15 Best Rugby Websites 2022

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15 Best Rugby Websites 2022

Are you looking for the best rugby websites of 2022? Well, you’ve certainly come to the right place! From local sports clubs and national rugby news sites to global superstars like the All Blacks, the team at Priority Pixels has scoured the internet far and wide in search of the very best rugby websites on the world wide web.

It’s certainly an exciting time for rugby fans, players and clubs alike. Most recently, the Black Ferns, New Zealand’s senior women’s rugby union team, won another Women’s World Cup – they’ve won five out of the past six women’s world cups held since 1998! Of course, we also have the men’s World Cup to look forward to in 2023, with the All Blacks and France kicking things off in September next year.

It’s been a good month for our Kiwi copywriter! And with another world cup on the horizon, the team at Priority Pixels can’t wait to be back pitchside cheering on our favourite players. If you’re as excited as us, you’re already bound to be searching the web for the best rugby websites in search of the latest news and updates.

So, what makes a great rugby website?

What is rugby web design?

As the name suggests, rugby web design is the development and implementation of rugby-centric businesses, organisations and sports clubs. Although the content we choose to include will depend on the type of website we’re building, the best rugby websites always have five crucial elements:

  • Dynamic, visually immersive imagery
  • A blog section that is regularly updated with the latest news
  • At least one page promoting upcoming match days and events
  • Social media links so fans and players alike can keep up to date
  • An e-commerce store stocking merchandise

So, what are the best rugby websites of 2022? Let’s kick off shall we…

The 15 best rugby websites 2022

Cornwall Rugby

15. Cornwall Rugby

Visually immersive and easy to navigate, Cornwall Rugby’s website features crisp, beautiful imagery and a simple yet effective interface. These features combined with plenty of information about the club create the ideal user experience for players and fans alike.

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14. Harlequins

Right from the beginning, visitors to the Harlequins website are confronted with an edge-to-edge homepage, bold font and of course, their quirky signature logo. We particularly love their use of imagery and videography, as well as their dedicated news section where you can read about upcoming matches, events happening at the club and your favourite players.

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Bath Rugby

13. Bath Rugby

Featuring the club’s bold navy colour scheme, the website for Bath Rugby boasts a simple yet effective layout with a frozen main menu for easy navigation. Upcoming fixtures and results can be easily accessed at any point on the site, as well as news from the club, their history and information about their work in their community.

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England Rugby

12. England Rugby

Combining a distinct rose logo with plenty of white space, England Rugby’s website is visually modern and impactful. The site also features plenty of professional photography, as well as a frozen main menu, meaning visitors can easily click through the site and navigate with minimal hassle.

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Glasgow Warriors

11. Glasgow Warriors

Featuring edge-to-edge imagery, striking on-brand colours and bold, enticing font, the website for the Glasgow Warriors is aesthetically contemporary and easy to navigate. The site even has a ‘Fan Zone’ where fans can read through the history of the club and of course, all about their favourite players.

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North Hampton Saints

10. North Hampton Saints

The website for the North Hampton Saints combines the club’s stunning brand colours with a number of touchpoints and call-to-actions, which are dotted throughout the site. Visitors can catch up on the latest news at the club, as well as purchase tickets to upcoming match days.

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London Irish

9. London Irish

Utilising bold, stand-out colours, the iconic London Irish logo and crisp, edge-to-edge imagery, the website for London Irish is professional and easy to navigate with a frozen main menu and clear touchpoints throughout the site. The site also features plenty of copy, including an informative section where you can read all about the history of the club.

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Rugby World Cup

8. Rugby World Cup

Simple to navigate around and visually modern with an interesting news section, the Rugby World Cup website is one of the best rugby sites on the internet. We’d recommend clicking through to the Gallery section of the website to see some truly striking use of colours, with a bold lime green and navy combo.

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Exeter Chiefs

7. Exeter Chiefs

The website for the Exeter Chiefs has a simple layout that utilises white space for a modern, dynamic design. Boasting up-to-date rugby news and plenty of imagery to keep visitors hooked, we’re particularly fond of the site’s Community section which features information about the work the club does in their local community.

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Women In Rugby

6. Women In Rugby

With a fantastic news section highlighting different events and an active social media presence, the web design for Women in Rugby is modern and visually dynamic. You can click through to Youth Unstoppables for some inspiring content or News to see upcoming events happening around the world. We particularly love their use of colour – it’s bright, fun, playful and utterly enticing.

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Gloucester Rugby

5. Gloucester Rugby

From the moment you click through to the Gloucester Rugby website, you’re presented with their next match, other upcoming fixtures and a table showing where the club is currently sitting in the league. Dynamic and modern with edge-to-edge imagery and stunning use of the club’s red and white colour scheme, the website is easy to navigate with a frozen main menu and plenty of news to keep you occupied.

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Bristol Bears

4. Bristol Bears

The website for the Bristol Bears features the team’s eye-catching navy colour palette combined with a frozen main menu and dynamic web design. The site makes it simple to view upcoming games and results, as well as order merchandise from their e-commerce store.

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3. Saracens

The Saracens website is impactful and visually immersive from the very beginning, with an edge-to-edge image carousel and dynamic web design that seems to move, appear and flow as you scroll through the site. The club website also has a separate e-commerce store where you can purchase on-brand merchandise and season tickets.

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The All Blacks

2. The All Blacks

You don’t get to be one of the most well-known teams in the world without a fantastic website! The All Blacks website is visually on-brand, immersive and impactful with plenty of information and history to be read all about one of the world’s best and most successful rugby teams. The site all has a section for the Black Ferns – New Zealand’s senior women’s rugby union team.

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Newton Abbot Rugby Club

1. Newton Abbot Rugby Club

So, what is the best rugby website of 2022? Well, it’s Newton Abbot Rugby Club of course! Bright, bold and visually striking, the website for Newton Abbot Rugby Club is on-brand, immersive and informative with plenty of copy about the club, its history and of course, its upcoming match days and events.

… Did we mention we built it? 👀

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Rugby web design at Priority Pixels

Whether you’re seeking inspiration for your new website or are simply looking for the best way to keep up to date, web design plays a vital role in the world of rugby. From local sports clubs and news sites to global sporting superstars, rugby web design needs to be visually immersive, dynamic and of course, portray the fast-paced nature of our favourite game.

We might not be scoring tries any time soon but we do build damn fine websites. To find out more about rugby web design and digital marketing services at Priority Pixels, get in touch with our team today at hello@prioritypixels.co.uk or give us a call at 01626 245061.

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