Website revamp for NHS Health Connections directory website

Website revamp for NHS Health Connections directory website

Posted: 10th February 2020

Priority Pixels were delighted to support Health Connections Mendip with a full revamp of their current website. Enhancing its overall look with rich and crisp imagery with an easy to navigate interface. Ensuring the full directory of groups and services offered by the Health Connections Mendip service were easily accessible.

The new design would retain the branding and ethos of the previous website, offering a more vibrant and fluid browsing experience. The home page features beautiful graphics along with a captivating video, informing visitors what Health Connections Mendip offers. Throughout the whole website the feeling of community is felt.

Who is Health Connections Mendip?

Health Connections Mendip is a service introduced by Frome Medical Practice in 2013. The purpose of their website is to provide a detailed directory of health services available to the local community. The range of services available through the directory covers a vast amount of health conditions. Including ones that might not typically be covered by the NHS. From their directory, the local community can find support with physical and emotional well being right through to helping with day to day tasks such as walking the dog or shopping.

The model created by Health Connections Mendip has been such a huge success, featured on many mainstream media, including the BBC, ITV News and The Guardian. And as a result of this mainstream coverage, medical professionals from around the world have contacted both Frome Medical Practice and Priority Pixels to assist them with setting up similar directory services in their own areas.

Website revamp for Health Connections Mendip

With worldwide recognition of their model, Health Connections Mendips website needed an update to compliment the hard work they put if for their local community. As well as all the volunteers, charities and organisations which support the NHS trust. The previous website had a strong feeling of community which we wanted to retain.

Slick Imagery

Part of the website revamp was to enhance the imagery which previously featured on the website. The original design made use of the JPEG format resulting in low-quality imagery, particularly when resized to a large size. As a result, images across the whole website were pixelated and blurred.

So what did we do differently? Rebuilding the website from scratch using the Vector format was key to ensuring all graphics across the whole website remained vibrant and crystal clear. Unlike JPEG images, Vector graphics are a lossless format meaning they do not lose quality or consistency no matter how large they are resized.


The Health Connections Mendip directory is designed to help people in Mendip, Somerset locate groups and services in the community offering support for a wide range of health conditions. These needed to be easily accessible by visitors to the website. As well as providing the option to search specifically for any medical support one may need.

Part of Health Connections Mendips commitment is to continually update the directory with new and emerging services. For this reason, we have created a simple yet effective design that can easily be edited. Allowing for directory listings to be added to and removed as required, as well as edited to suit the geographical area.

Supporting further NHS Health Connections

Health Connections Mendip has seen such success with their model other NHS trusts are following suit. We are extremely proud to be assisting further NHS trusts to roll out this same model within their local communities. Including;

Your Wellbeing Bedfordshire
Wellbeing South Somerset
Living Better – Supporting Independence
Nantwich and Rural Care Community
Taunton Well Being Zone
Live Well in Braunton
Your Wellbeing Gosport & Fareham Health Connections

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