Facebook Advertising

Facebook Ads

With over 2.8 billion monthly active users everyday, Facebook’s usership is truly a global network spanning a number of demographics.

Despite whispers that Facebook is no longer the favoured platform of younger generations, it is still populated by a whopping 44% of 18-34 year olds in the UK.

New shopping features and a clearer integration with Instagram continue to make Facebook a great option for your social ad spend.

Paid Facebook strategy is an important part of your digital marketing mix. Thanks to Facebook’s powerful targeting options, which allow you to target people by demographic, education, behaviours and even life events such as new jobs, moving house or having a child, paid Facebook ad spend ensures that you can drive any number of KPIs, from web traffic to brand awareness.

What Does This Mean For My Business?

As with much of the digital marketing landscape, Facebook ad strategy is changing all the time, and Facebook’s algorithm continues allow advertising to become more and more specific (read complicated!). Don’t worry, it’s our job to stay in the know, so having one of our social media specialists work for you means that you can get on with running your business.

Instagram Advertising

Instagram Ads

Instagram is probably the most exciting tool in your social media arsenal. Instagram’s visual focus is the perfect shop window for your products. Around 64% of 18-29 year olds are active on the channel,  80% of users actively visit business profiles every day. Instagram is fast becoming the platform of small businesses, with a number of recent changes bringing a focus to shopping on the channel.

As a platform for paid Advertising, Instagram has a number of options to help you reach your target audience, including options for your audience to discover your brand on different places in the app. With it becoming harder than ever to generate organic reach on Instagram, using paid advertising to reach new audiences in Explore could be a great way of increasing your reach and driving KPIs.

What Does This Mean For My Business?

Recent Instagram updates have made the platform more business friendly than ever before and a focus on shopping has made it possible to shop on Instagram without having to leave Instagram. Whether you’re looking to build your brand or complement your e-commerce offering, Instagram Advertising will help you to reach audiences and build a following.

Don’t worry if you can’t keep up with all the changes – that’s our job! We’ll always have our eyes on the algorithms and build campaign strategies that are agile enough to withstand platform changes at a moment’s notice.

Twitter Advertising

Twitter Ads

In just 280 characters per post, Twitter is a valuable platform to build a relationship with customers and build your brand awareness.  Not only does Twitter make it easy to create spontaneous content based on trends and newsworthy topics, you can now share photos and video in the same way as you might on Facebook and Instagram.

Twitter is a great place to build brand trust. 77% of Twitter users say they feel more positive about a brand when they have a presence on Twitter and reply to queries. It isn’t just for customer feedback however, by keeping track of what is happening in the world, you can harness trends to work to the advantage of your brand.

When it comes to advertising, Twitter is a fantastic platform for driving KPIs. Twitter’s ad format allows us to create specific calls to action which can link to a specific product or service.

What does this mean for my business?

Having a unique and interesting Twitter presence isn’t just limited to global brands. Small businesses can thrive on Twitter from striking the right tone and engaging with their consumers and industry peers on Twitter. However, users are able to sniff out marketing or ad campaigns, so authenticity is key.

Twitter allows you to target people by demographic, interests and even words or phrases used in tweets – it is also possible to  target people by who they follow – all of this means that we can really drill down into working out who your Twitter audience might be.

Twitter’s ‘Promoted’ function allows us to create Custom Audiences, which means we can drive KPIs specific to your business. Twitter are constantly changing the tools on offer to marketeers  – but don’t worry, it’s our job to stay on top of the algorithms, so that you can focus on delivering fantastic products and services.

LinkedIn Advertising

LinkedIn Ads

LinkedIn is a professional networking tool like no other. With a ready made target market and over 700 million users, LinkedIn is a powerful platform for those in the B2B sector, not to mention professional and luxury brands. Over three million users share content on a weekly basis and it is accessed daily by business owners and CEOs – in other words, a LinkedIn audience has buying power.

However, being a professional marketing tool doesn’t make LinkedIn any less interesting than other social media platforms. There are hundreds of LinkedIn influencers looking to promote products and services in the professional world and plenty of (often high net worth!)  consumers ready to buy them.

LinkedIn offers advertisers the opportunity to segment by many different factors, including location and demographic. It is also possible to segment by job title and business affiliation, giving you more control over ensuring that your marketing efforts are being seen by the right people.

What Does This Mean For My Business?

For B2B clients, LinkedIn can provide brilliant results. There are currently a number of ways that you can use LinkedIn for paid advertising, including:

  • InMail: this allows you to send personalised messages directly to the LinkedIn inboxes of your target audiences, meaning that you can take advantage of personal reach, and there is no ‘scroll past’ your advertisement.
  • Sponsored Updates: Similar to other pay per click formats, such as ‘boost’ on Facebook, Sponsored Updates allow you to promote a post from your profile, so that you can reach a wider audience.
  • Dynamic Ads: Dynamic ads pair the profile picture of your target audience next to your brand for a bigger aspirational impact.

When you choose LinkedIn advertising, our Social Media team will run and track your campaign to ensure that it has maximum impact with your target audience and that you are hitting your key KPIs.


What is social media marketing?

Social media marketing is the management of a social media channel or platform on behalf of a business or brand, for the purpose of connecting with a specific audience, fostering a community online and increasing sales.

In recent years, social media marketing has matured far beyond a means of driving traffic. Modern businesses use social media in a myriad of different ways, from monitoring conversations about their brand to tracking engagement for the purpose of boosting lead generation and conversion rates.

How to make ads for social media?

Creating bespoke social media ads for your brand is a lot more complicated than you may think. To implement a successful ad campaign on social media, you will require thorough research into your target audience as well as a number of other key components.

If your business is looking at implementing an ad campaign on social media, you should get in touch with your local digital marketing agency. Boasting a talented team of social media specialists and experienced content creators, a digital marketing agency will be able to analyse your current strategy and analytics, and create a bespoke campaign that is tailored to the needs of you and your business.

Are social media ads effective?

Paid social media advertising should be used as a cornerstone of a wider digital marketing strategy. Social media ads can build brand awareness, visibility and credibility, and when implemented correctly, can be an incredibly effective marketing tool.

How to market your business on social media?

At the end of the day, how you choose to market your brand on social media will come down to the needs of your business. Every enterprise is different and should be marketed according to its unique niche and ethos.

It goes without saying that without thorough research your social media strategy will fall flat. To get started, have a look at Priority Pixel’s guide to social media marketing – it’s got everything you need to get your brand online and connecting with your target audience.

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