Why do you need an SEO Agency?

Research & Discovery

In order to deliver the perfect solution – one that meets your specific goals – we need to really understand your website and business, as well as your SEO and social requirements. We do this by undertaking an extensive audit to really get our teeth into your situation.

Technical SEO

Technical SEO is a big part of what we do. Before you invest in any marketing activities it’s important to ensure that your website is technically geared toward SEO best practice. Let us help you do that.

Content Marketing & Outreach

From content marketing, blogger outreach, digital PR and link earning there are many ways we activate strategies to deliver SEO. Priority Pixels have a team of content specialists who thrive on creating and outreaching great content.

What is SEO

What is SEO?

Making sure your website has useful and valuable content on its pages is the key to its success. And with Google adding more importance to quality and user-friendly content, your Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) needs to be on point.

For your organic searches to soar, your website needs to meet the requirements of the biggest, most dynamic search engines out there. It should be well designed and built without any user restrictions and have the values and integrities Google, Yahoo, and Bing want to associate themselves with.

Bundle all these together and they create the vital components needed to increase your rankings in the search engine results pages (SERPs). In doing so you’ll avoid any algorithm penalties that might devalue your site and see it slip down the SERPs.

With a full SEO audit from Priority Pixels, we can identify any issues that might be affecting your rise to the top of the SERPs. Digging deep inside your website, we can see what’s going on by crawling and indexing every image and every piece of content. We can then resolve any problems and make sure your site meets Google’s Webmaster Guidelines.

Our experience and knowledge in SEO have allowed us to work with key brands and businesses working on some big and complex sites. And we can do the same for you. We can optimise site structures from the ground up using analytics and recommendations to prove and deliver increased results for you.

SEO Audit

As we said, our SEO audits dig deep, looking at all the hidden and technical info on your site. Once the full audit is complete, we’ll give you the results and the crawl data in an easy to understand report. Our SEO support service can then help your own web team make the changes required, or our own in-house developers can get started right away. Here’s what our SEO audit will cover:

  • Meta Titles
  • Meta Descriptions
  • URL Structure
  • Index Coverage Status
  • 404 Errors
  • Broken Internal Links
  • Broken External Links
  • HTML Sitemaps
  • XML Sitemaps
  • Schema Markup
  • Structured Data

  • Mobile Optimisation
  • Page Speed & Performance
  • Bounce Rate
  • User Journeys
  • Exit Pages
  • Goals & Conversions
  • Keyword Research
  • Content & Media Serving
  • Duplicate Content
  • Landing Pages
  • Page Level Analysis

If you would like to find out more about our SEO audits please view our SEO audit page below.

Find out more

Backlink Analysis

As one of the most important parts of SEO ranking, backlinks on your site have a big role to play. Credible backlinks will have a positive impact on your ranking. But bad or weak backlinks will be negative and won’t do anything for you except drag you down the SERPs.

When rankings are pivotal to your success, understanding the pros and cons of your site backlinks is crucial. If your backlink game is strong, your place in organic search results stands a good chance of being high. If it’s weak or downright bad for any reason, it will put a dampener on your site’s performance and its rankings.

That’s why our backlink analysis will check their strengths and possible weaknesses. Armed with the data we need, we can help you by:

  • Finding and removing any bad, corrupt, or damaging links across your site
  • Raising your backlink profile while avoiding algorithm or manual penalties
  • Providing a plan for getting the right types of backlinks for your SEO

Tracking Site Performance

Tracking Site Performance

Noticed a drop in your SEO visibility, keyword performance, or organic site visits? This could be a penalty as a result of a big search engine algorithm change.

Google Webmaster Tools

Google Webmaster Tools

Ever had a 'manual action' message in your Google Search Console? This is Google's way of telling you there are 'unnatural' backlinks on your site.

Linking metrics

Are these linking metrics looking healthy on your profile?

  • Deep link ratio
  • Anchor texts
  • Follow vs NoFollow
  • Referring domains
  • Link types
  • Link velocity

Our in-depth backlink analysis will prove vital to your organic search campaign. And it will be crucial in helping you move forward with the right link earning and content marketing strategy.

Competitor backlink audits

As part of our service, we relish the chance to help you by getting to understand your competition. By completing a competitor backlink audit, we can discover what strategies they’re using. That helps us spot areas that have yet to be taken advantage of. We can then build them into your campaign straight away, including any quick and easy additions. Here’s how we do it:

  • Understand your long term strategy, goals, and challenges
  • Download and analyse your competitor’s backlink profiles
  • Reference them against your own link profile
  • Confirm any strong or weak links
  • Decide on quick and easy link additions
  • Help develop your link earning and content marketing strategy

Content Audit

High-quality online content is an essential element to having a high-ranking website. If your content is useful and relevant to your audience, it’s usually the best and most authentic way to increase your organic search results. Together with using simple on-page SEO techniques, such as Header tags, your content will make your site more visible in the SERPs.

Having a content audit with Priority Pixels will be a key player in your SEO. It gives us the chance to check your site’s content, structure, and on-page markup and make sure they’re all working in tandem with your marketing strategy.

