Top 5 Brand Building Tips and Tricks For 2013

Top 5 Brand Building Tips and Tricks For 2013

Posted: 23rd February 2013

Branding is a vital part of running any business. Whether you are a sole entrepreneur or running a major company, having the right image for your brand is important to keep your existing customers as well as gaining new customers. Your brand needs to embody the core values that your business stands for. In today’s world, brand building is easy with the right online tools.

1) The Website

Your brand’s website is one of the most important tools in relaying the message of your brand. Here you can use the website to provide visitors with all of the facts on the brand, how your products and services compare to the competition and what the brand is doing outside of selling products to help the environment or philanthropic ventures. Essentially, the brand’s website serves as a detailed resume of the brand you want customers to see. The website, along with other online tools, can also be used to communicate directly with your target audience.

2) Twitter

When you want to reach your customers quickly and directly with your brand, Twitter is an efficient tool. With Twitter, you can easily interact directly with your followers to take care of customer service topics as well as sharing news and other information about your brand. In order to maintain the interest of your followers, you can also provide helpful tips related to your brand, post links to useful resources and share information related to your business or the industry in general.

3) Facebook

Facebook is another tool that will help you and your customers directly interact, though Facebook is a platform that allows for longer, more detailed information. With Facebook, you can post links to a variety of websites (including your own, of course) and share with your followers articles you have written, interviews you have participated in and any other activity you have done to help put your brand out there. Facebook is also a great platform if you want to offer discounts to your products or run contests that will help promote your brand. You can also use Facebook to cross post videos, tweets and other materials from other social media sites related to your business.

4) Youtube Videos

Entrepreneurs and businesses can move past the written word and explore the world of video advertising. Youtube is an excellent place to work with video branding. On this platform you can provide reviews and tutorials of your products, news on upcoming events and other important information. A video platform sometimes works better in different industries, such as technology and entertainment. Providing video as well as text is important to reach the widest audience for your business.

5) Guest Blogging

When you want to present your brand as an authority on a specific topics or industry, guest blogging is a tool that can help promote your expertise. Finding the right guest blogging opportunity and the right topic is important. A good guest blogging opportunity should feature your thoughts on a timely subject in your field of expertise and it should appear on a prominent blog in that industry for maximum exposure.

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