You’re hired – our search for a new apprentice is over

You’re hired – our search for a new apprentice is over

Posted: 20th June 2018

With Priority Pixels going from strength to strength over the last year, one of the easiest decisions we made as a business was to add another new face to the team.

One of many high points for any business comes when they need to invest in people to help grow and expand. And Priority Pixels are more than happy to have reached a stage where we can do the same. So it’s with great pleasure that we welcome our newest team member, Danni Webber, into our Devon office as a Web Design apprentice.

Though our search for the right candidate was long, we knew we’d eventually find the right person with the right skills and determination to expand our web design team. And with Danni, that’s exactly who we got.

Though Danni’s work experience was decidedly non-web based (she’d previously had roles in accountancy), it was her eagerness—and, let’s face it, impatience—to start her career in web development that really made her stand out.

Such is her enthusiasm, she’s already learnt many of the fundamental basics of web development and design, including HTML5, CSS3, and Javascript, and is even learning more about JQuery. All in her own time – what more could we wish for?

Danni says “I have my heart set on changing to a career in web development, as I found accountancy stifled most free-thinking, so I will do whatever it takes to prove myself in this role, and learn all I can.

We’re really made up that we’ve found such energy and spirit in Danni, and we look forward to working with her to hone her already impressive skills, and help her become the web coder, developer and designer we know she can be.

Welcome to the team, Danni!

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