We’ll also look at your content length, type, and tone of voice while optimising your images and video so they take up as little space as possible. We’ll even help you identify new or different types of content you could be making use of for the widest reach.

Content audits are an important stage in any SEO project. Not only do they help connect with your target customer more effectively, but they help present you as an authority, giving you the edge over your competitors.

Content Audit

Content Optimisation

What is content optimisation?

Content optimisation is all about making sure your content reaches as many people as possible in any search results. It gives you the best chance of showing up in direct search results as well as related searches. High traffic and high rankings depend on how well optimised your content is. If it’s done right, you’ll start to gain more organic search traffic.

A big part of SEO is having an understanding about the key words and phrases people might use when they search for things online. It’s not about picking one specific keyword and using it as many times as you can on each page you publish. It’s more about making sure related words are in there as well, so question-based searches pick up your content too.

Content Optimisation

How can Priority Pixels optimise my content?

By using online tools such as SearchMetrics, we can pinpoint ways to directly improve your content. This will give us inside information about what keywords your competitors are using. It also gives us insight into which alternative words or phrases you could use to give your content a boost. With this vital info, you’ll improve your search performance, driving both traffic and conversions your way.

As well as keywords, we can also optimise your other digital content too. Google search results now display business information and reviews. By using schema markup and microdata, we can add this information to your website for you. This will help search engines find your content, driving more click-throughs and conversions.

Technical SEO

Technical SEO Devon

Are users finding your site through organic searches? If they’re not, you could have onsite issues working against you. Technical SEO optimisation gives your website a solid base with all the right components. Getting to grips with those will help the search engines find you quicker and easier. And that’s good news for your target customers and your conversion rate.

Is technical SEO optimisation that important?

In a word, yes. Without it, your SEO will take a nosedive, even with a fully loaded and functional website offering an excellent user experience. Search engines have different priorities to your users. Your site has to tick all the boxes for them behind the scenes, as well as up front for your target customer.

Ranking algorithms for search engines are finely tuned and complex beasts. Looking at hundreds of elements across your site, they figure out which keywords are a relevant match for any search queries. Technical SEO optimisation takes care of any issues your site has and fixes them so those bots can crawl your site without limits.

What does our technical optimisation cover?

Technical SEO optimisation is an umbrella term covering many different areas. But they’re all influential to your site’s SEO performance and success. So to keep things simple, we cover the lot.

We’ll get stuck in and look at everything technical. From your overall website speed and how to increase it, right down to the site architecture, URL structures, and internal links. We’ll also look at site security, subdomains, and redirections, and anything else that might be holding your site back.

Crawl Optimisation

Crawl Optimisation

Checking the crawl speed of your website is critical. It's an important step in making sure search engines can crawl your entire site quickly and easily. This will make looking for relevant info on search queries faster so they don't use up their crawl budget. Perfect if your site has many pages.

Crawl Data Examination

Crawl Data Examination

Our first step is to crawl your entire website - like the search engines do - to get an accurate picture of what's going on. We can then analyse the data using various webmaster tools to understand exactly how the search engines see your site. And what errors they might find.

Dynamic User Content

Dynamic User Content

Interactive elements and dynamic user content is a great addition to any site. But while it enhances the user experience, it causes problems for search engines trying to find information. We can make sure the correct indexing protocols are set up using up to date web standards to prevent this.

Mobile Device Ranking

Mobile Device Ranking

Your customers will look at your site on a range of different devices, including smartphones and tablets. To help your rankings, search engines use specific bots to crawl the mobile web. We can ensure site optimisation to protect your organic search ranking when search algorithms favour mobile-friendly sites.

Internal Link Structuring

Internal Link Structuring

A well-defined internal link structure is another crucial pathway for search engine crawlers. And it's a doubly beneficial process. While it helps them find relevant search content on your site, it also defines your site's hierarchy. An essential part of organising the flow of link authority across websites.

Server Configuration

Server Configuration

An often overlooked process, we look at your entire server configuration and web hosting platform to make sure there aren't any errors. If there are, it can cause duplication of your site which isn't great for your SEO. We'll also look into your backlink profiles and your servers geolocation.

Structured data

Ensuring your website’s individual elements contain structured data makes it easier for search engines to know what to look for. Using collaborative data vocabularies such as Schema helps developers incorporate the latest techniques whatever encoding they use. And that can help activate enhanced listings in SERPs.

Structured data

Rendering Optimisation

The site speed and download size of your site play a big factor in rankings. Even more so when more people are using precious data to view it on their smartphone. By optimising the render of your site, your site’s content can load seamlessly – and quickly. By prioritising the render of certain scripts and styles, it means they’re not held back by other files that need downloading and rendering in full beforehand.

If you think your website is being held back by any technical SEO issues, get in touch. A Priority Pixels technical audit will help uncover any technical SEO failures and help increase your organic SERPs success.

