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Having a professional website is key to any business's success. All of your digital marketing efforts and any digital spaces you occupy will link back to your website. Your website is the backbone of your online presence. Here at Priority Pixels, our Web Design Devon service aims to help businesses from all industries get online with a professional and responsive website.

Whether you are in need of a responsive e-commerce website or a fully content managed blog, we have the expertise to build you a website that not only looks great but performs just as well. We have successfully established a tried and tested web design process that makes sure every website we produce delivers its core aim.

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Web Design Case Studies

Full digital strategy and implementation for innovative dental practice

Revitalise Dental Centre is an innovative, five star treatment centre offering a new blueprint for dental care. Based in St Agnes, Cornwall, the state of the art centre housed in a bespoke eco building attracts customers from across the UK and Europe because of its exceptional reputation and outstanding results.

Revitalise asked us to re-imagine their website, keeping the same tone and welcoming feel but revising and updating all the content. They also needed us to create and deliver a broader plan for their brand than just a beautiful new site.

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Group website redesign, copy, photography and video for leading global provider of marine support services

Since their formation in 1984, V.Group has provided a full range of ship management and maritime services to the commercial shipping, cruise, energy, and defence industries. More than 30 years later, their network has expanded and their offerings increased, allowing them to become the leading independent group provider of global maritime services.

With over 20 brands to their name, the group website had become bloated and difficult to navigate. V.Group needed a new website to showcase the increasing number of maritime support services they offer, as well as the brands that manage them.

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Bespoke website redesign for large Devon based window supplier and installer

Since 1981, family-run business Aspect Windows have specialised in manufacturing and installing an innovative range of PVCu, aluminium, and aluminium composite windows, doors, and conservatories. With a commitment to producing and installing stylish, energy-efficient products, as well as their customer service and professional advice, Aspect have a deserved 35+ year reputation.

To bring the Aspect Windows website into a new era, the Priority Pixels web design team worked closely with the Aspect team to create a completely new look across their website.

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Comprehensive training website for global petrochemical company

US-based global petrochemical giants, Nexant, came to Priority Pixels looking for help to build a comprehensive training website. Their London-based training team were struggling with the challenges of an 8-hour time difference and no direct access to update their own content.

As a leading global company, Nexant provides software, consulting, and services to worldwide utilities, energy and chemical companies, and Government bodies. A large part of their offering is to deliver public and in-house training courses around the world, providing a broad understanding of the petrochemical industry.

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Website redesign for Booker Prize winning author

A successful author, Penelope Lively’s writing career began in 1970. Over the course of the next 45 years, she has continued to write over 50 books of fiction and non-fiction for adults and children alike. Now was the time to have a website that could showcase her many novels and short stories all in one place.

The focus of any website should be its content, but as web designers, it’s sometimes easy to get carried away and ‘over design’ a site for the sake of it. For Penelope, we were keen to keep the design simple and not to over-elaborate. Therefore, throughout the site, the attention is firmly on her literary back catalogue.

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Robust website redesign for a small Devon based estate agency

As a successful Devon estate agency, Homefinders knew they needed an up to date website to compete with more and more online agencies flooding the market. They also realised the need to provide an easy user experience for all site visitors, including a high percentage of their older clients.

Using WordPress, the new site was given a fresh design that had simplicity at its heart. Having a good user experience was a top priority for the team, so we gave special attention to a straightforward navigation structure that was easy to use for every client demographic.

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Responsive website redesign for leading assisted bathing specialist

As manufacturers of specialist baths, Access Walk-in Baths market their range of products through a network of retailers and installers across the country. With a new website, it was their opportunity to showcase their range of products in full, as well as making it easy for customers to get in touch directly with their dealer network.

Built using WordPress, our web design team were able to create a brand new site layout, giving visitors an easy and clear user experience throughout. With large imagery on each page across the site, we made the best use of professional photography to show every product, while each individual product page also shows a slideshow of full close-up detail images.

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Website design for leading manufacturers of insulated and energy-rated glass

Frontier Doors supplies a range of thermoplastic, insulated composite doors and hardware aimed directly at their end-user customers.

Created in WordPress, our main aim was to give the site a fresh design and make it easy to use and navigate. With clear headers and menus, each page gives visitors all the information they need when choosing their doors, together with separate pages for hardware choices and detailed technical product specifications. We also added an online portal linking to an external site making it easy for customers to get a quote or order their doors directly.

