50 Best Architecture Websites of 2023

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50 Best Architecture Websites of 2023

As a premier digital marketing agency, the team at Priority Pixels does its utmost to stay on top of new trends in a variety of different industries, including developments in architecture and the ways in which the top firms around the world are showcasing their work. We’ve searched high and low to compile this list of the best architecture websites.

An architecture website is essentially a digital portfolio, inspiring viewers with beautiful, crisp imagery and concise, informative copy. It is of paramount importance when drawing in new clients that an architecture website reflects the values and trends within the industry, as well as the firm or individual’s own niche and style.

Revered Catalan architect Antoni Gaudi once said “there are no straight lines or sharp corners in nature [and] therefore, buildings must have no straight lines or sharp corners.” While there is no one straight, clear-cut way of designing a building, it is the sole purpose of the modern architect to continue to evolve, innovate, and inspire us in both public and private spaces.

Ranging from the minimalistic to the complex, we have selected just a few of the best architecture websites in 2023.

Sina Architectural Design

50. Sina Architectural Design

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Lamoureux Architect

49. Lamoureux Architect

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Minale + Mann

48. Minale + Mann

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47. Harcome

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CHT Architects

46. CHT Architects

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Centric Architecture

45. Centric Architecture

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Cedrus Architects

44. Cedrus Architects

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Humbert & Poyet

43. Humbert & Poyet

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Interior Architects

42. Interior Architects

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William Green Architects

41. William Green Architects

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40. Styro

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Norm CPH

39. Norm CPH

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38. MAFCO House

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Mareines Arquitetura

37. Mareines Arquitetura

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Williams Lester

36. Williams Lester

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JSLA Architects

35. JSLA Architects

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Zik Zak

34. Zik Zak

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Martinkovic Milford

33. Martinkovic Milford

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Matter Architects

31. Matter Architects

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Ark Shelter

30. Ark Shelter

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Amanda Martocchio

29. Amanda Martocchio

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Handel Architects

28. Handel Architects

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Archi Site Mobius

27. Archi Site Mobius

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Rob Mills

26. Rob Mills

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25. Mahno

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Tennent Brown.co.nz

24. Tennent Brown.co.nz

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HT Architecte

23. HT Architecte

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Hennin Glarsen

22. Hennin Glarsen

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Largo Studio

21. Largo Studio

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Loer Architecten

20. Loer Architecten

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19. Muraflex

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ABCD Architecture

18. ABCD Architecture

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17. Measured

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MLA Architecture

16. MLA Architecture

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15. Rieder

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Clarity Arts

14. Clarity Arts

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IND Architects

13. IND Architects

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12. LEQB

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11. Homecult

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10. Falk

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9. Citicon

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Jamie Fobert Architects

8. Jamie Fobert Architects

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Coffey Architects

7. Coffey Architects

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Craie Craie

6. Craie Craie

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Arcadia Custom

5. Arcadia Custom

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Redbay Design

3. Redbay Design

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Connect Homes

2. Connect Homes

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1. Reformosa

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What should be included on an architecture website?

An architectural website is essentially a digital portfolio but it’s easy to overcomplicate the design and for the result to appear messy. In architecture, less is more. A modern, eye-catching architectural website should be clean and minimalist in its design, as well as easy to navigate with a clear and concise piece of copy stating exactly who the firm/individual is and what they specialise in. Branding is hugely important with both architectural firms and individuals, and should be used in the design of the website. Large, crisp imagery is also of the utmost importance, together with the date a building was designed and built as well as its location.

Who makes the best architecture websites?

Priority Pixels has been building personalised websites and bespoke digital marketing strategies since 2016. With a vast knowledge of anything and everything digital, our experienced team of web specialists cover all aspects of digital marketing, from web design and optimising your websites for SEO to social media management and content creation.

How much does an architecture website cost?

A fully functioning architectural website built by a professional digital marketing agency such as Priority Pixels can cost anywhere from £1000 to £25,000 depending on a client’s specifications.

It’s best to contact the experienced team at Priority Pixels for an accurate quote.

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