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20 Best Digital Marketing Agency Websites of 2021

20 Best Digital Marketing Agency Websites of 2021

Posted: 18th February 2021

For a digital marketing agency like Priority Pixels, a website is essentially a digital brick and mortar store. Much like an architectural agency or construction company, a website is a digital marketing agency’s portfolio. Not only is it important to design and build a website optimised for SEO, but it’s also important to tell the story of your brand, and where the agency is heading in order to attract clients that align with your values.

We’ve found 20 of the best websites from our own industry. It can be tricky for a digital marketing agency to perfect their own digital strategy while they’re busy building everybody else’s. The following websites have managed to combine accessibility with on-point branding, and informative content in the form of a blog and/or newsfeed.

That Lot

20. That Lot

London, UK

Hip London agency That Lot work across sectors, and have created content for media companies such as Channel 4. That Lot are social media experts, creating highly shareable content with a platform specific focus. From their funky font to the sharp design, it is impossible to avoid the cutting edge creativity at the heart of That Lot’s website.

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Metric Theory

19. Metric Theory

San Francisco, USA

Metric Theory offer clients a data driven approach to digital marketing. From the language of the site, to the visuals picked for landing pages, Metric’s passion for maths permeates the pages and offers potential clients a firm sense of how Metric does business. This is a departure from trendy design driven companies, but also shows how important it is to allow your USP to sit at the forefront of your mission. There may be thousands of digital marketing agencies out there, but nobody does work like you.

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18. CraftedNY

New York, USA

CraftedNY have created a simple and accessible website with chunky headings and a simple menu for optimal accessibility on mobile and desktop. The agency’s brand focussed approach puts clients at the front and centre, showcasing an eclectic mix of work. A navigation panel at the bottom of each page allows the user to move around the site with ease and a clear colour palette gives an immediate impression of the digital marketing agency brand.

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The Brown Cows

17. The Brown Cows

Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

The Brown Cows describe themselves as a ‘lean’ digital marketing agency with simplicity at their core. Their desire for simplicity can be seen in their website, which offers clean, uncomplicated design. A case study on Spotify’s launch in Vietnam offers the clout of a high profile client, and a less is more approach to copy gives the reader an immediate impression of the work that The Brown Cows can do for their brand.

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Pound and Grain

16. Pound and Grain

Toronto, Canada

Toronto based Pound and Grain have created a simple website which puts brands at the heart of their work. It’s worth checking out their blog The Mustard, which offers an insight into the company as well as informative and newsworthy articles about the world of digital marketing.

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Various, US

As an ‘experiential’ digital marketing agency, MOSAIC also focuses on user experience on their website. From the first click through to the homepage, you feel as though you are watching the trailer to a film. This is soon replaced with bold colours and chunky fonts to reveal some of Mosaic’s biggest clients including Budweiser and Google. When clicking on a client, a scrolling wheel appears, showing data analysis from the campaign. This is an effective tool for immediately quantifying your success without numbers getting lost in a sea of copy.

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14. Area17

Paris/New York

Area17 go for a streamlined approach when it comes to copy, letting the work tell the story with chunky pictures of case studies, which can be clicked through to reveal beautiful images and further information about the client. The use of a split screen when scrolling on desktop is a smart feature which lets you navigate the website and browse clients more efficiently. Based across two time zones, a digital clock showing the time in both Paris and New York is a nice addition which tells an immediate story of Area17’s geography and lets you know which office is sleeping.

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The Square Peg

13. The Square Peg

Islamabad, Pakistan

The Square Peg is a unique digital marketing agency based in Islamabad. Their Case Study page allows users to filter clients and case studies, to give a streamlined overview of The Square Peg’s work in different sectors. There is also a live chat function which remains active during the working day, making it easy to ask quick questions and begin a dialogue with the company.

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12. Mimosa

Berlin, Germany

Mimosa works within disruption, aiming to change the way we think about the world and helping brands to do the same. A scroll down the homepage reveals striking background images which reinforce the visual nature of the digital marketing agency. Technical information is kept to a minimum allowing images and client references to speak for themselves.

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11. MAKE

London, UK

London based Make offers a number of digital packages for clients looking to raise their brand profile. Make’s own branding is simple: with a video welcome, bold text and simple navigation. A ‘Start Your Project’ button on the menu bar is a nice feature which takes the user to a simple form to request a quote. The inclusion of the option to state the budget of your project is useful for agencies to offer SEO services which fit a client budget, and allowing the conversation about money to be naturally integrated into the quote offer, saving time for both the client and the agency.

