How can Priority Pixels optimise my content?

Our experienced content specialists use a range of online tools like SearchMetrics that pinpoint ways to directly improve your site. These apps give us inside information on the keywords your competitors are using and show us which alternative words or phrases you could use to give your website a boost. With this vital information, we can devise copy that improves your search performance, driving both traffic and conversions your way.

As well as keywords, we will also help you to optimise the content on all of your pages and update any essential business information that will help your customers to find you. Google search results frequently display business contact profiles as well as reviews. By using schema markup and microdata, we can add this information to your website to help search engines find your content resulting in more click-throughs and increased sales.

Content Optimisation

“On average, long content receives 77.2% more backlinks than short articles.”

Rendering Optimisation

Rendering Optimisation

The speed and download size of your site plays is an important factor in rankings. Even more so when potential customers are using a set data allowance to view it on their smartphone. By optimising the render of your site, your content will load quickly and seamlessly.

By prioritising the render of certain scripts and styles, we can make sure the important content is not held back by other files that might need to be downloaded in full before being visible.

If you think your website is being held back by Technical SEO issues get in touch with our team today. We can talk you through potential issues and discuss what your site goals and objectives are.

Our technical audit will help uncover any SEO problem areas and will increase the success of your organic SERPs.

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