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Full digital strategy and implementation for innovative dental practice Group website redesign, copy, photography and video for leading global provider of marine support services Bespoke website redesign for large Devon based window supplier and installer Comprehensive training website for global petrochemical company Website redesign for
Booker Prize winning author Robust website redesign for a small Devon based estate agency Responsive website redesign for leading assisted bathing specialist Website design for leading manufacturers of insulated and energy-rated glass

Web Design Devon

If you’re looking to get your business online with a brand new website it’s good to understand exactly what web design is. Building a professional website is more than just choosing a template from a website builder and adjusting the text. This is because a website needs to be in line with your current branding. Everything from fonts, images, graphics, colour palettes, and building layouts need to be planned carefully. Our Web Design Devon service will start from scratch, lay the foundation and build a responsive website on top.

That’s why before we start to build any website we gain a deep understanding of what your business is about and what your branding currently looks like. As we are based in Devon we aim to meet with all our clients in person to understand their aims, needs and who their audience is. Of course if this isn’t possible we are happy to communicate other ways.

All of our websites have an end goal in mind; to create an easy to use website that goes above and beyond our clients expectations, which helps our clients build their brand, business, and online reputation. As well as providing their audience with an engaging website that is informative and easy to navigate.

Website Showcase

User Interface Design

User interface (UI) design is an important step in web design. But rather than focusing on how the site looks and feels, UI design gets stuck into the underlying tech that really makes your website work well, to maximise the user experience and increases your brands awareness in Devon.

If your website isn’t working to the best of its ability and customers can’t find what they need, pages don’t load quickly if at all, or the site is slow and clunky, the chances are they’ll ditch you and move on – and they won’t be coming back.

A great UI design will help you reach your chosen web goals by successfully fulfilling your customer’s wants and needs – not just once, but time and again. Creating a defined and engaging path throughout your site – so customers can get the information they want and buy, book, or browse quickly – will keep it intuitive, boosting your conversions and amplifying user engagement. And that all adds up to happy customers who will keep coming back. Our web design Devon service aims to create a dynamic and responsive website, so it not only looks great but also performs as good as it looks.

UI Design

What Priority Pixels do



Here at Priority Pixels we don’t just use a template and stick your name on it. We understand that consistent branding across all of your digital spaces is key to a successful business. That's why we fully immerse ourselves into your situation to gain a detailed understanding of your audience and your business. Knowing this enables us to design a website that is not only in-line with your brand but also adheres to your audiences expectations. Devon is a competitive county for any business, we want to help yours stand out.

Once this has been determined we build all of our clients websites from scratch using using an underpinning column and grid system. This allows us to not only place headers and footers correctly but also create a site navigation that is easy to use and understand. During the visualisation stage we will also determine small details like page and text colour, contrasts and spacing between images and text. Our web design service in Devon all leads towards a responsive and unique website.



A website that loads quickly is key to encouraging your audience to stick around, nearly half of internet users expect a web page to load within 2 seconds. Everything on your website will have a size attributed to it, including images, video and text. When you add all this up a website can easily get overloaded, resulting in a slow and poor performing website. However, optimising every element of your website can drastically reduce loading times increasing its speed and overall user experience.

When we develop and design a website we take every measure possible to ensure your website performs as well as it possibly can. Every element is optimised and we ensure that only the necessary elements are displayed. Minimising HTTP requests, hosting videos on a third party site, and reducing the number of plug-ins used on your site are some of the many ways we can enhance your websites performance. All to ensure your visitors have a faster, more enjoyable, and less frustrating user experience



Every business owner wants to attract as many people to their website as possible, making sure it can be accessed by everyone is the only way to make this a reality. There are many disabilities that can affect the way people use the internet, including issues with vision and hearing.

We develop and design all of our websites with user accessibility as a top priority. This means choosing contrasting colours and typography to keep legibility easy for anyone who needs it. We use other techniques such as adding alt text to images which can be accessed by ‘text readers’ to describe images to those visually impared. Whatever your site requirements are, we’ll make sure it can be experienced by everyone.



Smart devices, tablets and many other electronic devices make it possible for people to access the internet in different ways. Many of these devices use different web browsers and operating systems. The functionality of your website is how well it works across all these platforms. It's estimated that almost half of internet users access the web using a mobile device.

