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After failing to find local, age-appropriate play centres where parents and young children could safely play together, Joan Barnes did what any young, entrepreneurial mum would do – she started her own program. Forty years later, Gymboree Play & Music has grown from humble beginnings in smalltown California to a global leader in baby, toddler and preschool education.

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What we did

Gymboree Play & Music first came to Priority Pixels seeking help with their website. The brand currently encompasses multiple franchises in over 30 different countries, with branches in the USA, Canada, China and the United Kingdom among others. The original website did not reflect their international reputation.

Although the site was functioning as it should, it wasn’t hosted in the UK or integrated properly with their customer relationship management software. The site was also visually out of date and difficult to navigate. Gymboree Play & Music wanted to consolidate their web presence, so it was easier for both their staff and clients to use. This included a WordPress site that could be easily customised with fresh and existing content. The icing on the cake was the e-commerce store. A separate entity to the site, accessibility and navigation was not optimised for an efficient user journey.

With any fresh, modern website, search engine optimisation was also key. Gymboree Play & Music asked for a simple way their new content could be added and optimised for SEO.

It was agreed our web development team would focus on two key areas: web design and e-commerce.

  • Web design – Visually, Gymboree Play & Music’s web presence needed a significant refresh. The web development team at Priority Pixels were asked to build a modern, aesthetically appealing website that was search engine optimised, utilised white space and simplified the user journey. The previous website was cluttered and difficult to navigate, not to mention visually outdated. Although the site was both responsive and optimised for mobile, it was also text-heavy with very little imagery.
  • E-commerce – The web development team at Priority Pixels would combine the existing store with the new website for easier accessibility. The store needed to be easy to navigate with a secure payment portal.

At the same time, Gymboree Play & Music was also on the lookout for a new ad agency. As the PPC team at Priority Pixels was experienced with all aspects of pay-per-click advertising, including Google Ads, Facebook Ads and Instagram Ads, it was agreed Gymboree Play & Music would shift all their PPC advertising across to our team.

Our web development team worked closely with Gymboree Play & Music to build a fresh, modern web design that was user friendly, easier to navigate and reflected their globally recognised position as a leading provider of childhood education and development. To support the website, our PPC team also got to work creating a brand new, bespoke PPC campaign that was tailored to the needs of the business.

The new website features a secure, easily accessible e-commerce store that is easier to navigate than its predecessor. A modern, simple layout and plenty of imagery have transformed the former design into a functioning, practical e-commerce store that is connected with the main website and easily accessible. We also took care of the technical details by migrating existing URLs and ensuring the site was SEO friendly. We updated the meta descriptions and data, optimised the site for mobile and of course, ensured it was responsive.

The result is a beautiful new website that is modern, visually appealing and less cluttered than the previous design. By simplifying the main menu and sitemap, the website design is now easier to navigate, and with less text, the introduction of bold colours and more imagery, the site is now less overwhelming for the user and more readily accessible.

Gymboree Play & Music’s previous ad agency was experienced with Google Ads but had little knowledge of social media ad campaigns or using Facebook Ad Manager. As Priority Pixel’s experienced PPC team boasts a wealth of knowledge and expertise in both areas, Gymboree Play & Music agreed to give us a go.

Using Google Ads, we created a brand new bespoke, targeted PPC campaign emphasising Gymboree Play & Music’s post-pandemic revival following an end to restrictions. Titled ‘Gymbo’s back’, we pushed ‘Play and Learn’ for young babies, as well as other classes and Gymbo birthday parties. Utilising Facebook Ads Manager, the PPC team also assisted Gymboree Play & Music in creating targeted advertisements across Facebook and Instagram. The aim of the PPC campaign was to support the new website, with an emphasis on conversions. Essentially, our goal was to get families and their young children back learning and playing at Gymboree Play & Music.

Gymboree Play & Music’s PPC campaign has been hugely successful. So far Google Ad impressions have increased by 99.08% and the click-through rate to the site has risen by a whopping 1,197.70%. The average cost per click is down 2.14%, but conversions have risen by 25%. The cost per conversion rate is also down 90.57%. Essentially, Gymboree Play & Music is paying a lot less but reaching more people and achieving record conversion rates through their site.

Social media stats are also looking peachy. Across both Facebook and Instagram, Gymboree Play & Music has reached 164,288 people so far, with 646 conversions at a cost of just £3.25 per conversion. This is just another example of how successful and affordable PPC campaigns can be when managed correctly.

Technologies used

HTML5 logo CSS3 logo jQuery logo MySQL logo PHP logo WordPress logo
Google Analytics logo Google Search Console logo Ahrefs Semrush

Key Stats

90% increase in click through rate
932% increase in conversion rate
80% decrease in total costs
92% decrease in cost per conversion

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