What Traditional Marketing Communications Practitioners Can Bring To Digital Marketing

What Traditional Marketing Communications Practitioners Can Bring To Digital Marketing

Posted: 20th May 2013

Digital marketing is still a relatively new practice, but it is already proving to be very popular with businesses of all sizes. Digital marketing is often seen as a cheaper alternative to more traditional marketing techniques, results are simple to measure and it can lead to international exposure. However, just because digital marketing is growing in popularity, there are still many reasons why companies should combine digital marketing with traditional marketing techniques. Here are some of the main ways in which traditional marketing communications practitioners can enhance your digital marketing campaigns.

Develop an Integrated Approach

Even if your company is focusing primarily on internet marketing, an effective advertising campaign should take advantage of all of the channels available. A marketing practitioner with both online and offline experience could successfully orchestrate a marketing campaign that takes in online ads, emails and social media at the same time as TV and newspaper coverage, creating a unified approach that promotes the same brand values across the different channels to have an even greater impact.

Reach a Wider Audience

There are many different ways to reach your target audience, and it should be remembered that that not everyone is reachable online. If a large portion of your target audience remains out of reach online, you can incorporate traditional techniques to reach more of your targets. Traditional marketing practitioners will help you to identify the most effective ways to engage with your audience across all the channels, increasing your reach significantly.

Take Relationships Offline

A traditional marketing communications practitioner with experience of organising large events could help you to plan an event for your customers or other businesses in your industry. You may regularly interact with your contacts online, but meeting up in person is a good way to solidify bonds so that they do not remain virtual. After the event, you could go back to communicating mainly via social media, for example, but the relationships will be stronger as a result of the physical meeting.

Use Printed Matter to Reinforce Online Messages

People still like to hold things in their hands, and this can be the case when it comes to your marketing material. Even when customers approach you online through your website and social media channels, they may still want to see a brochure, to hold it in their hands and look through it in their own time. Traditional marketing practitioners with experience of online marketing can manage the whole process, from directing targeted traffic to your website to designing the brochure that reinforces your online message.

Focus on Both Digital & Traditional Marketing

Traditional marketing will remain popular for a long time to come, and there is no reason why you should focus on just online tactics or traditional tactics. It makes more sense for many businesses to focus on a combined approach that enables them to enjoy the best of both worlds and get a good balance, which is something that a marketing communications practitioner can help you to achieve.

As online becomes more saturated and expensive for advertisers and marketers to crack its inevitable that businesses will revert to traditional tactics which in many cases and coming down in price and increasing in effectiveness.

John McElborough is a guest blogger from Cobb PR Digital Marketing – a Brighton based agency specialising in traditional offline and online marketing and PR.

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