The Most Important Ingredient For Web Success – Passion

The Most Important Ingredient For Web Success – Passion

Posted: 7th March 2013

If you were to line up ten entrepreneurs and their websites in a room and try to guess which ones would be successful and which ones would flop, do you think you could? While it might sound controversial, I rather think that I could do a pretty good job of guessing who the winners would be, and it would have nothing to do with the quality of the website or whether or not the owners wore glasses. Rather the main thing that would be a giveaway would be the passion on display. To figure out whether someone is going to be successful in SEO and as a webmaster in general you simply must ask yourself – are they passionate about the site they’ve built?

Why Passion Matters

So why is passion so important? Let me count the ways.

The single most effective way to be a hit online is to make sure that you are posting articles regularly and likewise being equally as consistent with your link building. No one has success right away, so it’s crucial to make sure you don’t give up on your site if it doesn’t land you riches right away. If you stay consistent with your site promotion efforts, and if you avoid dodgy strategies to get rich quickly, then you will find that you gradually increase your reputation in the eyes of Google and build up a steady number of regular visitors.

To do this though you need to be passionate about your website, because otherwise you’ll get bored too easily and you won’t want to put the necessary time in. Likewise, if you’re passionate you’ll be reading up on your niche when you don’t have to and you’ll be more likely to come up with great new angles for your posts and articles/to catch the breaking news that will make a brilliant headline for your site. If you’re passionate for your website then it will come through in your writing, and this in turn will equate to better articles and more exciting content – which will bring in more readers.

If you’re passionate about your website this is also going to help you when it comes to promoting your site in person and networking too. For many people the general consensus it seems is that we keep our online and offline lives separate, rarely talking about our websites unless asked.

Of course this isn’t much use if you’re trying to spread the word and network and doing this will likely mean you miss out on a lot of opportunities. But even if you do speak up and try to sell your site to everyone you meet (like a good webmaster), you’ll find that it doesn’t really fly unless you really sound like you’re passionate about your website. The thing is, enthusiasm is contagious and if you sound like you’re really excited about the site you run, then you’ll find it makes other people excited about it too.

If you aren’t super passionate about your website then something is wrong. Unless you find a way to make your site more interesting, or change the way you feel about it, it will never be as successful as it could be. Get behind your site 100% and you’ll give it the best fighting chance possible.

Mike K is an Internet marketing consultant at Wisdek. He has ample experience in the SEO industry and is rated as one the best in this field. He also takes time out from his busy schedule to blog about various aspects of his profession.

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