Rendering Optimisation

E-A-T and why it's important

With one of Google’s most recent algorithm updates, they emphasised Expertise, Authoritativeness, and Trustworthiness to be among the top 3 most important factors for page quality ratings. So if you’re unsure what E-A-T is all about and what it means for your content, now’s the time to find out.


Whatever business you're in, you need to be an expert in your field. While expertise isn't seen as important for more trivial sites featuring humour or gossip, it's crucial for medical, financial, or legal websites. But having expertise means you have the ability to create valuable and insightful main content (MC) for your website and your users.


When you're creating content for your site - as an expert - you need to show you're an authority on your subject. You can do this by using your own expertise or the expertise of the creator of the MC, or your website itself. Having any necessary credentials or qualifications will help, but extras like reviews and testimonials from clients or customers are gold.


Everything about your website should make your visitors trust you and your business. Again, this can come from reviews or testimonials, but it should also shine through in your site content. Trust is even more important if you have an e-commerce site and you rely on online payments. Adding an SSL certificate to your site should be a priority as it's one of Google top ranking factors.

Case Studies

Construction Case Studies

Bespoke website redesign for large Devon based window supplier and installer

Since 1981, family-run business Aspect Windows have specialised in manufacturing and installing an innovative range of PVCu, aluminium, and aluminium composite windows, doors, and conservatories. With a commitment to producing and installing stylish, energy-efficient products, as well as their customer service and professional advice, Aspect have a deserved 35+ year reputation.

To bring the Aspect Windows website into a new era, the Priority Pixels web design team worked closely with the Aspect team to create a completely new look across their website.

Read Case Study View Website

Targeted PPC lead generation for South West-based construction, recruitment, and home improvements group

Natural stone company, Forest of Dean Stone Firms Ltd, had two company websites: one trade and one commercial. But over time, this caused confusion for all their customers, as well as diluting the SEO value between them. What they needed was a smooth transition, bringing both sites together, creating one, easy to use website.

Read Case Study View Website

Website design for leading manufacturers of insulated and energy-rated glass

By asking architects and specifiers ‘what’s driving change in UK housing design?’, Epwin’s Building For The Future platform combines the results of a survey with in-depth interviews and desktop research. The next step required a new website to get those answers online and available for everyone.

Using WordPress to create the site, we designed it to be an informative single page, integrating large images from the Epwin photo library together with video to provide relevant background content. Leading visitors through the main points of the research, offering them the opportunity to download it in full at every section, we used data visualisation techniques to highlight key facts and figures throughout.

Read Case Study View Website

PPC lead generation for south west based construction recruitment and home improvements company

After using several different agencies to manage their pay-per-click advertising campaigns across Google AdWords and Bing Ads, Harbron Group weren’t seeing the success they were looking for. After bringing the campaigns back in-house and managing themselves, they were looking for a digital marketing partner who could evaluate and execute a pay-per-click advertising strategy that would work.

Read Case Study View Website

Full brand identity for successful London based independent project management firm

As a successful independent design, build and project management firm, Elevation Property Ltd were no longer reliant on their website to attract new business. What they didn’t have was a platform with which to showcase their previously completed high-end projects around South West London.

To help Elevation create the platform they needed, the Priority Pixels team looked at the main priorities including web design, copy and new brand identity.

Read Case Study View Website

A full package of web design, copy and photography for Islington based property refurbishment company

With 35 years experience in the refurbishment of London’s period properties, Deans Property are well established. But with a history that covers refurbishments, and the design and fitting of new kitchens, bathrooms, and extensions, they needed a fresh website to showcase their portfolio.

To achieve the right result, Priority Pixels were tasked with reinvigorating their online presence including building a new responsive website, providing photography services and creating new engaging copy for their case studies.

Read Case Study View Website

Rebrand for one of UK's leading manufacturers and suppliers of window cavity closers

Based in Derby, Subframes UK are well known throughout the UK’s commercial and residential new-build industry. As pioneers in the innovation and design of cavity closers, Subframes UK are fully approved fabricators and needed a corporate image that matched their reputation. With the current website not up to scratch, a total overhaul was the way forward.

Read Case Study View Website

Modern website redesign for successful Devon based plumbers

Being an already successful business, J. Clifton Plumbing & Heating had developed a solid reputation for quality and reliability. To build on that, the time had come to invest in a new website and company branding that would match their superior breakdown, servicing and repair service.

Plymouth-based J. Clifton Plumbing & Heating have built up and protected a strong reputation for service and trustworthiness over the years. And owner, Jamie Clifton, realised that a brand new website would be essential to give that reputation the backing it deserved.

View Website

Bespoke website redesign for large Devon based window supplier and installer Targeted PPC lead generation for South West-based construction, recruitment, and home improvements group Website design for leading manufacturers of insulated and energy-rated glass PPC lead generation for south west based construction recruitment and home improvements company Full brand identity for successful London based independent project management firm A full package of web design, copy and photography for Islington based property refurbishment company Rebrand for one of UK's leading manufacturers and suppliers of window cavity closers Modern website redesign for successful Devon based plumbers

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