50 Best Charity Websites of 2022

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50 Best Charity Websites of 2022

Charities are an inherent part of past and present society. They have the capacity to bring people together as well as make a meaningful difference in our communities by providing aid and additional information. As a result, charity websites serve a critical role in spreading awareness about a charity’s cause and are an important component of any non-profit’s digital marketing strategy.

As the leading digital marketing agency, Priority Pixels has examined hundreds, if not thousands, of websites from a variety of organisations. To continue making beautiful, bespoke websites, our team needs to stay up to date with the latest and greatest in digital marketing, including web design and development. By doing so, we can continue assisting our clients and constructing modern, on-trend websites for charities and other clients of ours across the UK and beyond.

In today’s fast-paced world, having a strong, accessible digital presence has become increasingly crucial for charities. We’ve combed the internet for the very best charity websites of 2021, chosen for their modern web design and easy-to-navigate sitemaps that effectively promote their causes as well as offer educational information and create that all-important environment where visitors feel welcome.

Feeding America

50. Feeding America

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Direct Relief

49. Direct Relief

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Project C.U.R.E

48. Project C.U.R.E

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Guide Dogs

47. Guide Dogs

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Care International

45. Care International

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44. BosMUN

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Sean Casey Animal Rescue

43. Sean Casey Animal Rescue

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41. Acumen

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Amnesty International

40. Amnesty International

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World Vision

39. World Vision

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World Relief

38. World Relief

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Crisis Text Line

37. Crisis Text Line

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The Foodbank Project

36. The Foodbank Project

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Hustle For Humanity

33. Hustle For Humanity

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Charity Water

32. Charity Water

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Children International

31. Children International

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Global Genes

30. Global Genes

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Shelter from the Storm

29. Shelter from the Storm

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National Buffalo Foundation

28. National Buffalo Foundation

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Arctic Ice Project

27. Arctic Ice Project

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New Story

26. New Story

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Children In Need

25. Children In Need

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Animals In Distress

24. Animals In Distress

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Blue Cross

23. Blue Cross

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22. PDSA

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British Legion

21. British Legion

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Help For Heroes

20. Help For Heroes

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Age UK

19. Age UK

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The Air Ambulance Service

17. The Air Ambulance Service

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Victim Support

16. Victim Support

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Young Minds

15. Young Minds

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14. RNLI

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Friends Of The Earth

13. Friends Of The Earth

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12. Parkinsons

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11. Macmillan

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Water Aid

10. Water Aid

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Red Cross

9. Red Cross

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Bowel Cancer UK

7. Bowel Cancer UK

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6. Oxfam

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Force Cancer Charity

5. Force Cancer Charity

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Rowcroft Hospice

4. Rowcroft Hospice

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3. Samaritans

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Childrens Society

2. Childrens Society

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Make A Wish

1. Make A Wish

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What should be included on a charity website?

Creating a suitable website for a charity can be a challenge; sensitivities and trigger warnings must be evaluated with time and care.

A website for a charity should contain educational information, plenty of informative copy about the cause they are fighting for, and the services they offer. Visitors to charity websites range in demographic; from the curious to society’s vulnerable, a website for a charity should feature a simple, user-friendly design that creates a welcoming atmosphere to put the user at ease. Information should be easily accessible without being overwhelming; utilising social media to promote the work of your charity through testimonials is also key, with easily navigated payment channels for when users decide to pledge support.

How do I make my own charity website?

The websites for international charities may look like a piece of cake to design but the reality is a lot more challenging.

While you may have some small victories with a drag and drop website, there is a lot of work that goes on behind the scenes that can make or break the success of your site. The team at Priority always recommends talking to a professional digital marketing agency as a first step to building a successful web presence.

Who makes the best charity websites?

Priority Pixels has been building websites for businesses and organisations in the Southwest since 2016 and has worked with a number of charities and NGOs such as FORCE Cancer Charity and The National Trust. Our team boasts a wealth of experience and knowledge, from copywriting to SEO. We can help you design and launch a digital strategy that is utterly unique to your charity or organisation.

How much does a charity website cost?

A fully functioning website for a charity built by a digital marketing team at an agency can cost up to £50,000 depending on your unique specifications.

If you’re in need of a website for a charity, it’s best to contact the team at Priority Pixels for an accurate quote that will take your budget and goals into account.

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