50 Best Football Websites of 2024

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50 Best Football Websites of 2024

With EURO 2024 on the horizon, the atmosphere at Priority Pixels HQ is nothing short of electrifying. The team has a deep-rooted passion for the beautiful game and can’t wait for another exhilarating tournament where the greatest teams from across Europe go head-to-head. To celebrate another exciting EURO’s, we’ve put together a list of the very best football websites of 2024.

The History of the UEFA European Championship

The UEFA European Championship, commonly referred to as the EURO’s, began in 1960. The inaugural tournament was held in France, with four teams competing in the finals after a series of qualifying matches. The Soviet Union emerged victorious in the first EURO, defeating Yugoslavia 2-1 in the final.

Over the years, the EURO has grown significantly in both size and popularity. Initially featuring just four teams, the tournament expanded to eight teams in 1980, sixteen teams in 1996, and now hosts twenty-four teams, making it one of the most anticipated football events worldwide.

Did you know…

  • The first official EURO match took place on July 6, 1960, between France and Yugoslavia.
  • Spain was the first nation to win back-to-back EURO titles in 2008 and 2012.
  • The UEFA European Championship trophy is named the Henri Delaunay Trophy, in honor of UEFA’s first General Secretary who proposed the tournament.

Today, the UEFA European Championship is one of the most watched sporting tournaments globally. In 2021, over 328 million people tuned in to watch the final between Italy and England. This year, the audience is expected to grow even further as football fever grips the continent once more.

With such a vast number of football fans worldwide, it’s crucial for local and national football teams to ensure they have dynamic, modern websites to showcase their club, promote upcoming match days and sell merchandise.

Kick-off: The Best Football Websites of 2024

Being the leading digital marketing agency in the South West as well as passionate fans of the beautiful game, the team at Priority Pixels know a thing or two when it comes to the best football websites. Let’s kick off, shall we? Read on to see the very best Football websites 2024 has to offer.

Sheffield United

50. Sheffield United

Visit Website

Olympique Lyonnais

49. Olympique Lyonnais

Visit Website


48. Marseille

Visit Website

Olympique de Marseille

47. Olympique de Marseille

Visit Website


46. Everton

Visit Website


45. Wrexham

Visit Website

Crystal Palace

44. Crystal Palace

Visit Website

Brentford FC

43. Brentford FC

Visit Website


42. Rangers

Visit Website

Club Brugge

41. Club Brugge

Visit Website


40. Ajax

Visit Website

Leo Messi

39. Leo Messi

Visit Website


38. Hoffenheim

Visit Website

Football Italia

37. Football Italia

Visit Website

Aston Villa

36. Aston Villa

Visit Website

Ukrainian Association of Football

35. Ukrainian Association of Football

Visit Website

Scottish FA

34. Scottish FA

Visit Website


33. Wolves

Visit Website

Sporting Clube Portugal

32. Sporting Clube Portugal

Visit Website



Visit Website

Newcastle United

30. Newcastle United

Visit Website

The French Football Federation

29. The French Football Federation

Visit Website

FC Red Bull Salzburg

28. FC Red Bull Salzburg

Visit Website

Inter Milan

27. Inter Milan

Visit Website

TNT Sports

26. TNT Sports

Visit Website

Manchester United

25. Manchester United

Visit Website


24. Bundesliga

Visit Website


23. Juventus

Visit Website


22. Brighton

Visit Website


21. Atalanta

Visit Website


20. Tottenham

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FC Porto

19. FC Porto

Visit Website

RB Leipzig

18. RB Leipzig

Visit Website


17. Barcelona

Visit Website


16. Arsenal

Visit Website

Inter Miami FC

15. Inter Miami FC

Visit Website

West Ham

14. West Ham

Visit Website

Real Madrid

12. Real Madrid

Visit Website

Premier League

11. Premier League

Visit Website

Plymouth Argyle - PAFC

10. Plymouth Argyle - PAFC

Visit Website

Borussia Dortmund

9. Borussia Dortmund

Visit Website


8. Chelsea

Visit Website


7. Liverpool

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Bayer Leverkusen

6. Bayer Leverkusen

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Man City

5. Man City

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England Football

4. England Football

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FC Bayern Munich

3. FC Bayern Munich

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2. UEFA.com

Visit Website

Euro 2024 - UEFA.com

1. Euro 2024 - UEFA.com

Visit Website

What makes a great football website?

If you’re a fan of football, then you’ve probably visited a football website or two on more than one occasion – we certainly have! Football websites are a great place for fans to connect with one another and keep up to date with their favourite team.

There are specific digital components every football website should have that make it easier for fans to support their favourite teams online. First of all, football websites should have a calendar listing each upcoming game as well as a countdown to the next match. Having a countdown to the next match front and centre on the homepage builds anticipation and is guaranteed to get fans excited. As football fans are always looking forward to the next match, giving them a physical reminder will help promote the match, build excitement and of course, keep visitors coming back to your site again and again.

A good football website should also have an online shop. Fans want to be able to show off their support for their favourite team, especially on match day. Offering a range of merchandise that can easily be bought online, such as the team kit and match day tickets, builds trust with fans who can rest assured that they are purchasing from a legitimate source.

Last but not least, keeping a website regularly updated with fresh, relevant content is key. As fans need to know the most up-to-date information about their favourite team and players, content is particularly important to football websites. Fans will want to hear about any transfers, injuries and training sessions, as well as anything that goes down at the club.

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