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What makes a good logo? 5 logo design tips

What makes a good logo? 5 logo design tips

Posted: 7th August 2019

Your logo is your brand’s personal identification. It’s there to help people distinguish your business from another. Although it’s a visual piece of work its not to be mistaken with a piece of art. A logo is a strategic tool to help you with your brand’s visibility and marketing. For this reason it’s extremely important to ensure your logo is created professionally with careful planning and purpose.

As part of your brands visual identity the logo will be the heart of it. You will want people to see your logo and instantly associate it with your business. Although it’s difficult to get right, listed below are 5 principles to creating a good logo.

Keep it Simple

Nike Logo

The most famous logos are the ones with a simple design. Yet they have something compelling and unique that makes them unforgettable. Keeping elements in a logo to a minimum is important as customers only focus on them for a short time. You’re trying to catch the eye of the public with an easily identifiable representation of your business.

A simple logo will have a focus on colours, fonts and symbols that reflects a company’s personality. It’s very rare that simplicity in a logo is just a coincidence, they are well thought out to present a company effectively.

Creating a simple logo does not limit your design options. There are still multiple options to choose from. You might want your design to be a symbol, with no text or additional shapes or lines. A symbol can result in a powerful yet simple logo that is easily identifiable to a company. A great example is Nike’s famous swoosh logo or tick. Designed to represent speed and movement inspired by Nike; the Greek Goddess of victory.

Another great design is the use of text with focus on fonts and colour. Take the logo for Toys “R” Us for example. It uses a variety of bright colours with a cartoon style font. As a result it easily identifies its target market in a simple and memorable way.

Give it a unique purpose

A good logo will have purpose; to communicate a brand’s ethos and mission. A logo with purpose does not have to necessarily include a company’s product or service. An apple with a bite mark immediately identifies with technology giants Apple. However, as you are probably aware the company does not sell fruit. With that being said it still represents the brand in a meaningful way. Their logo is a symbol, usually presented in one colour with no fancy text. It reflects their brand effectively, being famous for creating products that are simple yet powerful.

It’s also reported that Apple’s logo is designed to represent lust and knowledge. An apple is also used to symbolise knowledge in the bible. Their current logo clearly has a purpose in mind; to represent their products as a source to obtain knowledge.

It may seem like this is digging a little to deep for a logo. However every part of your business should represent your brand fully. If the iconic apple was switched to a computer, it probably wouldn’t be as intriguing.

Make it timeless

The most effective logos stand the test of time. Logos that go unchanged for years will not be inspired by trends and fashion. This could prove successful at a given period but will usually be short lived. Trends change, and with the current state of the Internet they change fast.

A prime example is Coca Cola, their logo has gone almost unchanged since the 1950s design. Where as their main competitor; Pepsi changed their logo around 10 times between 1950 and 2009. You can have a look at the differences here.

You might argue that you can just update your logo when trends start to fade. This is extremely dangerous and harmful for your brand. With 1000’s of businesses being started every year in the UK alone, remaining consistent with your image is key. When designing your logo you need to plan long term, will the logo still be effective in 10 years time? 20 years? The main objective is for your logo to represent you long term.

Ensure its versatile

sheila caputo

Regardless if your business is a physical store or an e-commerce site, your logo needs to be versatile. A well designed logo will work across multiple mediums and platforms. Your logo will appear on all of your assets from company uniform to marketing materials. It needs to be practical. Even the best looking and most unique logos will lose credibility if not formatted correctly.

Having a logo that only works on your website will limit your marketing options. It’s completely possible to create a logo that is capable of being resized without losing quality, using the vector format. This is because they are created differently to standard images. What this means is they can be used on a small format such as a business card or a much larger one such as a van.

If your logo follows the first piece of advice, you are already on track to a more versatile logo. Ones that are kept simple will instantly be more flexible. Without the overuse of different colours and imagery they will ‘fit’ better in multiple mediums.

Make it memorable

All these elements should help you create a logo that is memorable. Your logo will help customers differentiate your business from others. However, creating a logo that is impactful and easy to remember is easier said than done. It needs to catch the eye of an audience and stick in their brain.

For a new company, using a visual aid in your logo over text alone is potentially a safer option. Images are easier for people to recall. On the other hand there is a danger of using a symbol too similar to another brands. A memorable logo will find a balance between the use of imagery, text, colour and choice of font.

Find out more

If you’d like more information about how Priority Pixels graphic designers can help create a professional logo for your business, contact us today! Call us on 01626 245061 or email: hello@prioritypixels.co.uk.

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