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Direct Commerce is an online news magazine specialising in commerce, business and B2B content. From online shopping trends to gossip circulating within the retail industry, the website for Direct Commerce boasts over 18,000 in-depth news articles, profile pieces and subscriber-only content detailing the latest and greatest from the commerce sector.

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What we did

When Direct Commerce first approached Priority Pixels, their website had all manner of glitches, the worst of which was the website speed. Loading speeds ranged from slow to non-existent – sometimes the website would simply time out altogether.  This was largely due to how the original website had been built. On completing a quick audit we discovered the website had a whopping 58 plug-ins installed. It was clear the previous developers had built what we could consider to be a fairly straightforward website, using a pre-built theme and plugins. This resulted in thousands of unnecessary scripts being loaded to the front end and causing all manner of chaos.

As a result, the website was clunky, painfully slow to load and according to our Account Manager, “buggy as hell”. Direct Commerce asked our web development team for help. By building a new website and using bespoke code we would be able to keep plugins to an absolute minimum ensuring only necessary scripts would be loaded to the front end. This would keep the new website lean and clean, ensuring administrators and customers alike could do what they needed to without worrying about pages loading slowly (or not at all).

Priority Pixels were asked to deliver:

  • Website Design – A new clean web design was needed. The new site needed to limit the use of plugins and be built from scratch using standards compliant HTML, CSS and JavaScript. Built properly, scripts and therefore load times would be kept to a minimum to allow both administrators and customers to use the website with ease. It was also important to increase conversions and help visitors to the site understand the benefits of using Direct Commerce as a trusted source of industry news.
  • News – Transfer all existing content from the current website to the new website including more than 18,000 articles, blogs and subscriber-only content.

As always, the team at Priority Pixels got to work. Within a few weeks, the new website was up and running with a fresh, contemporary design.

The web development team delivered as promised, building the site using as few plugins as possible. This has resulted in a much faster website making it easy to use for both administrators and customers alike. Along with a redesign, more than 18,000 articles were also moved over to the new site and categorised. The resulting web design is more aesthetically pleasing and easier to navigate than its predecessor.

The new website has been designed with Direct Commerce’s readership in mind. The sitemap has been simplified which allows visitors to the site to find information and navigate through pages with ease. Our team also worked to utilise ad space throughout the site. Blocks were incorporated for advertising which can then be sold to other businesses and organisations.

The result of our combined efforts with the team at Direct Commerce is a visually appealing, modern site that benefits from a fresh, contemporary design and enhanced navigation.

Technologies used

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