He’s Back: Brendon Prince’s Next Adventure to Take Him Around Northern Ireland

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He’s Back: Brendon Prince’s Next Adventure to Take Him Around Northern Ireland

From winning SUPconnect Man of The Year 2022 and touring the country educating young people about water safety, to circumnavigating mainland Britain on a stand-up paddle board for The Long Paddle 2021 campaign, Brendon Prince has certainly had a busy few years. The Devonian trailblazer is now planning his next big trek – and it’s a beauty. In September, Brendon will set forth on his next grand adventure where he plans to navigate the stunning yet challenging surrounds of the Northern Irish coast.

Devonian Trailblazer: Another adventure for Brendon Prince

As a major sponsor of The Long Paddle, we’ve been with the devoted waterman, husband and father since the very beginning. We watched him paddle out of Torquay and our Co-Founder Nathan Yendle was there when he crossed the halfway mark. After 141 days at sea, our team were also there when Brendon returned victorious. Contending with strong currents, unruly weather and plenty of wildlife (including quite a few orcas in the North Sea), Brendon fought tooth and nail to finish his wild adventure. After a whopping 11,000 miles, he returned having won several world records and of course, the hearts of men and women alike across the UK.

Just the beginning…

Brendon will be kickstarting his next journey at the beginning of September, sometime around the 7th dependent on the weather conditions. Although it’s a whole other adventure, Brendon’s message is still the same – he remains passionately committed to advocating for better water safety education in the UK and will continue fundraising for the development of the world’s first gamified water safety app.

Although this particular adventure is more about the journey than racing to the finish line, Brendon will also be attempting a few world records. Watch the video below for more info 👀

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The team at Priority Pixels couldn’t be more excited for the next phase of Brendon’s journey and we will be supporting him all of the way. For more information about Brendon’s campaign for Water Safety and to sponsor him for his Northern Ireland adventure, check out The Long Paddle.

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