50 Best Construction Industry Websites of 2024

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50 Best Construction Industry Websites of 2024

As the leading premier digital marketing agency here in the South West, the team of digital natives at Priority Pixels boast a wealth of experience in building websites for a variety of industries. Of all the clients we’ve worked with, some of our favourite projects have been websites for the construction industry.

What makes a good construction website is open to interpretation. In saying that, an informative about us is absolutely crucial. A vast portfolio of beautiful, crisp imagery from different projects should be included. In addition, content should also be regularly updated, and perhaps most pertinent, your construction website should be optimised for search engines and easy to navigate. Don’t forget to make it mobile and tablet friendly!

50 Best Construction Industry Websites of 2024

To ensure our digital strategies are kept up-to-date, we like to follow all the latest trends in both the digital marketing and construction industries. Staying on top of the latest innovations and digital techniques means our team can continue building high-quality websites for our construction clients, and create cutting-edge digital strategies. By comparing different styles and trends, our team can take different aspects of each website and combine only the best bits, so our clients receive only the crème de la crème for their new site.

We’ve looked far and wide across the internet, at the good, the bad and the just plain ugly to bring you only the very best of the construction industry. Read on to see our list of the very best construction industry websites of 2023.


50. Lendlease

We love Lendlease’s cute, colourful graphics and concise copy explaining exactly what services they could provide to the user.

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Target Construction Management

49. Target Construction Management

Target Construction’s website is Easy to navigate with strong calls to action.

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Taylor Lane

48. Taylor Lane

Strong calls to action and beautiful imagery showcasing Taylor Lane’s unique portfolio has been laid out in a way that is easy to navigate and pleasant to look at.

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Abc Seamless

47. Abc Seamless

The website for Abc Seamless has been designed in a playful, cheeky manner – watch for the pop-up when you try to leave the site!

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46. Mercury

Devon-based Mercury Construction is award-winning. Its website employs a simple yet impactful design with concise copy and lovely imagery.

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Pipeline Technics

45. Pipeline Technics

We love the full-screen design of Pipeline Technics’ website. Dynamic and moving, the website is easy to navigate with bold writing and clear copy.

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TSG Construction

44. TSG Construction

TSG Construction uses a simple yet effective design for its website. It’s readable, easy to navigate, and accessible.

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Galliford Try

43. Galliford Try

Clean and clear, Galliford Try employs a simple design for their website. We love the emphasis on people and the community, as well as the effective use of colourful imagery.

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42. Weitz

The sixth oldest architecture, engineering, and construction firm in the United States, the website for old school Weitz are modern and dynamic, employing a bold use of colour and large engaging imagery and video content.

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Wales Built

41. Wales Built

This Sydney-based construction company employs a minimalist design with concise content that lets the user know exactly what they do.

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40. Kier

The website for UK-based construction company Kier uses a dynamic, forward-thinking web design approach that is both enticing and informative.

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39. Mclaren

Bold and to the point, Mclaren Group’s website is packed full of up to date content and clear, concise copy.

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Codus Construction

38. Codus Construction

An impactful quote draws the user into this dynamic, minimalist website.

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37. Adco

A simple website that showcases Adco’s vast portfolio.

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Yorke Construction Company

36. Yorke Construction Company

Modern and dynamic, the website for Yorke Construction utilises a dynamic user interface with crisp, beautiful imagery.

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Contech Engineered Solutions

35. Contech Engineered Solutions

A classic construction website with plenty of informative content and copy that tells the user exactly what Contech do.

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Chelsea Construction

34. Chelsea Construction

Chelsea Construction’s header on their homepage is engaging and visually appealing, yet the layout is still relatively simple and easy to navigate. We also love the use of navy and white, as well as the classic font style.

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Hard Hat Construction Group Ltd

33. Hard Hat Construction Group Ltd

We love the use of black and white with this construction company’s red branding. Anderson’s website is also dynamic and easy to navigate.

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32. Hare

We love the use of crisp, impactful imagery for this UK-based construction company.

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31. Brener

Brener’s luxury, premier brand is reflected in its clean, modern website.

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Maple Leaf Construction

30. Maple Leaf Construction

The website for Maple Leaf Construction uses simple colour and features a bold logo – the header on the home page is simple yet immediately makes an impression.

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29. Bechtel

This global construction company has a website that reflects its international status – grand. We love the use of imagery and focus on sustainability.

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28. Fineline

Simple and impactful, the website for Fineline Carpentry is easy to use with clear copywriting that explains exactly what they do.

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27. IMC

A Philadelphia based construction company with a simple yet effective website featuring a dynamic user interface.

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26. Bouygues

Dynamic use of colour and design gives Boygues’ website a vintage edge (in a good way).

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SPIE Matthew Hall

25. SPIE Matthew Hall

SPIE Matthew Hall’s website features a dynamic, moving header that draws the user in.

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Miller Homes

24. Miller Homes

Miller Home’s website features beautiful imagery and a sleek layout.

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23. Keepmoat

We love the headline ‘life unlocked’. With crisp imagery and large bold font, Keepmoat’s website is simple yet effective.

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22. Costain

Modern and sleek, Costain’s website is easily accessible for the user but if still packed full of relevant information and content.

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Willmott Dixon

21. Willmott Dixon

A beautifully designed website with bright, bold use of yellow and an emphasis on community.

