Top 5 Tips For Running An Effective AdWords Campaign

Top 5 Tips For Running An Effective AdWords Campaign

Posted: 23rd June 2017

Here at Priority Pixels we manage a lot of PPC campaigns for clients. The most popular of all PPC campaigns is Google AdWords. AdWords is associated with several myths, such as it’s too expensive or it’s too complicated. We want to make it as easy as possible for people to run affordable AdWords campaigns. So here are our top 5 tips for running an effective AdWords campaign.

1. Set up a proper Adwords account

When setting up your AdWords account make sure you actually set up a ‘proper’ AdWords account with Google. DO NOT set up an ‘express’ account which has far less functionality.

2. Set up your campaigns properly

When setting up your AdWords do not assume it’s as easy as just creating some ads and pressing go. It’s not quite as simple as that. When we set up our campaigns we really think about the structure of the campaigns and the Ad Groups and Ads themselves to ensure your ads are extremely targeted. For example, if you are selling doors then set up campaigns that are targeting a location you want to target. Then set up Ad Groups with the types of doors that you are selling. Then within each one of those Ad Groups create Ads that show off the special offers on each of the types of doors. This essentially really targets each of your campaigns.

3. Get your keyword analysis right

Keyword analysis is hard work, make no bones about it. But it has to be done if you want to run a successful campaign. Again if you are selling doors then use the AdWords keyword planner to find the variations of doors that are searched in Google. Then amend that list and take out all the search terms you do not want to be found for. And believe me you will be surprised at what some people search for in Google! Remember keyword analysis is not only about what people search for in Google but is also about you building a negative keyword list. So remember the keyword search terms you don’t want to be found for need to be saved into your negative keywords list.

4. Choose the correct match types

The match types for your keywords is crucial to how and when your ad will be shown on Google. There are several options here for you. Exact match, broad match, phrase match and broad match mod. Now we always set up 2 campaigns for each location we are targeting. One campaign will have exact match keywords and one campaign will have broad match mod keywords. Therefore if you are selling doors and you are targeting 10 locations, then we would recommend setting up an exact match and a broad match mod campaign for each location. That means you would have created 20 campaigns before you even start creating your ad groups and ads. It’s really important that you put this ground work in at the start for two reason. One, AdWords gives your Ads a quality score and this score improves the more targeted and focused your ads are. This can reduce the cost per click and also rank your ad higher than someone else without having to up your budget. Secondly, if you set it up properly in the first place then you won’t have to tinker with it quite as much further down the line. The only other key piece of information to add here is that when we set up our broad match mod campaigns we always put the exact match keywords in as negative keywords against those campaigns. This means that your broad match mod campaign will not serve an ad if someone types in an exact match. It will only show your exact match campaigns. Again this improves your quality score.

5. Monitor your ads regularly

Ongoing management of your ads will always be required. Depending on how much of the above you have put into setting up your ads will depend on how much time you give to this. However if you have set them up as above then you should really be only tweaking things ever so slightly as your campaigns go on. Whether that be adding or removing keywords or creating more ad groups and ads based on the success of previous ads you have created. There is always something to tweak when managing your AdWords. Too many people set up their ads and then leave them only to complain when there ads aren’t performing. Running ads requires attention and if you don’t give them that attention they can stop performing for you.

We hope this has helped you understand some very basics of setting up your AdWords campaigns effectively. We do hope you have found this useful.

If you are interested in running an AdWords campaign and don’t know where to start, why not get in touch at or 01626 245061 and we can help set up and manage your AdWords campaigns for you.

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