. Our copywriters are adept at identifying the most effective way to present your product, emphasising its intended audience, key advantages, extensive features, and addressing any potential concerns. This approach allows us to choose the appropriate tone and amount of detail required, all with the aim of boosting your revenue.


    Your blog is an ideal platform for engaging with your audience and positioning yourself as a leader within your sector. Regularly refreshing your website with new content is crucial for optimal SEO performance. Our collective of copywriters and SEO specialists collaborates to produce content that satisfies the needs of both your audience and search engines. With expertise in investigating industry-specific subjects, our copywriters transform their findings into captivating and enlightening blog articles. Keeping abreast of the latest trends and developments in your industry, we guarantee your business stays in front of the competition.

    Digital Downloads

    Creating an email list is an effective strategy for lead generation and customer conversion. Encouraging individuals to subscribe to your newsletter typically requires the incentive of valuable return offerings. Free downloads serve as an excellent incentive for gaining subscribers, rewarding them with high-quality content. In collaboration with our talented graphic design team, we produce visually striking downloadable materials, like e-books and guides, that are not only appealing but also filled with beneficial information.

    Social Media

    With more than 3 billion users engaging with social media daily, its role in a business’s marketing plan is undeniable. Success in social media marketing hinges on multiple factors, with the choice of words being paramount. A common mistake among businesses is to replicate the same message across different platforms, which can weaken the effectiveness of the content. Generating distinct content for the same topic across various channels is challenging and demands significant dedication. However, our team excels in selecting the appropriate language to ensure genuine and engaging interactions with your audience.

    Article Writing

    Blog articles are excellent for boosting search engine rankings and connecting with your audience through personal insights. Yet, occasions arise when your company needs to disseminate industry news in a structured and objective manner, prioritising facts over personal viewpoints. This is where article writing diverges from blogging. Our copywriters employ strategies akin to those used in blogging but modify the style and tone to match the formal requirements of article writing. Allow us to assist in establishing your brand as a trusted leader in your industry with articles that are both enlightening and compelling.


Understanding the Fundamentals of Copywriting: Its Importance for Your Website

Copywriting combines creativity and precision to produce engaging, convincing content for websites, advertisements, and various marketing assets. It’s vital for drawing in your audience, clearly conveying your brand’s message, and boosting conversions. Skillfully developed content greatly influences your website’s performance, grabbing the attention of visitors and motivating them to act as you wish.

How Priority Pixels Boosts Your Copywriting Approach

Should you be in search of premier copywriting services, Priority Pixels stands ready to assist. Our adept copywriters excel in producing customised and captivating content for websites. By working closely with you, we gain deep understanding of your brand, intended audience, and distinct selling points, enabling us to craft persuasive copy that meets your objectives. Whether it’s for your homepage, product descriptions, or blog articles, we guarantee your website delivers your message with clarity and impact.

Is It Possible to Have My Content Reviewed?

Absolutely! We encourage clients to submit any existing content, which helps us gain a better insight into your brand’s tone and style. Our copywriters will review your material and, if needed, refine it to guarantee optimal optimisation, engage your audience effectively, and ensure it aligns with your website’s aesthetics and marketing approach.

Are Your Copywriting Services SEO-Optimised?

Absolutely! Our copywriters specialise in Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) strategies. They produce content that emphasises important keywords, meta tags, and adheres to top SEO practices to increase your website’s search engine presence. Our goal is to find the perfect equilibrium between improving SEO and preserving an authentic, captivating voice for your audience.

Ensuring Your Copy Reflects Your Brand's Voice and Tone

Grasping the essence of your brand’s voice and tone is essential for producing unified and uniform content. Our team collaborates intimately with you to establish brand guidelines and a style guide that encapsulate your brand’s character and principles. Through continuous and transparent communication, we guarantee that each content piece we craft is in perfect harmony with your brand’s identity.

Facilitating Ongoing Content Updates and Blog Writing

Absolutely! Our copywriting services extend beyond the initial launch of your website. We offer support with regular content updates, blog post creation, and the execution of content marketing strategies to ensure your website remains current, pertinent, and engaging for your audience.

Handling Revisions and Meeting Additional Content Needs

We recognise the need for changes and updates from time to time. Our approach incorporates a feedback mechanism, allowing you to share your thoughts on the content we’ve developed. We’re dedicated to implementing necessary adjustments to guarantee your contentment and the success of the final content.

Beginning Your Journey with Our SEO Copywriting Services

Initiating services is easy! Just contact our team via our contact page. We’ll arrange a meeting to go over your project’s unique needs and develop a tailored plan that matches your ambitions and targets. Together, we can boost your website’s influence with engaging copywriting!

Our Work

Copywriting Case Studies

SEO copywriting services for leading South West IT Support Company

When Acronyms IT Support first approached the team at Priority Pixels, they needed assistance with their search engine optimisation (SEO). Acronyms already had a modern, visually appealing website and a hefty portfolio of clients to boot. However, Acronyms were in dire need of a digital ‘boost’. Their website wasn’t getting high volumes of traffic or generating enough business enquires.

The team at Acronyms were looking for an agency to assist with copywriting. The blog was already regularly updated however, it needed keyword-rich articles that were optimised for search engines and could help with the overall SEO efforts.

Read Case Study View Website

Website copy for leading data analytics and transformation company

Founded in 2001, DSCallards has grown from modest beginnings to become a leader in the data analytics and transformation industry. Over the past decade, the company has witnessed exponential growth, cultivating a well-earned reputation for expertly evaluating and transforming information for their various clients across the UK and Ireland.

Our content team were tasked with writing concise copy for each page of the website explaining DSCallards multiple services and solutions. Using a mix of the existing copy with fresh language, the resulting copywriting is simple yet easy to understand as well as optimised for readability and search engine crawlers.

Read Case Study View Website

Copywriting services for leading window and door installers

For more than 19 years, Majestic Designs have been manufacturing their range of bespoke windows and doors in their Somerset-based state-of-the-art factories. A proud fixture within the Cheddar community, the family-run business has grown from humble beginnings to giants of their industry.

Majestic partnered with the team at Priority Pixels in 2019. Working on their SEO during this time their website is now full of keyword-rich content and ranking high on search engines. The site is currently receiving quadruple the organic traffic it was when Majestic first came to us. New visitors are up 110% with an increase in page views of 93%. The bounce rate for the site is also down 12%. But most importantly, Majestic’s conversion rate is up 395%.

Read Case Study View Website

Copy for leading global provider of marine support services

Successful and diverse, V.Group includes over 20 marine focussed brands but it’s website had become complicated and difficult to navigate. 

The company needed a new website to showcase the increasing number of marine support services on offer in an easy to access and informative way

We researched, planned, built and populated a new site featuring over 50 pages making the essential copy more focussed and dynamic.

Though more direct in style, we were mindful that any content copy needed to be business orientated, connecting with V.Group’s target customer audiences of ship owners and managers.

Read Case Study View Website

SEO copywriting services for leading South West IT Support Company Website copy for leading data analytics and transformation company Copywriting services for leading window and door installers Copy for leading global provider of marine support services

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