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Why Your Website Needs A Regular SEO Audit

Why Your Website Needs A Regular SEO Audit

Posted: 25th March 2020

Search Engine Optimisation, or SEO, is one of the most important things you can do to get your website seen. Your site is not automatically visible to everyone once you put it live. It needs to meet certain criteria so that it is recognised by search engines. Undertaking a regular SEO audit of your website can help identify which areas still need to be optimised.

Google has over 200 different ranking factors that help their bots decide what pages are relevant and have been optimised. An SEO audit will check your website against these ranking factors in order to see how optimised it is. If your site isn’t ranking highly in Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs), it’s unlikely you will get much organic traffic. Meaning, that you will have to work harder to reach potential clients.

SEO audits are vital in understanding your competitors and how well your site meets your clients needs. Conducting regular audits means you can keep up with the forever changing benchmarks set by search engines, and keep your rankings high.

Here are our top reasons why your website needs a regular SEO audit:

The Top Position Matters

Searching for the term SEO in Google returns 707 million results. So how do you know which of those results have the right information? Google bots scan websites to see if there is any information on those pages relevant to the search query. The more relevant and useful the information, the higher you will rank. When searching online, users are 92% more likely to click on a business found on the first page of local search results. The higher you appear on the results pages, the higher your engagement and click-through rates are going to be.

As soon as your website falls off of the first results page, your engagement rates will start to drop. In an SEO audit you will be provided with a list of keywords that you appear most for in search results. You can create content for your site around these keywords, using them to your advantage to help increase your ranking.

Outdated or Duplicate Content

Updating your old content to keep up with new and relevant information will help to keep your SEO ranking high. With how quickly our world changes, allowing content to become outdated means visitors are more likely to bounce off of your site. Updating content that already exists and ranked highly is more effective than creating a new piece of content. This is because the existing page has already been indexed and holds SEO value. If you create a new piece of content, you will have to start the ranking process all over again.

Duplicate content can also impact your SEO ranking. If you copy a piece of content directly off a website and post it onto your own without changing anything, it will impact your ranking. This is because bots will not be able to distinguish between your page and the original content. Therefore, the search engine may split showing your page with the original page, impacting the visibility of both sites.

An SEO audit will be able to see if you have any duplicate or outdated content which could be affecting your ranking.

Page Loading Speed

As technology develops, people’s expectations increase. 47% of web users now expect a website to load within 2 seconds. The longer your website takes to load the more likely it is people will bounce off of your site. Both bounce rate and site speed are used as ranking factors in Google’s ranking algorithms. The bots that scan websites can see the amount of visitors to your site and how long they stay for. If they bounce off before it finishes loading, or they are only there for a short time period, Google thinks the information on your site is not relevant.

Undertaking an SEO audit will identify areas of your website that are causing a slow loading speed and will suggest solutions.

Competitor Weaknesses

Determining how well your competitors are ranking is another key feature of an SEO audit. It allows you to see what they are doing to rank highly, and what gaps are in your own strategy. An audit can determine factors such as domain age, reviews they have, and how highly they rank for search terms.

Not only will the audit reveal how well your competitors are doing, it could also uncover some areas they aren’t optimising. It is the areas that your competitors are not focusing on, that you should start focusing on. This will help you stand out from the crowd and give you unique ways to optimise and market your website.

Organic Traffic

Traffic that drives people to your website organically is one of the most important SEO ranking factors. Organic traffic counts people who find your website as a result of unpaid search results. The higher your website ranks in SERPs, the higher your organic traffic will be.

In order to increase your ranking through organic traffic, you need to be creating content that your target audience is searching for. An SEO audit will be able to identify what keywords your website is being found for. This is a good place to start when creating content. Ensuring these keywords are distributed throughout your website enough will help you start to rank higher. But you need to make sure that the content is useful and relevant to your business. Keyword stuffing can impact your ranking. If you have enough keywords but the rest of the content isn’t relevant, people will bounce off your site.

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If you would like to find out how the team at Priority Pixels can help optimise your website, then get in touch today by emailing: hello@prioritypixels.co.uk , or call us on 01626 245061.

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