Why do an SEO Audit?

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Why do an SEO Audit?

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) stands as a crucial step in ensuring your website gains the visibility it deserves. Simply putting your website online does not guarantee it will be noticed by everyone; specific criteria must be met to make it recognisable to search engines. Conducting routine SEO audits for your website can serve as a valuable tool in identifying areas that require optimisation.

Understanding the Complex World of SEO

Google, the leading search engine, utilises over 200 distinct ranking factors to determine the relevance and optimisation of web pages. An SEO audit assesses your website against these factors to gauge its level of optimisation. If your site doesn’t secure a prominent spot in Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs), your chances of attracting organic traffic are diminished. This underscores the need to strive for higher rankings to connect with potential clients effectively.

Keeping Up with Evolving Standards

Regular SEO audits provide insights into your competitors’ strategies and your website’s alignment with client expectations. As search engine benchmarks are in constant flux, frequent audits empower you to adapt to these shifts and maintain your ranking position.

The Significance of Regular SEO Audits: Explained

The Prime Position and Its Impact

When searching for a term like “SEO” on Google, a staggering 707 million results emerge. Amid this vast sea of information, how do you discern accurate and valuable insights? Google’s bots analyse websites to determine their relevance to search queries. The more pertinent and beneficial the content, the higher the ranking. Research indicates that users are 92% more inclined to click on businesses featured on the first page of local search results. Achieving a higher position on these result pages directly correlates with increased engagement and click-through rates.

However, dropping off the first results page leads to a decline in engagement rates. An SEO audit furnishes you with a list of keywords where your website features prominently. Leveraging these keywords strategically while creating content can bolster your ranking.

Combatting Outdated and Duplicate Content

Sustaining a high SEO ranking involves refreshing outdated content to reflect current, pertinent information. In a rapidly changing world, leaving content unattended makes visitors more likely to exit your site swiftly. Updating existing, well-ranked content proves more efficient than generating entirely new pieces. The already indexed page carries SEO value, and creating fresh content necessitates restarting the ranking process.

Additionally, duplicate content can adversely affect SEO ranking. Copying content verbatim from another site and pasting it onto your own webpage without modification confuses search engine bots. This confusion might lead the search engine to display both your page and the original content, reducing the visibility of both sites.

An SEO audit adeptly identifies outdated and duplicate content that could be hampering your ranking.

The Impact of Page Loading Speed

Technological advancements heighten user expectations. Presently, 47% of web users anticipate a website to load within 2 seconds. Longer loading times correlate with higher bounce rates, wherein users abandon your site swiftly. Both bounce rates and site speed influence Google’s ranking algorithms. Bots monitoring websites track visitor numbers and their time spent on-site. If visitors exit before the page loads completely or within a brief duration, Google interprets the site’s content as irrelevant.

Conducting an SEO audit pinpoints areas of your website causing slow loading speeds and suggests remedies.

Harnessing Competitor Insights

Understanding your competitors’ ranking positions constitutes another pivotal aspect of an SEO audit. This insight unveils their strategies for high ranking and identifies gaps in your own approach. An audit examines factors like domain age, reviews, and search term rankings for competitors.

Furthermore, an audit can unveil areas where your competitors aren’t dedicating their efforts. Focusing on these neglected aspects can set you apart and offer innovative avenues for website optimisation and marketing.

The Essence of Organic Traffic

Organic traffic, which draws visitors to your website without paid promotions, is a paramount SEO ranking factor. Improved SERP rankings directly correlate with higher organic traffic.

To elevate your ranking through organic traffic, you must craft content aligned with your target audience’s queries. An SEO audit can pinpoint the keywords that lead users to your site, offering a starting point for content creation. Adequate distribution of these keywords throughout your website enhances ranking prospects. However, content relevance remains crucial, as keyword stuffing can hinder ranking. If keywords abound but the content lacks relevance, users will swiftly exit your site.

What’s next?

In a digital landscape brimming with websites, the visibility and prominence of your website demand proactive efforts. Regular SEO audits emerge as a fundamental practice to not only meet search engine criteria but also to surpass competitors and engage potential clients effectively. By addressing positioning, content quality, loading speed, competition, and organic traffic, you fortify your website’s position in the ever-evolving realm of online presence.


What is a technical SEO audit?

A Technical SEO Audit is a systematic analysis of your website’s technical aspects to evaluate its performance, health, and search engine optimisation readiness. It involves a thorough examination of various technical elements that influence how search engines crawl, index, and rank your site.

How long does an SEO audit take?

The duration of an SEO audit varies based on your website’s size and complexity. Smaller sites might take a few hours, while larger or intricate websites could take several days.

How much is an SEO audit?

The cost of an SEO audit can vary widely depending on several factors, including the complexity of your website, the scope of the audit, the expertise of the agency or professional, and the specific deliverables included in the audit package.

Can I conduct a SEO audit myself?

While basic technical audits can be conducted by website owners with some SEO knowledge, comprehensive audits are best handled by professionals. They possess the expertise and tools to thoroughly assess and address technical issues.

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