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Jaytex Construction

20. Jaytex Construction

Jaytex Construction is based in the northern Australian city of Darwin. The company uses an innovative approach to their homepage that we love – the header image is the same shape as their logo!

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Naylor Love

19. Naylor Love

Naylor Love is a New Zealand construction company with a beautiful, minimalist website. Smooth transitions and crisp imagery with a simple colour scheme makes for an easily accessible user interface.

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Balfour Beatty

18. Balfour Beatty

A leading infrastructure and construction company operating worldwide, the portfolio of work on Balfour Beatty’s website is impressive in itself.

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17. Kenham

North Midland Construction, a British construction company, has gone with a simple colour scheme and minimal design for their sleek website.

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John Holland

16. John Holland

John Holland is an Australian-based international construction company with a simple, easy to use layout and interactive social media thumbnails.

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15. Probuild

A large Australian construction company with a bold homepage and newspaper-esque “news” section with plenty of relevant and informative content.

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Desert Star Construction

14. Desert Star Construction

A construction company in Arizona whose homepage imagery immediately has users asking for more. The website is beautifully designed and easy to navigate.

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Tide Construction

13. Tide Construction

A UK-based green construction company with an enticing homepage as well as enticing imagery and video content.

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Building Cornwall

12. Building Cornwall

Supporting the Southwest construction industry with a simple yet effective website that is attractive and user-friendly.

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Bower & Kirkland

11. Bower & Kirkland

A large privately own construction and development group with a stunning navy blue colour palette and accessible design that is easy to use.

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10. Redrow

A UK based home construction company with a clean, easily accessible website complete with imagery and an interactive map.

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9. ISG

An international construction company with a simple yet effective website that is easy to navigate.

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Bam Nuttall

8. Bam Nuttall

Bam Nuttall is one of Europe’s largest construction companies. The company website is minimalist and clean with a focus on sustainability.

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7. Hitachi

While the Hitachi website is far from minimalist. Bold font, signature Hitachi colours, and smooth transitions make for a premier user experience.

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Hutchinson Builders

6. Hutchinson Builders

Down under, the Australian construction company Hutchinson Builders hosts their portfolio on a dynamic and modern website. With ocean-blue assents and high-quality photography, the design is contemporary and cutting-edge.

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Keller Group

5. Keller Group

The Keller Group is the world’s largest geotechnical specialist contractor. Internationally renowned for its work across six continents, the company was first established in 1860 and has since grown into a global giant within the construction industry. Their website is minimalist and easy to navigate with plenty of imagery showcasing their extensive portfolio.

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Mrozinski Construction

4. Mrozinski Construction

Across the Atlantic in Canada’s western province of British Columbia is Mrozinski Construction. Their predominantly monochrome website is modern and dynamic, shifting as you navigate the site. The sleek nature of the website gives the user an engaging and exciting experience.

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Bovey Construction

3. Bovey Construction

Based in Devon, Bovey Construction specialises in the construction and refurbishment of a range of different properties, including residential and commercial. Their website is minimal and easy to navigate, with crisp, beautiful imagery showcasing their expansive portfolio.

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Fletcher Construction

2. Fletcher Construction

A well-established giant of the New Zealand construction industry since it was founded in 1909, the website design for Fletcher Construction is sleek and modern, as well as easy to navigate, full of plenty of informative content, and with the signature Fletcher colour scheme running throughout. The animations and transitions of the homepage as you enter the site are completely memorising.

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John Turner Construction Group

1. John Turner Construction Group

Established in 1907, John Turner Construction Group is one of the UK’s leading construction companies, with offices in Preston, Manchester, and Liverpool. This is reflected in their bold website design, where bright, earthy colours, beautiful imagery, and simple navigation make for a premier user experience. The website also hosts plenty of informative content.

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Who makes the best websites for the construction industry?

Priority Pixels of course! We’ve been building websites and bespoke digital marketing strategies for the construction industry, both here and abroad, since our inception in 2016. Our agency boasts an experienced close-knit team of web experts and specialists covering all areas of digital marketing, from web development to SEO and social media.

How much does a construction website cost?

A fully functioning website for a construction company built by a professional digital marketing agency can cost anywhere between £1000 – £25,000.

For an accurate quote, contact the team at Priority Pixels.

What should be included on a construction website?

A informative yet concise ‘about us’ is an absolute necessity to let visitors to your site know who you are.

Be sure to go for a design packed with informative, regularly updated content in the form of a blog or news section.

A good construction website should include a vast portfolio of images from your different projects, as well as clean, concise copy explaining exactly what it is your company does and reviews from past and present clients.

Perhaps most important, your website should be mobile-friendly and optimised for SEO.

How do I build a website for my construction business?

While you could attempt to build the website yourself, you could also hire a web designer or digital marketing agency. Hiring a professional ensures your website not only looks great but is optimised for SEO, looks good on both mobile and desktop, and is generating leads for your company.

How do I write an ‘about us’ for a construction company?

When writing an ‘about us’ blurb within the context of the construction industry, be sure to express the personality of your company by including your past, present, and future.

Start with your humble origins like the year the business was established, before fleshing the copy out to include your current projects.

Lastly, write about where the company is heading and your team’s collective goals and aspirations.

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