Stop Designing Pages And Start Designing Flows

Stop Designing Pages And Start Designing Flows

Posted: 16th March 2013

Customer satisfaction is one of the primary targets to be achieved by a manufacturer or service provider. But web page designers seem to overlook this fact and jump on a designing spree without giving due consideration to the fundamental needs of the end user.

The user flow, as the name suggests, helps in generating the appropriate dialogue between the web and users. It helps in attracting more users by conveying the objective of the page & including all the basic requirements of the user flow. All the efforts to create a page design in accordance with the information architecture are incomplete if they don’t comply with user flow. Here are a few points to make sure that while addressing all the specifications of page designing we also take the user flow into account.

It pays to make the user happy

At this level a designer should be willing to put in some extra efforts in assessing the user’s demands while accessing a page. It deals with more than few technical specifications and shows the direct relationship between the user and the objectives of business.

Channel specific traffic to high potential users

We should be able to detect which user flow is going to provide maximum business and channel our flow according to them. Based on the nature of the business there is a wide variety of user flows, some of them are:

  • Sponsored links for advertisements.
  • Networking sites.
  • Media sites and news items.
  • Direct Communication links like email.
  • Pure search links.

Step by step operations

A critical thinking for the analysis of customer approach should be adopted. Due consideration should be given to the changing priorities of a page visitor, subscriber or a purchaser. According to these points further strategies should be decided which can be implemented in the business.

Content to be displayed

After assessing the nature of the user, exact target segmentation, problems, maximizing attention, resonance in between customer needs and products can be aptly decided.

Display or Landing

This is the actual field where the need to focus on information delivery arises. Users are converted into customers by providing them with adequate information about the objectives of a business. It’s a crucial point for business and hence involves a smooth user flow throughout the path. Some of the key features are:

  • Providing systematic and crisp information about business.
  • Building confidence among users.
  • To create an attractive image.
  • Minimize the time and need for extra clicks.

For a wholesome experience – Stacking is a solution

The main objective of this stage is to generate maximum revenue by optimizing the number of end users; this goes a step forward than creating email subscribers. We cannot differentiate between the transaction funnels and information funnels as they both contribute towards generating revenues. Stacking highly depends on customer management.

Getting maximum advantage of the flow design

The strategy is to make the flow design focused and user oriented to get maximum advantage. This goes on by visualizing the future needs of potential users and further, orienting the flow design accordingly.

Today’s guest post is submitted by Adam Anderson. He works with a Palm Beach web design and provide tips for creating better user friendly websites through his posts.

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