We have a specific process we use when creating all our websites which ensures all functionality concerns and requirements for your site are met. This process has been thoroughly tested across all the major operating systems and web browsers to ensure all our websites function correctly, no matter what platform they are being accessed from. Our Web Design Devon service will ensure your website can be accessed by anyone, anywhere.

Project Management Devon

Like many major investments a website design project can be a lengthy process which covers many different areas. Because we want to ensure everything is covered from the start we will work closely with you to create a project brief that covers all your needs and expectations. Once this brief is in place we will put together a project management plan that outlines everything from goals to deadlines. Our offices are based in Devon, meaning it’s possible to discuss everything with you in person if necessary. We aim to make our Web Design Devon service as collaborative as possible.

Depending on the size of your business it might be necessary to talk with your business’ stakeholders to understand the overall objectives of the project at a larger scale.

Here at Priority Pixels we believe in full transparency, that’s why once all project areas have been recognised we will provide you with a detailed project proposal. This proposal outlines our recommendations together with a timeline of schedules, deadlines, and costs. Providing this document explains both our and your project expectations so everyone can clearly understand the ultimate goals.

Project Management

Responsive Web Design Devon

Advances in technology have made accessing the internet easier than ever. Computers, smartphones, tablets, game consoles and even certain smartwatches can all be used to access the internet. The need to be connected to the internet 24/7 has resulted in the expectation that all websites are responsive across any device.

Websites that are not optimised and mobile friendly risk not only losing customers but also damaging their brand. Think about it, websites that do not work on correctly across various platforms look unprofessional. An unprofessional business can be deemed untrustworthy.

Here at Priority Pixels, designing mobile friendly and responsive sites is all part of our tested process. All of our websites are designed through the use of CSS3. This provides a solution to ensure all of the websites we build remain consistent in functionality and presentation across all devices whilst remaining response. Our Web Design Devon service aims to create a website that provides a rich user experience.

Responsive Web Design

Web Development Devon

Every website we create is designed to be engaging, visually appealing and functional to both the client and end user. However, creating a professional website is an extremely complex task. We aim to be transparent throughout the whole process and explain everything in an understandable manner.

The way the internet has developed over the last 10 years, web development consists of more than just the creation of the website itself. Social media, e-commerce, downloadable content and many other external factors need to be taken into consideration. Here at Priority Pixels we stay up to date with all the latest tech trends that shape the development world.

Web Development

Performance is everything

In a digital world with ever changing technologies and high expectations from the public, website performance is something we take extremely seriously. We continually keep up with the latest technology and updates to ensure our Web Design Devon service meets the your expectations…and the visitors to your new website.

A website that looks amazing is worthless if it doesn’t perform as good as it looks. Not only do our team have the ability to create websites that look visually stunning but also ones that perform to the highest of standards. Our team are continually analysing, testing, and fine-tuning all our websites to make sure they perform as good as they look.

Website performance is judged by both its visitors and search engines. Website speed is one of the many ranking factors Google uses to determine how highly a website ranks on a Search Engine Results Page (SERP). A websites performance is judged on how quickly everything loads, moves, and displays.

Providing visitors to your site the best experience possible is one of our aims. This ensures they come back often and are likely to share your website. To make this a reality we need to ensure respond and load times are the highest they can possible be. The team at Priority Pixels will review and refine what’s displayed on a web page at any given time.

We have a number of ways that have been tried and tested to ensure your website reaches optimum performance. Many of these are achieved during the websites build including code optimisation, order of execution, server configuration, and specialised content delivery networks. However we also use a number of industry leading tools and applications including:

Google Pagespeed

Google Pagespeed

Google Pagespeed is a tool we use during the early stages of developing your website. It works by anzlyinsing the performance of your website and identifies opportunities to enhance it. By testing the page URL, Pagespeed will highlight potential CSS or Javascript issues, as well as images that need optimising.



Pingdom is another performance monitoring tool we use to evaluate how well a website is performing. It provides a much more detailed analysis of your website compared to other tools offering a similar service. Delivering real-user monitoring, page speed testing, server response times, and downtime, Pingdom immediately highlights anything that could be slowing you down.



All our websites are built using WordPress meaning we have access to plug-in’s that are trusted and reliable. Hummingbird is a pro-performance and optimisation tool which is used to help your website run as fast and efficiently as possible. With a plug-in that works to increase your websites loading times, you are more likely to see an increase in traffic to your site and appear higher on SERPs.

