Developing an Engaging Landing Page for VIKAND

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Developing an Engaging Landing Page for VIKAND

VIKAND is the leading expert in international medical services for the maritime industry. Its priority is to protect the welfare of seafarers across the whole industry. It focuses on improving working conditions for seafarers today and in the future, developing a culture of care vital for long-term human sustainability. VIKAND believes that human sustainability is good for seafarers and business. It fights for significant improvement now and for generations to come, protecting those at sea. Its programmes include education, mental health support, and healthcare.

Our team of web designers worked closely with VIKAND to improve website landing pages built around its brand. VIKAND requested engaging video content and an engaging user experience for the OneHealth by VIKAND landing page. The team here at Priority Pixels built the landing page, supporting VIKAND’s brand and improving the layout. We developed attractive icons, providing users with clear visuals to see what’s offered for seafarers. This elevated user experience, optimising UX and UI design.

We’ve enjoyed working with VIKAND to develop an attractive website, with an optimised and improved layout. It is vital that the web page appeals to crew at sea and is easy to navigate. The result is a user-friendly site with an interactive web page clearly explaining the services on offer, implementing engaging video content and attractive icons.

We love working with a range of clients, developing striking and interactive websites to improve user experience and build brand voice. If you are looking for a new website, Priority Pixels would love to help. For more information about our web development services, call our team today on 01626 245061 or send us an email at hello@prioritypixels.co.uk.

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