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As a team of web developers, Priority Pixels can help support, maintain and back up your website. Many business owners and entrepreneurs struggle when it comes to maintaining their website. They may have a website that regularly goes down, gets hacked or is too slow. That is where we can help. We can give you the peace of mind that your website is not only running at its optimum, but is also safe and secure for your customers to use. Our website support and maintenance service offers security, managed updates, performance optimisation and regular backups.

24/7 Security Monitoring

24/7 Security Monitoring

Keep your site safe from hackers. Brute force attacks on your website from malicious bots can be a regular occurrence these days. Our 24/7 security monitoring regularly scans for security vulnerabilities and provides vulnerability reports and audit logs. It can keep hackers at bay by offering 2-factor authentication, safety recommendations, blacklist monitoring, IP lockouts, simple security tweaks, core plugin and theme code checking and login masking.

Automatic Backups

Automatic Backups

Regular backups should be the norm for all websites. By creating regular backups of your websites files and data we can make sure your website is returned to a normal state should something go wrong. We offer website backups that are stored securely in the cloud. This means we are only ever one click away from restoring your website back to its last known working version.

Performance Optimisation

Performance Optimisation

Website optimisation is crucial for SEO and your websites success. We will optimise your website to ensure it loads super fast, every time. Our performance optimisation service can carry out file compression, asset optimisation, Gzip compression, image optimisation and more. Our performance monitoring ensures your website is running at its very best all of the time.

Managed Website Hosting

Managed Website Hosting

If you aren’t happy with your current hosting provider then it may be worth moving your website to one of Priority Pixel's cloud servers. Our website hosting boasts the latest speed technologies that make websites load faster: NGINX-based caching, SSD-drives, PHP 7, CDN, HTTP/2. Once your website is hosted with us our web developers will be able to tailor the hosting environment to ensure your website runs at its best.

Website Migration

Website Migration

For any customer wishing to move their website hosting to Priority Pixels we offer a free migration service. All we need is access to your current website. We can usually migrate a website within 24 hours.

Hacked Website Repair Service

Hacked Website Repair Service

If your website has been hacked or you think its been hacked please don’t panic… we can fix it. Our specialist team can remove malware, infections, spam comments and malicious code from any website.

We're ready to help you

Our team of web experts keep up to date with all the latest website updates and security patches. This means we can fix any issue quickly and with confidence. We run regular backups to ensure your website can be restored to full working order should it ever get hacked or compromised. We also provide 24/7 security monitoring to ensure your website is safe from hackers and bots trying to attack your website.

Having a website is a really great way of selling your products and services online. Having Priority Pixels as your support and maintenance partner will ensure your website continues to do just that.


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What is website hosting?

Website hosting is where your website lives on the Internet. For your website to appear on the Internet it needs to be uploaded to a server. Servers are high-tech computers storing all the components that make up a website, such as HTML documents, CSS stylesheets, and images. These servers are connected to the internet so when someone enters a search query into an internet browser, such as Google Chrome, that browser will then connect to various servers to find websites that contain information relevant to the search query.

Think of hosting as finding a house for your website to live in. You need to move all the building blocks of your website to a secure server so that when someone wants to visit, i.e. types your website into Google, browsers will know where to find you.

How to transfer website hosting?

If you feel that you are not getting the hosting services that your website needs, you can transfer to a different website hosting provider. Transferring your website to a different hosting server can be a tricky process, depending on how complex your website is. Most websites involve content management systems and complex databases as well as the files that hold the code. All these files and data need to be transferred in a way that allows your website to continue working as normal, so that any visitors to your website will not know that anything has changed.

If you would like to transfer your website hosting, please get in contact and speak to a member of our team to discuss your options.

What is managed website hosting?

Managed website hosting is when someone else manages the server that your website is on for you. This is usually taken care of by a dedicated and trained individual, allowing for regular updates and maintenance, security, monitoring activity and backing up your website.

Hiring a website hosting service provider to manage your hosting environment will ensure that your website is fully secure twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week. If anything were to happen to your website, they will be able to restore it to its original state by performing regular backups. Maintenance and updates will help your website run as smoothly as possible so that your customers get the best experience when using your website.

Contact us today to discuss our managed website hosting services.

How much should website hosting cost?

How much your website hosting costs completely depends on the type of hosting you choose and which service provider you use. Most web hosting companies will charge you a monthly or annual fee to use their servers for your website.

Shared hosting is the cheapest option as you are sharing a server with other websites. You only pay for a small portion of it, rather than renting the whole thing. Dedicated website hosting is the most expensive type of hosting as you are renting the whole server just for your website, so there are no other companies to split the cost with. The cost of cloud hosting can depend on how many servers you need to rent and what resources you need to keep your website functioning at its optimum.

Most website hosting providers offer the option of managed website hosting in their monthly or annual fees. This will take the hassle away from you of having to keep your website updated and running at its optimum.

Before deciding on your website hosting service provider, make sure that what you are paying for is right for your website. Please get in contact to discuss our website hosting fees.

What is shared website hosting?

Shared website hosting means that your website shares its server with other websites. This is usually a cheaper option when comparing the types of website hosting, as you are only paying for a small portion of one server and splitting the cost of the whole server with other companies who are sharing your space.

Whilst this is a cheaper option, it does mean that your website will have to compete with other websites for resources. This could impact your page loading speed and your uptime. Having to compete with other websites for the same resources could impact that experience that visitors to your website have. Shared website hosting is not usually recommended for a website with a high traffic rate as your website may not be able to function as properly as it should.

Even though you are sharing a server with other websites, you will not have access to their files, and vice versa.

What is cloud website hosting?

Cloud website hosting means that your website is hosted on more than one web server. It also means that your website information and data is stored virtually rather than in a physical server.

By using resources from various servers, if one of the servers is down or at maximum capacity, another server can take over. This allows your website to stay up and running online as smoothly as possible for your customers. Using a cloud-based server can also help to increase your loading speed as you are not relying on just one server that is also trying to load multiple other websites. The different servers that your website is stored on will all be able to help load your website faster.

With most cloud-based website hosting solutions, you only pay for what you need. If you see a rise in traffic to your website, you can increase your resources. This stops you paying for a bigger hosting package that may include resources that you do not need, just to get access to the ones that you do.

What is the best website hosting service?

The answer to this completely depends on your website and the resources you need to keep it running at its optimum. If you have a simple one-page website with low traffic rates, shared hosting will probably be the best option for you. This is because you will not need as many resources as a multi-page, more complex website that gets more traffic.

If, and when, your website grows, you can always transfer your website hosting to a different service that meets the new needs of your website. Choosing the best website hosting service for your website also depends on cost. If you want someone to look after your hosting for you, then managed website hosting should be an option that you consider.

You can get in contact with us and speak to a member of our website hosting team. We will be able to help advise on the best hosting service for your website.

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We had some issues with our current website and the Priority Pixels team were quick to respond and solve the problem for us. We will be using their services again.

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Priority Pixels recently redesigned our website and did a fantastic job. We are extremely happy with the end results and have had nothing but positive comments since the website has launched. Paul and the team were a pleasure to work with throughout the process and continue to support us now where needed. I would highly recommend.

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Really happy with the service we received from Priority Pixels! Really helpful, efficient a great to work with!

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