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Good Morning Naug

10. Good Morning Naug

Oslo, Norway

Good Morning Naug are one of Norway’s most awarded agencies, with multinational clients such as Schweppes and Mini Cooper. GMN’s website leads with striking visuals, video and a sleek design which looks brilliant on either desktop or mobile. With captivating hover-over effects, GNM has created a smooth and interesting user experience.

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9. Beans

L’viv, Ukraine

Interaction, animation, innovative user experience: Ukranian digital agency Beans has it all. If your website is a shop window, then Beans’ website is their glass fronted flagship. Quirky animations of beans dance around laptops and interesting click-throughs disrupt the expected pattern of site navigation. Beans’ website is unforgettable and the company ethos of playfulness is easily exuded in their design.

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Huge Inc

8. Huge Inc


Bold and sleek, values driven Huge Inc uses their website to blend client cases with their own values. The website can be navigated through the huge menu at the top of the page, or through a map function in the right hand corner. With the ABOUT section resting firmly in the middle of the screen, HUGE allows the reader to see where the agency started and what they believe in. A scroll down menu coupled with just enough copy makes the website user friendly and informative without getting stuck on digital marketing jargon.

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Creative Nerds

7. Creative Nerds

London, UK

Just like an 80s action film, the Creative Nerds website packs a punch. Creative Nerds describe themselves as a ‘hybrid’ marketing agency, covering everything from videography to SEO. Their Services page is bright and clear, offering only a sentence on each area offered by the company. A less-is-more approach makes the site visually appealing and concise for the reader.

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Mint Twist

6. Mint Twist

London, UK

London based agency Mint Twist takes a ‘No BS’ (their words!) approach to digital marketing, and their website reflects their honesty. Client visuals lead and a warm, friendly website proves that you don’t need fancy animation or shouty graphics to win client trust. 

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5. &Walsh

New York, USA

Jessica Walsh was once one half of the eponymous design duo Sagmeister and Walsh. Since the launch of her own agency &Walsh in 2019, she has been at the helm of an agency that exudes the luxury feel that it creates for clients across the globe. The high fashion feel is created with chunky sans serif font and just like brand.new, your cursor will magically transform on entry. The &Walsh website is a great example of how a company can attract the clients they wish to pursue with the feel of their web design.

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Pilot Fish Media

4. Pilot Fish Media

Edinburgh, UK

Pilot Fish Media make use of simple copy and banish acronyms for a user friendly website which will put even the biggest technophobe at ease. The visuals are bright but not avant-garde, and candid photographs of staff in the office give the agency a personal vibe. 

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3. brand.new

Athens, Greece

On entering the brand.new site, as your cursor turns into a giant yellow dot, you would be forgiven for thinking that this is the website for a hip greek gallery. The company has a design led practice which is instantly recognisable in their own web design. The interactive map on the ‘Contact Us’ page allows you to reveal parts of the neighbourhood around the gallery as you wave your cursor across the screen. 

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2. Eichmeister

Berlin, Germany

Eichmeister’s home page has a handy little tab which offers a free design-audit. Often this button might be seen as a quote, but this clever rewording could improve the chance to collect data, since it has the appearance of being free from commitment, and increases the chance of converting leads, as Eichmeister are framing a quotation as an opportunity to experience the company’s expertise.

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Priority Pixels

1. Priority Pixels

Devon, UK

Of course we would say Priority Pixels is number one! We value simplicity and honesty, and we reckon our website does the same. Our handy blog gives an insight into our work and an informative peek into the world of digital marketing. If you’re looking for a hard working and creative team to look after your online package, get in touch with us today.

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Which company is best for digital marketing?

We’d be lying if we didn’t say our very own agency was the best! Priority Pixels has been building bespoke websites and digital strategies in the sunny Southwest since 2016. Our experienced, close-knit team can cover all aspects of your digital marketing strategy, from website development to blog writing and content creation.

What is a digital marketing agency?

A digital marketing agency helps you with your online marketing strategy. Typically this includes web design and development, social media growth, and content creation.

Why should you use a digital marketing agency?

In our modern, fast-paced world ensuring your company stands out amidst all the digital noise is absolutely crucial. While going online can seem daunting, a digital marketing agency can help you with your strategy to get your business noticed.

How can a digital marketing agency can help you?

Whether you’re the owner of an international fashion label or a chain of small bakeries, agencies such as Priority Pixels can help your business generate leads and increase a social media following, as well as assist in building your brand and pinning down your target audience.

At Priority Pixels, we host a small team of knowledgeable web experts who can help grow your business through organic digital marketing strategies.

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