Reclaiming Social Media For Good On Reclaim Social Day 2023

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Reclaiming Social Media For Good On Reclaim Social Day 2023

From Facebook and Instagram to Twitter and Tik Tok, social media is an omnipresent and ubiquitous factor in modern life for… well, just about everyone. Yet for all the good it’s done social media isn’t always positive. That’s why this February 6th, Priority Pixels will be commemorating Reclaim Social Day 2023 and taking back social media for good.

What is Reclaim Social Day 2023?

Reclaim Social Day, also known as #ReclaimSocial, seeks to celebrate the inspiring, empowering side of social media and reclaim it as a positive space.

There have been a number of global social media campaigns in recent years that have highlighted how social media can be used to spark change including the body positive movement, #GivingTuesday and #MeToo. Social media has also given us the innate ability to connect with friends and family halfway across the globe, not to mention meet new people. However, in recent years many platforms have also become a place for trolls, fake news, disrespect and bullying.

That’s why on Reclaim Social Day 2023, it’s time to think about how we can take back our feeds. This February, the team at Priority Pixels will be reclaiming back our own social media – both at work and at home. Here’s how you can do the same.

Know when it’s time to unfollow

When it comes to social media, it’s important to remember that you’re in control. If you find yourself comparing yourself to others or are coming across a lot of hate and/or disrespectful content on your timeline, it may be time for a good ol’ fashioned social media cleanse.

Knowing when it’s time to unfollow accounts on social media can be tricky – especially if you know the person in real life. Fortunately, when times are tough, there’s the mute button. This Reclaim Social Day, don’t be afraid to mute or unfollow accounts that are triggering you, making you feel small or failing to empower or inspire you.


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Don’t engage

Although easier said than done, sometimes it’s simply better to not engage. If you see two people arguing online for example, it may be better for your own mental health not to add your own two cents worth – especially if the parties involved are bullying each other or being disrespectful. Doing so will protect your peace as the kids are saying these days and ensure you’re not getting sucked into a conversation that could have a negative impact on your own mental health.

In the words of Dory, “just keep scrolling, just keep scrolling” or something to that effect.

Call your friends out

Of course, there are certain situations where you may not have a choice but to engage. From leaving a snake emoji on Taylor Swift’s latest Instagram post to harassing someone you know online, it’s never okay to harass or bully a person online.

Online bullying, also known as cyber bullying, can include:

  • Sending, sharing and/or publishing abusive messages or emails
  • Posting and/or sharing embarrassing videos or images
  • Tagging a person inappropriately in an image or meme
  • Spreading online rumours
  • Trolling and intentionally saying nasty things to upset a person
  • Imitating others and/or making threats towards another person
  • Excluding others online on purpose
  • Peer pressure
  • Cyberstalking, including repeated harassment and threatening messages

Although it may seem harmless, online bullying often escalates. It can also have real world repercussions which can dramatically impact the mental health of another person. Unfortunately, in our data-driven world, those repercussions are often not thought of by the person behind the keyboard.

That’s why, although challenging, it’s important to call out your friends who are bullying others online or being disrespectful – they might not even realise the extent of their actions. If they have realised and refuse to stop, then it may be time to unfollow them or even cut them off for good.

By calling others out for online bullying and harassment, we can transform social media into a safe, positive space for everyone.


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Follow people who inspire you

If you’re scrolling through your social media and feeling disconnected, depressed and anxious, it might be time to go looking for influencers and accounts who resonate with you. This is especially important if you find yourself comparing yourself to others on social media.

Social media should inspire you. Make sure you’re following accounts that make you smile, and curate a feed for yourself that leaves you feeling positive and empowered.


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Reclaiming social media for good with Priority Pixels

At Priority Pixels, our team of social media experts, SEO strategists and content creators spend a lot of time scrolling and surfing online. That’s why we’re fervent believers in Reclaim Social Day and its overall message of positivity, respect and empowerment. Together, we can transform social media into a safer, more positive place and make it a force for good.

For more information about Reclaim Social Day 2023, click here for your full guide.

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