50 Best Corporate Websites of 2023

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50 Best Corporate Websites of 2023

As the leading digital marketing agency here in the South West, Priority Pixels boast a wealth of experience designing websites across a variety of industries, including the corporate sector. Now let’s be honest here, corporate websites can be pretty dull. However contrary to popular belief, your corporate site doesn’t have to be boring. We’ve scoured the world wide web far and wide to bring you the very best corporate websites of 2022 to prove once and for all that your corporate website doesn’t have to be snore-fest.

What makes a good corporate website?

A good corporate website serves as a clear digital representation of a company’s brand and values. It should feature a user-friendly design with easy navigation, responsive across devices, and optimized for speed and security. High-quality, up-to-date content is crucial, while engaging visuals and social media integration enhance user engagement. Incorporating SEO strategies boosts search engine visibility, and analytics provide insights for ongoing improvements. Ensuring accessibility, legal compliance, and sustainability efforts, when applicable, are also key considerations. Regular updates maintain relevance and user trust, while a feedback mechanism and accessible contact information facilitate communication. In essence, a successful corporate website combines aesthetics, functionality, and meaningful content to effectively engage and inform its audience.

Convinced yet? Read on to see Priority Pixel’s definitive list of the 50 best corporate websites of 2023.

Herald Investment Trust

50. Herald Investment Trust

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49. Mediclinic

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Alliance Trust

48. Alliance Trust

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Paragon Bank

47. Paragon Bank

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NextEnergy Solar Fund

46. NextEnergy Solar Fund

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JLEN Environmental Assets

45. JLEN Environmental Assets

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Sequoia Economic Infrastructure

44. Sequoia Economic Infrastructure

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Great Portland Estates

43. Great Portland Estates

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Vietnam Enterprise Investments

42. Vietnam Enterprise Investments

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The Go-Ahead Group

41. The Go-Ahead Group

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40. Syncona

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39. Wood

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XP Power

38. XP Power

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Sabre Insurance Group

37. Sabre Insurance Group

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St. Modwen

36. St. Modwen

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35. Ascential

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34. Drax

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TBC Bank

33. TBC Bank

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JP Morgan

32. JP Morgan

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Safestore Investors

31. Safestore Investors

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30. Spirent

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Gravis Capital

29. Gravis Capital

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28. Vesuvius

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27. Apax

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26. Schroders

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25. Coats

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Vanquis Banking Group

24. Vanquis Banking Group

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International Public Partnerships

23. International Public Partnerships

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Mobico Group

22. Mobico Group

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TSP Commercial Property

21. TSP Commercial Property

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Cherche Susan

20. Cherche Susan

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Garden Eight

19. Garden Eight

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Capitol Bank

18. Capitol Bank

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17. Hiscox

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Bank of Georgia

16. Bank of Georgia

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15. Calisen

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HgCapital Trust

14. HgCapital Trust

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Golden Suisse

13. Golden Suisse

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Consumer Technology Association

12. Consumer Technology Association

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Dell Technologies

11. Dell Technologies

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New York Stock Exchange

10. New York Stock Exchange

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9. Deloitte

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Ernst & Young

8. Ernst & Young

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6. PwC UK

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5. Sparkbit

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Daniel Corp

4. Daniel Corp

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London Wealth Management

3. London Wealth Management

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What should be included on a corporate website?

Brief yet informative copy explaining your company’s values and ethos is essential, as is relevant imagery and video. A page including headshots of your team with their job descriptions can also legitimise your company and of course, the design of the website itself should be easy to navigate. Be sure to include contact details and a thorough history of your business – including where you came from, the company’s current projects, and where you suspect it will head in the future.

Who makes the best corporate websites?

Priority Pixels has been building websites for businesses in the Southwest of England since 2016, and can help you design and launch a bespoke digital strategy for your company. Our team boasts a wealth of knowledge and expertise, from SEO optimisation to content creation.

How much does a corporate website cost?

The cost of a corporate website can vary considerably depending on various factors, such as the complexity of the site, its features, the design, and the web development team or agency you choose. Here are some general cost ranges:

  1. Basic Corporate Website (Brochure Website): A simple, static website with essential pages like Home, About Us, Services/Products, Contact, and a blog can cost anywhere from £800 to £4,000. This typically involves using pre-designed templates and minimal customisation.
  2. Custom Corporate Website: If you require a unique design and more advanced features such as e-commerce functionality, interactive elements, or user portals, the cost can range from £4,000 to £40,000 or more, depending on complexity.
  3. Enterprise-Level Corporate Website: Large corporations with complex requirements, extensive databases, integrations with other systems, and high security needs may spend £40,000 to several hundred thousand pounds or even more for a fully customised and robust website.
  4. Ongoing Costs: Keep in mind that the initial development cost is not the only expense. You’ll need to budget for ongoing expenses like hosting, domain registration, security updates, content updates, and potentially marketing and SEO services, which can range from hundreds to thousands of pounds per year.
  5. DIY vs. Professional Services: Costs can also vary based on whether you choose to build the website yourself using website builders like WordPress, Wix, or Squarespace, which can be more affordable, or hire a professional web development agency, which can offer a higher level of customisation and functionality.
  6. Geographical Location: The cost of web development services can vary by region. Developers and agencies in certain areas may charge higher or lower rates.

It’s important to note that while cost is a significant factor, the quality and functionality of your corporate website are equally important. A well-designed and well-developed website can provide a strong return on investment by attracting customers, improving user experience, and boosting your online presence.

To get an accurate estimate for your specific corporate website project, it’s best to consult with web development professionals or agencies who can assess your requirements and provide a tailored quote based on your needs and goals.

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