New Business Referral Scheme

New Business Referral Scheme

Posted: 10th May 2017

Today we have launched a ‘referral scheme’ which is available for everyone.

Do you know someone who is looking for a new website? Want to earn some extra money? If so all you need to do is pass on their details to us and we’ll take care of the rest.

It’s very simple. We will pay you 10% commission on all new website projects you refer to us.

For example if you refer someone to us that requires a new website and we supply them with a website for £4,000.00, we will pay you £400!

You can contact us by phone or by email with the details of the person you would like to refer. We will then contact that person and start the project.

Once the project has been completed and payment of the project has been paid in full, we will simply email you to confirm how much commission you will earn. All you then need to do is invoice us for that amount and we will make payment to you via bank transfer.

It really is that easy!

So if you know of anyone looking for a web agency that is honest and hardworking, then why not recommend them to Priority Pixels and we’ll take care of the rest.

So don’t hesitate start referring and earning TODAY!

The Digital Marketing Team
Priority Pixels
01626 245061

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Paul Clapp

Paul has over 15 years of web design and project management experience working in IT and marketing. As Co-Founder and Creative Director of Priority Pixels, Paul manages the day to day running of all web design and SEO related projects.

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