Webmaster And SEOs: Why You Should Love What You Do (And Be Incredibly Proud)

Webmaster And SEOs: Why You Should Love What You Do (And Be Incredibly Proud)

Posted: 9th April 2013

If you run a website or blog and are struggling to make it into the huge earner that you probably want it to be, then things can start to get disheartening and you can begin to feel as though you’ve been wasting your times. If you base a lot of yourself image on your success then you may even start to feel unsuccessful and unhappy in yourself.

If you feel that way though this can actually end up making matter worse and cause you to end up performing even worse as a result. The problem is that if you feel unsuccessful in your attempts to thrive online, then you can actually end up losing enthusiasm for what you’re doing and as a result probably start working less hard toward making it a success.

Ultimately, web success comes down to dedication and putting in lots of time to build lots of high quality content and lots of high authority links and if you start to feel you aren’t getting anywhere then it can be hard to find the motivation to do all this.

More to the point though you should be incredibly proud to have a website at all, and to even be involved in promoting yourself online. Getting as far as you have is already highly commendable and you should already be bragging about it to all your friends. You should stop viewing your SEO and your site as just a means to an end, and instead reflect on how far you’ve come already.

Why You Should be Proud

First of all, if you are working online in any form then you are pioneer. This is something that simply wasn’t possible ten years ago, and the very fact that you’ve had the drive and the vision to take advantage of new technologies is something you should feel smug about. One day more people will probably work from home and class themselves as entrepreneurs, but for now you’re ahead of your time for even trying. Just like Edgar Alan Po who was among the first to make a full time living from writing…

Then there’s the fact that you worked out how to do all this. If you built a website, even using a site builder or WordPress, then it’s safe to say that you have more technical knowledge than most of your peers. SEO as well is really pretty impressive when you think about it – it’s a combination of marketing and engineering that’s actually rather genius and working out how to manipulate algorithms is the kind of thing you probably never thought you’d be able to do back in high school maths classes.

Then there’s the fact that you feel passionate enough about a topic to create a website on it. And even if you’re only getting ten visitors a week to your site that still means ten people who are reading what you have to say and hearing your ideas. This is a great way to express yourself, to talk about the things you care about and to be creative. Don’t be disappointed if you don’t have a million readers yet, how many of your friends and colleagues can say they have ten??

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