Video production for your blog: Five things to look out for

Video production for your blog: Five things to look out for

Posted: 26th February 2013

Internet connections are improving and people are able to stream videos easier and faster than ever. Internet traffic is estimated to quadruple by 2015 with more than three billion people and 15 billion devices being connected to the network.

It is also predicted that one million minutes of video is expected to cross the web each second. So, videos will be easier to watch and there will be more of them. Ensure the videos on your blog are at their best by following these instructions:

Make sure you have good lighting!

How many times have you stopped watching a video because the lighting has been rubbish? A nice looking video is always well lit and you can always clearly see what is being filmed. Try filming in a bright room, with lightly coloured walls to help reflect the light. If you’re filming at night, try to use white light.

Hold that camera steady!

There’s nothing more distracting than when you’re trying to concentrate on what’s being filmed and the picture is jolty and unpleasant. This obviously isn’t always possible if you’re filming on the move but when you can, use a tripod.

Use the appropriate level of zoom

If you’re filming yourself talking, keep as still as possible and aim to have you head and shoulders dominating the shot. This makes it easier for the viewer to focus on what you have to say and is more engaging. If you’re not filming yourself try and keep whatever you are filming entirely in the shot leaving some space around object and the camera frame.

Think about editing

– editing can make the difference between a home video and a professional looking bit of footage. It doesn’t take much extra effort and can make the video run smoother and can obviously cut out those mistakes! If you do choose to edit, try and stay in the same place and film all the footage at the same time of day to ensure the same lighting. Most computers have simple editing software inbuilt – even phones do, nowadays, so there’s no excuse.

Can you hear me?

There’s nothing worse than a great looking video that has poor audio quality. Try and film your footage in a quiet environment where you won’t be disturbed. You don’t want your video ruined by your other half yelling to find out whether you want a cup of tea! If you’re filming somebody talking, get them to wear or talk into a microphone (this could be out of shot) to ensure voice clarity. If your recording equipment’s microphone doesn’t pick up sound that well, consider doing a voice over or using music instead.

Bio: This article was written by Ruth Barton on behalf of Lambda, a company offering video production in Cambridge that specialises in effective online video marketing campaigns for businesses and organisations of all sizes. Visit their website to read more about the services they offer.

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