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25 Best Holiday Websites in UK

25 Best Holiday Websites in UK

Posted: 20th July 2020

Whether you are looking for a short weekend break in the country-side or an all expenses paid, once in a lifetime safari, holiday websites have got you covered. But what makes a good holiday website?

With their captivating images of crystal clear waters and bustling city skylines, holiday websites can make you feel as if you are already there. Images of luxurious hotel rooms with vast swimming pools can give people a sense of what to expect when they arrive. Photos of local tourist hotspots showing what activities are available can help people decide where they want to travel to.

Along with Instagram worthy images, holiday websites need to be easy to navigate. Allowing their visitors to book their dream holidays in a few simple clicks. By having extensive databases holiday websites not only allow their customers to get the best deals, but lets them book all aspects of their holiday in one place. Making the customer journey as easy as possible is key to customer satisfaction.

Bright colours is a common design theme for Holiday websites. Blues, reds and yellows are the most popular colour choices, reflecting the sky, sea, sand and sun. Most summer holidays are booked during the winter months. The colour combinations used by holiday websites offer a warming contrast to the dull and grey weather the UK experiences during this time.

If you are looking to book your next holiday, take a look through our list of 25 Best Holiday Websites in the UK.

Sun Master

25. Sun Master

Visit Website

Thomas Cook

24. Thomas Cook

Visit Website


23. Haven

Visit Website

Ho Seasons

22. Ho Seasons

Visit Website

Ice Lolly

21. Ice Lolly

Visit Website

Virgin Holidays

20. Virgin Holidays

Visit Website

Hays Travel

19. Hays Travel

Visit Website

Travel Zoo

18. Travel Zoo

Visit Website


17. Kayak

Visit Website

Sun Shine

16. Sun Shine

Visit Website

Holiday Pirates

15. Holiday Pirates

Visit Website

British Airways

14. British Airways

Visit Website

Travel Re-public

13. Travel Re-public

Visit Website

Holiday Hypermarket

12. Holiday Hypermarket

Visit Website

Easy Jet

11. Easy Jet

Visit Website


10. Expedia

Visit Website

Love Holidays

9. Love Holidays

Visit Website

Last Minute

8. Last Minute

Visit Website

Jet 2 Holidays

7. Jet 2 Holidays

Visit Website

Travel Supermarket

6. Travel Supermarket

Visit Website

First Choice

5. First Choice

Visit Website

Holiday Inn

3. Holiday Inn

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2. Booking

Visit Website

On The Beach

1. On The Beach

Visit Website

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