Smush Pro

Smush Pro

One of the biggest opportunities to increase your websites overall performance is by using images that are small in size. However, reducing image sizes manually can be a tedious task. Smush Pro is a plug-in also available in WordPress which scans every image on your website and compresses them quickly. Giving your website a speed boost and more time to focus on other aspects of it.



YSlow is an open-source extension that sits inside common web browsers to analyse web pages and give its rating on their speed. In sharing best practice advice, it provides suggestions and feedback on where time and performance savings can be made to improve page load times.

Website Hosting Devon

In this digital age, having a strong and reliable web hosting infrastructure is a necessity. As a web design agency this is particularly important to us, that’s exactly why we have a strong and reliable web hosting infrastructure in place. Not only does ensure our own website is safe and secure but also all of our clients.

Hosting our client’s websites has been part of our web package for many years now. Through the entire development stage of your website we are continually testing its performance and reliability. Once your website is ready to go public our system’s reliability lets us change from the development site to live, quickly and seamlessly.

Our system experts are always monitoring servers and work closely with the web team to report any changes for quick maintenance. Our fully managed hosting service offers a secure, reliable and increased website load times. We offer ongoing support as part of the service meaning we are on hand to answer any questions you may have.

Managed Hosting

Content Management Solutions Devon

Having a professionally built website is great but what happens when you need to update your website’s content? With a content management system (CMS) added to your website this is not a problem.

All of our websites are built in WordPress which allows us to add a CMS system directly into your website, customised to your needs. The great thing is the CMS system we put in place will not require much technical knowledge or web expertise.

Many of our clients have websites built that require continual updates such as items for their e-commerce store or updating their blog. You can essentially add or update any content without waiting for us to do it for you. Or without the worry of breaking your website. A CMS custom-designed for your business will mean you’ll be able to increase internal usage across team members and lower your costs in the long run.

We understand that running your business is time consuming enough as it is. That’s why all the content management systems we put in place are easy to use and manage. Even if yourself or a member or your team are not the most tech-savvy we can instruct you how they work and always be on hand to answer any questions you may have. WordPress is one of the most trusted open-source web platforms online with, over 40% of live websites use them. Our web design Devon service aims to to create a responsive website that you can fully manage.


LAMP Stack

Creating a website involves using a number of open-source software known as LAMP. The stack gets its name from four of the original components of its build, a Linux operating system, an Apache HTTP server, a MySQL database system, and PHP programming language. These pieces of open software are interchangeable and may vary amongst web developers, however the final goal remains the same; to build dynamic websites and web applications.



With most things in life, a foundation needs to be created in order to build upon. Linux is the first layer in every LAMP stack. The free and open source operating system is what all the other layers in the stack will run on top off.



Officially named Apache HTTP Server, Apache is an open-source software system for web servers. The purpose of the Apache software is to serve websites to the internet, Apache translates what’s typed into a web browser and directs it to the website.



All computer websites need to be able to store data as well as receive it. MySQL is used exactly for that purpose. MySQL is used to hold database information looked at by scripts when building websites. Because it’s open-source software it is an extremely popular database program, trusted by developers all over the world.



The final layer in the LAMP stack is PHP, a scripting language that is used in web development. PHP: Hypertext Preprocessor is a server-side programming language widely used in web development that contains HTML which is how your site is coded.

We are based in Devon

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What our clients say


Priority Pixels recently redesigned our website and did a fantastic job. We are extremely happy with the end results and have had nothing but positive comments since the website has launched. Paul and the team were a pleasure to work with throughout the process and continue to support us now where needed. I would highly recommend.

Jenna Binding

Aspect Windows, Exeter


The Priority Pixels team have been great to work with. They took our original ideas, gave us great advice and guidance and developed a website we are very happy with.

Chris Parmenter

Nexant, London


I have worked with Priority Pixels on a few projects now and I have to say the level of professionalism shown is above and beyond the level I have received from other providers. I will continue to use Priority Pixels for all future ventures.

Andy Williams

Gainsborough Healthcare Group, Redditch

What we do

As a results driven creative design and digital marketing agency, we like to be the partner that sits alongside your business. Whether we are assisting you with a new website, improving your search engine ranking, creating engaging content or managing a paid advertising channel, we will work with you to drive your business forward online.

Our team will work closely with your brand to build innovative digital experiences for your target audience. It is our mission to create digital campaigns that are not only creative and market leading, but most importantly, deliver commercial success.

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